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Dear Traders,
At the beginning of my trading career, one of the questions I needed a precise answer to was pertinent to price charts time-frames, to be more specific:
  • Which time-frame chart to use?
  • How many charts do I need to reference to confirm my trade?
  • How to use them together effectively?

The entire purpose of this document is to provide a framework and a rule of thumb for this issue, which is solely reliant on the trader's experience stemming from trial and errors and surely losses. So, whether you are an experienced trader, an algo developer or a newbie. This document will add to your knowledge-base. Any names given within this document are not carved in stone, its the concept that matters.
1.1 Normal View:

Let's start by agreeing on the concept, your normal view or the time-frame chart you normally use guarantees you only 50% of the "Big Picture" of the market, as shown in figure 1 below. The "Normal View" is your most important chart. It’s the one that provides the trading’s signals that tell you of any buying or selling opportunities. In other words, it’s the one you normally use with the respective trading time-frame.
1.2 High Definition V
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Kivetat 29 Mar.


yuriykhidzyk avatar

Интересная статья и новый взгляд на торговлю ! Один только вопрос: как долго Вы торгуете ?

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Nihad 30 Mar.

yuriykhidzyk Овер 5 лет, и благодарю вас. Я надеюсь, что это полезно для вас.

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:) +10

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JuliaBF 31 Mar.

Impressive! Congratulations!

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In this presentation I would like to show one simple way to recognize profitable trades, and eventually avoid some mistakes done because of lack in patience and/or wrong beliefs. I will try to make it as much clean as possible so to be used and or tested by anyone who reads. Of course, a base knowledge about price behavior and price action between supply/demand areas is much welcome. Timeframe The strategy is developed in a combo of H4 and M15. Reading price fluctuations in H4 is quite comfortable, and you are not required to stay glued on the monitor the whole day/night. Furthermore, opportunities become great when reading them in the 15minutes to reduce the risk. Indicator I am using the RVI indicator. In the image below you see how to apply it to a Jforex chart: The indicator measures the energy (vigor) of a move (R.V.I. = Relative Vigor Index) by comparing the close price with open, relatively to its range. Basically, what you expect is the indicator to rise in a bullish trend because the closing of a candle is higher than the opening and opposite in bearish trends. So when the energy (vigor) starts to decrease, could be signaling an imminent shift in trend, which actually is …
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Forgot to add something, with leading indicators you are trying to predict what the price will do next, with lagging indicators you are reacting to what the price is doing now, or did a while ago. Both approaches can be correct or wrong, but I prefer to react because it's factual, while predicting has a much higher degree of uncertainty. Besides, I suck at predictions anyway :)

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scramble 1 Apr.

eh, we could just write a whole book about this matter, find some solutions, and then the following week some will have different views in another whole book. and both being true! :D in my opinion there is no way to elaborate past data in order to predict future events! what we can do, whatever strategy we use, is just calculate statisctics till last closed candle, and go for the more probable future develop. but this is already an huge cut in % of success! and here comes the environment for money management :)

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scramble 1 Apr.

actually as mentioned in the article, i'm developing a much difficult step to expose this "strategy" to worst cases and understand what happens. a kind of "crash test" which is really showing me some important arrangements. so still lot of work, but i like the way it's growing :) hopefully i'll be ready for next week.

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@ Special Fx, very interesting comment regarding Lagging and Leading indicators...

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@ Scramble prepare for the worst and you'll get the best of it :)

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