A man who does not plan plans to fail. All of the successful traders have a comprehensive trading strategy with clearly spelt out entry and exit rules and a trading journal for the recording of all trading activities.
In this article I’m going to be sharing on how I have developed my trading journal on Microsoft excel. The journal workbook has three worksheets all containing different information that can be linked at times.
Sheet 1 – Strategy
Having the strategy is one of the fundamental things in forex trading. This sheet does not capture the entry and exit rules but the risk and return objectives. This sheet is essentially divided into two sections, the budget section and the actual section.
Budget section

The budget section has the following columns

Column A – Date:
Record the date that you plan to be trading actively. Days set aside for family vacations and weekends will be excluded from the rows. I usually do the strategy for at least six months. I know of people who do not trade on Mondays and Fridays so these days should be excluded.
Column B – Opening Balance: The first entry in this column is the balance brought forward in the trading account. Th…
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