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Possibly everyone knows term “Blockchain”, however I am not sure that everyone understands its importance and significance for today’s world development. Blockchain is considered as a virtual, transparent ledger, being invented to fix cryptocurrency transactions and generally regulating Buy-Sell process of cryptocurrency.
However, pleased to distributed- ledger technology and smart contracts Blockchain has a great potential to benefit various companies all over the world – not just financial sector.
The main features of Blockchain in Financial Sector are the following:* Transparency;
* Traceability;
* Efficiency;
* Collaboration;
* Security;
* Auditability.
There is a wide landscape of applying and embedding Blockchain in the different areas of Business, including, but not limited with opportunity to solve refugee problems, bypass corruptions and bridge poverty gaps, facilitate business operations and contribute to other spheres of business.
Allow me to describe the most important and relevant from my point of view:
1. Preventing poverty in the world.
Poverty is the biggest world tragedy right now, particularly taking into account terrible situation in Siria, being resulted in …
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In general, people are interested in learning and becoming profitable traders. However, all beginners should think about recognizing the basics before actually getting started.
Indeed, new traders tend to appreciate these tips imagining that it provides a guarantee of definite and permanent success. That's why they want more to know how to set up their tables so they can hurry and make money.
But if we all would like to trade well, one of the relevant question would be:
What are the essential tips to ensure our success in trading?

To succeed in trading, you have to recognize that there is a set of rules to apply. These rules are so useful that we can be certain that they serve to guide all traders (whether experienced or not). This is reciprocal for any amount of investment. Each tip might be important, but when used properly, the effects are effective. Trading with these rules can significantly increase the chances of succeeding in the markets.
Therefore, in this article I want to present some tips that will guide you to the path of success.
Tip 1: Always use a trading plan.
A trading plan is a set of rules that specifies the entry and exit criteria of currency change. A plan is b…
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Very good article!

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The 45th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva will kick off on March 29 and last for a week at Palexpo in Switzerland. It is one of the biggest events in the world to be solely dedicated to inventions. Last year, the conference had more than 750 exhibitors from 48 countries showcasing their creations. It included works from commercial companies and enterprises, inventors and private researches, universities, associations and financial organizations. The event was attended by more than 60,000 people.
While I was working for Horyou, I had a chance to visit this show where inventors from all over the world come to showcase their incredible works. We’ll probably be using some of them in the next 10 years! It was incredible to interact directly with the inventors who talked about their projects, and make fruitful contacts with many other manufacturers, users and entrepreneurs, both national and international. I’m glad I was given a chance to photograph their excited faces and creations.
A few of the many fields present there caught my attention, among which environmental protection, energy, watchmaking, domestic appliances, medicine, motors & cars, to name but a few. My per…
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  • Abstract:
Investments on Forex Markets require experience, knowledge, technique, but most important a trading plan.
Before to risk any capital, investors keep searching opportunities that seem attractive to get in.
When the investor has work usually on demo accounts by few months or even years, the next step is to jump into live accounts.
But at this time, working on reading charts maybe is bored by the mechanical procedure to follow a defined plan.
The proper option could be, to put this knowledge into an automated strategy or script that contains in code lines
the trading idea to let the job to a machine.
Also, this could help to avoid things like to be watching the charts every time and or make decisions by emotion.
So, now the new goal is to find how to make this, and best how to improve performance and more over profits.
  • Automated trading on Forex Markets:
Working on automating a trading plan, can sound hard job but maybe it's simple. It depends on most cases of a previous
background and the system to use.
Perhaps people doesn't like to risk your capital on systems because is very difficult to put in lines code a detailed sequence tasks.
Others maybe opt by purchase scripts to…
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RahmanSL 13 Dec.

Jforex vs MT4 trading platform.....I have never been much of a fan for robot/auto-trading...but that doesn't mean they are not good because each Forex Trader will eventually developed and settle down to his/her trading system  that they are most comfortable with in which to be consistently profitable.

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Interesting article about MT4, is it possible to export the code from VJF to MT4 ?

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