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1.0 Brief Introduction
Dukascopy offers a wide range of tools, for free, that can help you tremendously and take your trading to the next level.
This article will help you to identify which tools may increase your strategy's success rate, especially an intraday trending strategy.
Since Forex is an over the counter market, which means there is no centralized market (like the NASDAQ or NYSE); there is no official info about volume or interest. Therefore, we'll have to estimate the liquidity by the spread and the price ticks. We'll assume that the bigger the broker is, higher is the correlation to the overall aggregated data (and Dukascopy is quite big).
2.0 Market requirements for an intraday trending strategy
If you're using an intraday trending strategy then you'll be needing a market that moves, otherwise you'll be stuck in a range and buy/sell into fake trades. By identifying if a market is moving and is liquid, you'll be able to avoid dead markets and keep out of bad trades.
With that in mind, we'll be looking at the following data in order to scan and choose an appropriate pair to trade:
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Thank you so much for all the support, everyone! I've just written a quick blog post with 2 more tips to help find intraday trending entries!

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good work!

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TaniaMilan 12 Feb.

good job )))

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Well done!

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Introduction When designing a strategy, a beginner will pick a few parameters at random, either directly from the price or from indicators, and will attempt to predict future movements based on those parameters. When he’s convinced those parameters don’t hold any information, he’ll choose some slightly different parameters and so forth. This is a sensible way to explore forex instruments however, there are so many parameters to look at and try out that you will most likely die of old age or at least go bankrupt before you find a winning strategy. That’s why I automated the process in an algorithm that attempts to find the optimal parameters for predicting EURUSD movements.A randomizable set of parameters We have to define limits for a space of parameters we want to explore. To do this I first build a list of the lowest price daily, in two days, in three days… until 15 days. The high price could also have been used.Once we have this list, a parameter is defined by three numbers we’re going to call i, j and k. The value for a single parameter for day n is given by taking, in column i, the difference in percent between price n – j and n – k. Thus, our parameters are movements from hi…
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It looks like some big hedge fund's algorithmic trading department is waiting for you :)

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Likerty 8 Feb.

Pre-programmed trading was always a mystery for me:) Good luck in the contest!

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doctortyby 15 Feb.

I agree with One Good Trade... a prop shop is the environement that you need to devellop ;)

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