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Technical analyzes and strategy is the essential for profiting from trading but not enough for being successful for a long time. Psychology is the factor that impacts our trading the most. I mentioned this in my earlier articles. We may have internal reasons or reasons from outside that impact our psychology, which in its turn impacts our trading. We can be cautious about it or not. For keeping emotion away and achieve stable profitable trading we need to build rules. In this article I will share rules that help to stay successful in trading.
“Trading is not guessing, feeling! Trading is not creativity and breaking rule! Trading is about following rule and recognizing patterns and signals!”

1st rule: Follow the rules!

This looks very simple but it is not! We all have gut feeling that guides us. Sometimes it works but mostly it does not. We tend to think that we are smarter than others and can fool others, even market. We tend to hurry and take earlier decision and then lose. If we don’t want to get surprise move and lose then we have to follow our tested and proven rules.
TIP 1: Read the rules before starting the analyzing the market and second time when you want to open a trad…
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Good job


good job

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De nature générale, il existe certaines vérités et certains mythes autour du thème de la gestion de votre capital au sein du trading. En effet, il y a des informations qui peuvent être pertinentes sur la gestion de l'argent, mais d’autres sont complètement inutiles et ne fonctionneront pas bien au trading.
La raison est simple: C'est que chaque montant d'investissement dans les comptes de traders sera différent. De même chaque engagement pour le risque variera selon la personne. Cette variation est liée à la valeur nette, et au niveau de compétence selon les traders.
Qu'est-ce qui nous permet d'avoir une bonne gestion de nos fonds au trading?
Tout le monde sait que la gestion de l'argent est un aspect nécessaire pour réussir au trading. Cependant, la plupart des traders ne consacrent pas assez de temps pour se concentrer sur l'élaboration ou la mise en œuvre d'un plan de gestion d'argent.
Dans cet article, vous verrez quelle serait la meilleure perspective professionnelle sur la gestion de l'argent au sein du trading; et on citera aussi les idées qui peuvent s'y attachées.
Après avoir acquéri un peu d'expérience là-dessus, on finit par retenir que la majorité des traders doivent …
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great ....good luck

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Benefits of trading
For some years now, the success that forex brings remains amazing.
If we see things in an impartial way, the currency market makes good to traders.
Whether we had a bad experience or not in that matter, this science remains very attracting!
What are the benefits of trading? And how to reach them?

1- Although the market is never paused, the traders can always negotiate whenever he wants!
That way, we can bind our trading activities to our professional life.
2- It's a market that needs no fees and that contributes to play for the sake of traders and brokers.
So everyone can be a winner! The point is just to do the right choice.
Will the price go up or down?
3- Naturally, this market is difficult to master. Indeed, setting apart world banks, curves follow their way to the point they are supposed to get. So it's not a matter for us to discuss.
Therefore, traders can't plead or accuse any firm.
4- Good predictions and good bets are possible for everyone!
Whether you are rich or poor, the chance to win is for all.
And yes. There is some time ago, most brokers offer us opportunities of gold.
You can open an account with 10 dollars as a minimum amount of investment.
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AnnaZhurina ! Спасибо так здорово видеть, что вы тоже отметили вас!

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Principles of success
I think many of traders are too much restricted with fundamental and technical analysis. As a trader, most challenging business in the world, one has to educate himself in strategic and tactful leadership. I would like to share one of the middle age principles that established by samurai, Miyamoto Musashi who lived over 350 years ago in 1643. Later the book was adopted to business language by Donal G. Krause His approach and strategies was studied effectively by western and modern Japanese competitive businesses. These tactics are based on seven principles of competitive success where it is applicable to any business including forex trading.
These principles are:

1. Ordered Flexibility

The ideal of ordered flexibility is summed up in the concept of “positioning without position”. It means basically, preparation, assessment and observation of current condition and readiness to act and respond easily to changing environment. In forex, we have to do our homework properly before the trade execution.
2. Execution
Must be well prepared for the windows of opportunities with patience, order and flexibility. Take the moment of advantage. In forex, it basically me…
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отличная работа!

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success also is a bless from God

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nice information

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Good Luck

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To get success involves too many areas such as psychological, discipline, money management, patience.
Good information.

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Introduction:Forex Trading is not miracle Earning Method,Now it is very popular and real earning method for any person ,But Earning not easy ,So Here 90% Trader lose money and only 10% Trader get Profit .Most Of The Trader Lose Money Because lack of Perfect Trading strategy ,Here I present excellent Strategy for regular Profit Of Your Trading Portfolio ,Only one trade Per Day ,Not More Than One.
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Dukascopy has Also World famous Liquidity Provider ,Like HSBC ,BNP Paribas .So Dukascopy Our First Choice For Live Trading.
Risk Management Plan : First We Must Be set up Our Risk management system ,Risk Management Not Only Important But Also Essential For Our Every entry .Risk Management at Dukascopy Example
Broker_Name: Dukascopy Or Dukascopy EU
Time_frame:15 minute
Maximum_Trading Risk Per Day
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thank you for sharing

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Good lesson for Forex Newbies and Wannabes ...also additional ammo for Forex Traders too :))

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Sometimes or many times our daily trading plan doesn't go the way we want even making the efforts to get high results.
Maybe reading the charts, checking the fundamentals and setting up the entries with proper stops and realistic limits but without isn't in sync between our actions and mind to make the winning decisions.
I have read few books about forex market and found helpful information to work the emotional area on my daily trading.
This article is focused on people interested in information about mindset and also can contribute in personal life.
There are wide pages of chapters talking about it, but I want to make a summary more like a handbook and the information provided
here has taken it on the "John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd" in your book "The Wiley trading guide".
We can send positive messages to our unconscious mind by making a simple but powerful process before to start the day focusing on two main thoughts.
  1. Remarking the event.
  2. Remarking the day.
Remarking the event:
To make this we need to think about two events no matter the time of the day:
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Very interesting article

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Good article!

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yes, tough to control ur emotion and tough to get ur mind ready to accept the truth no matter what scenario in mkt but 4C everyone know but each time u loosed for next time u commit ur 4C but again when u enter in trade u forgotten back :D

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well done!

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Muchas gracias por este artículo!

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My Canadian business story 2 ... or how philosophically I found myself in the Forex trading.
In the first part of my story, I told you in details what I went through to get at my age to Forex as something, that I can now confidently call my business. In this second part, I shall try to interpret why I think so. We all have dreams, ideals and values. How often, however, we realize that they are crystallized clearly in our minds? The ancient Greek philosophers once said that:

"Happiness is the purpose and meaning of life, the overall sense of human existence."

When thеy have meditated on happiness, perhaps they did not mean just a cloudless and easy-going life. In fact, they connected it mostly with personal fulfillment. But this interpretation does not preclude the fact that the happy person sometimes also goes through periods of delusions, loss and sadness, depression and disappointment. What ultimately makes us feel happy is the profound and full sense that we are standing on the right path in life - the feeling that we are doing what we have skills and vocation for. In this context, according to the Greek philosophers, the opposite sense of happiness is not just sadness and desp
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As an economics professional, I have met many traders. Widely traders are unsuccessful and I tried to find what makes a successful traders. And in this article you will find my observations.
  • Trader or a emotional psychopath
Experienced traders say that you should have skeptical attitude to trade successfully. If you do not know yourself, the market is very good place to check out . Very often, the role and importance of money is exaggerated and traders believe that the market is determined solely by money and that consequences of errors are just the money loss. The market will cost you much more expensive than any money if you do not learn how to manage own emotional factors. Financial Market is one of the places where a person can get very serious psychological trauma.
  • Restrain your emotions
Buy at internet any book, magazine about trading psychology and you'll probably find a lot of recommendations, promoting the control of emotions and increased discipline in the trade. Of course, our emotions interfere with work, but does that mean that our best achievements depend on the extent of our ability and restraint control of our emotions?
Controlling emotions does not help a
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llolor controlling emotions is just key in ur hands and all depends how u will use it to open the door

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Maxim3 controlling emotions just core we see, roots are deeper

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хорошая статья

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The relationship between currency and other financial markets

Financial markets price movement prediction is successful trading basis. And Experienced traders know, that trading the currency market requires not only knowledge of the forex area. Currency price movement depends not only on macroeconomic developments and other economic news, but also from other financial instruments movement.
Trader, knowing that the currency with which the market is concerned, can predict some of the forex market movements before they happen. To lead in this game and make more informed trading decisions, you need to carefully monitor the related markets.
Stock indices

Stock indices review can provide lots of information about market sentiment, which is very useful to the trader. Market sentiments shows, how comfortable feels market trader. The more you trust it, the more willing to take risks. In general, stock indices upwards when the market sentiment is positive - or, in other words, risk tolerance - and decreases when the mood is negative - or avoid risk.
Assessing the market sentiment, traders analyze these stock indices: S & P500, Nasdaq100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average the United States, D…
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Do not listen to your heart - listen to your Forex broker!
On example of trading with Dukascopy.
This article will be based, on my own experience in trading.

All traders know, that the main part of success trading is finding and choosing good Forex Broker. We have many articles about the criteria of good brokers and if you are reading this article here, on Dukascopy web site, you are in right place. When you open your chart in Dukascopy you see: Forex, Fun, Social. I want to add one more – helpful. Dukascopy not only wants to attract you to trade, Dukascopy wants you to trade successes. This is one of the main part in my article.
Today I will give to you all examples of how Dukascopy helps traders to be success. In addition, what can be happened if you will not follow your broker, if you do not listen to him.
Main part: Dukascopy wants you to make money.
Dukascopy team made great job to help to you to make money. They have all instruments to start with Jforex platform, Dukascopy TV, Dukascopy support and etc. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the main part here are news. You can learn all fresh news in one place. You can read them, see them and even discuss.
However, t…
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btw, Are you appearing in DukascopyTV?

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Well, it's December and we all like to sit down a bit and enjoy a warm cup of tea these days. So I decided to write a few words about success in forex trading and things that are related to that. It's my first article so I expect some feedback from you.
Before I start explaining why it's hard to succeed in forex I must remind you that every trader should see financial trading just like every other type of business. I always looked at different things in a bigger picture, because it helps you understand how stuff work in general. We live in a world where literally everything is about trading. You can buy/sell services, a product, maybe knowledge or your time. Same goes with forex and other forms of trading.
Let me give you an example:
I started a company. First, I buy some basic materials from which I will make a product and then sell it. Then I would want to find a market and get to know it. If my product has a lot of buyers that means a lot of profit. You sure spotted some similarities here that are connected to forex. A currency pair like EUR/USD could be for example HAIRDRESSING EQUIPMENT/SERVICE. So basically you buy the equipment and you have the »material« to work with and of…
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very interesting comparison :)

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Today I want to talk about a very famous micro blogging service - Twitter. Everyone knows what is Twitter, but not all people use this very convenient service. Some people, like my wife - even hate Twitter. Today I will try to fix this annoying fact, and tell - how Twitter is useful for each trader
It is no secret that the economic news from countries around the world have a huge impact on the price movement of currencies of these countries in the FX market. If you are FX trader, of course you can do technical analysis, analyze the candles and various indicators, draw trend lines, and analyze support and resistance levels and volume levels. But let's be honestly, sometimes it is absolutely does not work. Every unexpected (or expected) economic news can completely cross out any market analysis that you have done.
Of course, if you do only scalping - and never keep the trade open for more than a few seconds, and do not trade during important economic news - in this case the news is not so relevant for you. But we're talking about the vast majority of traders, and the majority are not so engaged in scalping, most traders trade more in lo…
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In this article i'm going to share the elements i have found in the past 3 years of research on how to become a professional trader.I have read and taken notes from every article,forum or book i could find on the internet about trading and these are the steps i consider to be the most important in the journey one begins in the trading world.
1. What is trading?

Trading is participating in the global opportunities game. To be successful to any degree one needs to identify an edge, a slight skewing of the opportunities in one’s favor . Let's say we toss a coin 1,000 times and record the amounts of heads and tails, one could reasonable deduct that each occurrence would happen 50% of the time, now suppose one would add a small weight to one side of the coin, one could reasonably deduct that the weighted side would land bottoms down more then 50% of the time. Trading is very similar, a trader finds a way to tilt the odds in his favor by identifying patterns and fine tuning entries to those pattern. A price moves up because there are more buyers then sellers, a buyer will buy a currency because he expects to be able to sell if at a later tim…
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Thank you Pisakjanos ...You 2!

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Good work. It would be nice to see in a future article a trading system that follows these rules.

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Thank you ! i'm planning on doing that in the future

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Good article both for beginners and pros (to remind them some discipline) :) Regarding the emotional balance and management, in practice things aren't that simple :)

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Thank you for the feedback and details !best of luck

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The Real Wolf of Wall Street - A Trader's Perspective

The Wolf of Wall Street, one of the top films of 2014 is based on the true story of New York stock broker Jordan Belfort. The film is quite an accurate portrayal of Mr. Belfort's life, as skeptical as one would be after seeing the movie!
Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to see Jordan Belfort, the Real Wolf of Wall Street live,as he discussed with us his life experience, the movie, entrepreneurship, sales and achieving success.
As I heard Jordan speak, I could not help but realize how many of his principles can be applied to our day to day lives as Traders. In this article, I will share some of his best materials for success and my interpretation for everyday practical use in a trading environment.
Movie Fun Facts

  • In the movie, Matthew McConaughey thumps his chest and hums a tune in one of the earlier scenes, to get him into the right mind state to perform. This was not from Jordan,in fact, Matthew actually does this to prepare for acting. The director, upon observing this behind the scenes, liked it so much he decided to incorporate it into the movie!
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Airmike 20 May

I checked your article but I am really curious about your opinion. (topic we discussed before)

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Jignesh 20 May

I guess I didn't answer quite straightforward.  It's because I try to be positive.  I thought he was an unethical person.  I didn't like the manipulation tactics that he used.  If he is fake or not? Yeah I think he is fake.  But I also think he will pay back the money and do whatever it takes to be in the good eye of the public.  Why? because of selfish reasons that he thinks it will make him more money.  I don't respect him as a person and don't trust him.  But I find his story and journey very intriguing, and think there is a lot to learn from it.

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Airmike 20 May

Thank you for your answer

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Thanks Elani! :)

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Very nice article!

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Overview :

The Good about trading is financial stability for a lifetime. Tickling the market at one's convenience.
The Bad about trading is frustration, torment, loss and failure.
The Ugly belongs to those that have become insolvent, destroyed relationships, lost homes and even committed suicide.
Content :

The paradox about trading is that if you are not obsessed with it and do not put in supreme time and efforts, then you will not become an excellent trader. But if you are obsessed with it, you will fail.
The answer to the riddle lies in just how you are obsessed and just how far you will go with it. Are you positively or negatively obsessed with your trading ?
The Good have concentrated their efforts and reaped the rewards. The Bad have not done their homework and have sustained stress and losses. And the Ugly have simply gone too far.
The height of insanity is hitting your head against a brick wall over and over and expecting a different result. If Forex is hurting you, then you must, must, must stop and analyze why. And action a new solution. Even if you do this a hundred times before you get a favorable result, it is the only way you will progress in Forex. Just remember, Th…
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Elani 16 May

Hope you are not that trader :)

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Stix 16 May

I sat through the ordeal with the person in question. Wasn't my money but the experience scarred me for life. Something I will never forget. And something I strongly don't recommend.

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Erialda 16 May

Good Psychology Stix, i always had in my mind mind that trading psychology is the key of your success!Good Luck

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Ifuga 17 May

Some sobering thoughts right there. But one has to live through some of what you describe to really understand.

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