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1. Introduction to Subconscious Mind:
The number one problem that many traders face is not what they think, and they are also widely misunderstood. The problem is not in the markets, lack of capital, opportunity or lack of discipline on the part of the trader. It is a self-destruct problem to calculate currency trading and occurs mainly for one reason.
Your subconscious mind, which is another part of you, but on a more informed and more direct level, tries to protect you and tries to do the right things. What many traders regard as normal circumstances, fueled by feelings and mistakes and endless battle with discipline, is actually self-destruction.
When everything is as appropriate and as it should be, the natural conditions are calm, confident and a sense of security. There was no doubt, anxiety, insecurity and sometimes fear, signs that something was missing.
The mistake is to think that emotional trading is the way things should be done, and the fallacy is the notion that good trading comes only from desire or discipline that goes beyond emotions.
Your emotions are simply your subconscious mind telling you that something is wrong and you have to deal with it.
If this is true, …
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 INTRODUCTION  It is really amazing to understand what happens deep inside the mind when there is any kind of problem.We as humans, have an impressive amount of limits and our lives are the clear expression of these limits. I don’t mean that since limits are huge, your life is bad: you could have the best life ever! The problem doesn’t change: you will always have the same limits like other humans.Then came the day when we decided to trade forex markets. And here comes my article.Love it or hate It.   PROBLEM You have a problem! And you are totally unable to see it.Unconsciously you know the problem but consciously you don’t see and accept it. We are used to have so many habits that we even don’t know what is an habit. But there is ONE thing that stands above all other things: YOU NEED THE OTHERS! Yes because without the others you can’t exist. People exists because there are other people judging them. What if nobody finds you ugly or beautiful? What if nobody says you are smart or stupid? What if nobody knows you, what you do, what you think, the way you express yourself, appreciating your winnings and supporting your failures? You would not exist!Since you need t…
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iskandar 25 مه

Interesting, although wikipedia isn't a very credible source yet you base all your sources from it.

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@robert: so true! so many people follow what other say! i see this happening every day in some forums. few people have their own study+ideas.

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@alex: thank you :-)

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@iskandar: i'm used to link sources to wikipedia since i thought it was easier to read and gives a representation of what the topic is. of course then, if one need something more professional there are far better sources. thank you for point out :-) will re-mind if next times will have to link something, i will think about better sources!

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Retail traders don't understand how the Market Works (the Rules of its Functionality) simillar to normal people that don't understand how their Mind really works. Maslow had an idea, Freud had another few ideas, but Erickson has found some very interesting facts of our minds, starting from Marx, maybe... :)

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