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The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary. – Alexander Elder
Hello, my dear friends and fellow community members.
To make sure that we, the members of the Dukascopy Community are profitable each and every month I want to share with you an idea that if we put into practice then we will definitely be in profits at the end of each month. We have to find out a system, in which our stop loss and take profit is predefined. Also, we have to make sure that our take profit level is at least 3 times from the traded price as much as the stop loss is.
We will put 1% of our account at risk on every trade. And we will aim for 3% of the account if we are right. To understand what I am talking about, we need to do a simple mathematics. Let us say that we took 10 trades in a month in this manner, where we risked 1% to gain 3%. And let us say that 5 trades were not in our favor. In other words, the stop-loss was triggered. The price hitting stop-loss 5 times means we have lost 5% of our entire capital(as we had 1% at risk on each trade and 1*5=5). At the same time out of 10, we have also won the five trades. Winning 5 trades mean that …
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chytry_dziad avatar

Well done!

Verona888 avatar
Verona888 12 Mar.

nice work!

killer195175_reborn avatar

Thank you all for your support and kind words. I hope that my ideas help you in executing your trades with confidence. I wish you all a very profitable year.

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Vlad73 16 Mar.

good article

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WizWiz 20 Mar.

impressive article!!!!

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Today I will write very personal article for me. I think that we need to share our experience on market, if we are real traders.
I am sure that most of those who will read it, will do not understand me, and my action, and will say - "You're an idiot!". Anyway, I honestly will tell you about it.
August 20, 2012, had very little time to 13 September 2012, when QE3 was launched in the United States, and Eurozone debt crisis would be finished. Two events, after which the dollar began its non-stop fall down. At that time, I had some problems in my life about which I will not talk in this article. Let me just say that I was very angry at the whole world, and even on the market, although it is very silly.
The market does not know anything about our existence, it does nothing to spite us. In all our losses we must blame only ourselves. I understand it now, and I knew it at the time. However, I went on principle. I decided that I could beat the market. I decided that I could be more stubborn than the market. And August 20, 2012 I made short EUR/USD trade, at the 1.2459 level. As I recall, take-profit was only 1.2409, just 50 pips. And I did not use stop-loss. I decided that I was going …
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peachynicnic p.s. Strong storm at this moment in Macau / Zhuhai. I think in Hong Kong the same. I hope you at home and closed all windows. I forgot to close the window when walking out of home - and when i return 2 hours ago - half of my apartment was flooded with water, and I need to paint one wall))

Airmike avatar
Airmike 16 Sep.

Maksim - nice article. I know exactly how you felt. every single trader has to do own mistakes to learn. smart people say its better to learn from mistakes of other. but it doesn't work so well. now you know what you don't want and its just question of time to find painless way :) you can check my article about collecting and cutting exposure. maybe can help.

Maksim_Chelnokov avatar

Airmike  Thank you, i will check your article)

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Nice article - thanks for sharing your experience with us ) To err is human - but to accept that you have erred requires courage. Bravo !!

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I presented very basic way how to deal with risk on time basis in my first article. Terms like EOM, EOW, EOD was explained. Subject of this article will be risk management in deeper structure. The idea of the first article was very simple but most important thing is that really works. Trading is about systematic work and ability to combine many small details in one unit. Most of the rules which I am going to explain now are also very simple and important message is, that you can set up these rules as a predefined technical setups. You can find this way of managing risk on trading desks all around the world where people like you doing their jobs on daily basis. I am definitely not able to explain all of the rules but let me show you just small piece and I hope that you will find my effort as useful.

This is a part where should be explained concept and differences between of trading strategy and risk management.
1) First thing is that trading STRATEGY or trading system is independent part. We can combine strategy with risk management but in the first step you need design both of these parts separately. Reason why this part so important is that most rookies do…
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ladislavk1 avatar

personally using this model too?

Airmike avatar
Airmike 17 May

thank you guys for your support. I see that article is maybe not sexy as other stuff but I am sure about importance of the topic. I can tell that is nothing  more important as a risk management. think about small simple rules and let me know if you have some other. we can discuss about it and learn from each other.

Airmike avatar
Airmike 30 May

ladislavk1 - yes I do. little bit aggressively but approximately same.

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loomy 27 June

What kind of statistic tools do you prefer to use for strategy evaluation? Or Excel is enough for you? Sharp glance to overlooked areas of trading. Excellent

Airmike avatar
Airmike 27 June

Depends on type of strategy. for longer period and strategies related with interest rate, yield or fair price calculations is good enough to use excel. For ultra short time frame strategies and information as a volume , executed volume , bid - ask volume prints and other stuff is not very efficient. 

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Avoiding the Most Common Trading MistakesIf the risks don’t scare you away from trading, you need to become familiar with some common mistakes that lead to failure for many forex traders. Some traders talk about their more common mistakes, especially the ones that cost a lot of money while they were building their businesses. Here are some of the more serious mistakes new traders make:   ✓ Breaking stop-loss rules: When price goes against the direction of trade, newer, not yet disciplined traders tend to panic as their picks begin losing money, so they decide to hold the position rather than exit when their initial stop-loss is reached. However, traders go broke using that strategy, because they don’t stop their losses as planned. You must set your exit prices based on your technical analysis for both losses and profits when you enter the trade. Follow those rules mechanically when the target price is hit, and don’t let your emotions get in the way.  ✓ Chasing trends: New traders who aren’t yet confident in the way they read patterns often wait to see confirmation that they’re right before they enter a position. That hesitation causes them to miss planned entry points and, if they’…
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ante777 12 Sep.

Good article. Good luck.Did you read my FOREX POEM on dukascopy ARTICLE CONTEST. Your comment would be appreciated if appropiate.

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LinnuxFX 16 Sep.

Good article, but boring to read, need some images...

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quantum_fx 19 Sep.

Nice article! I like such kind of ideas!

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doctortyby 23 Sep.

I say, let's focus on success and on the MUST DO, part of our trading... Our subconsciouss will be focused on winning... Keep up the good work +1

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Sendhiko 25 Sep.

Great article +1. Please see my articles too and make comment and vote. good luck

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IntroductionThis third part of the article series is dedicated to price target perfection Read earlier articles describing trade entry based on Sweet Divergence recipe and Hot Demand Sour Supply.Just like a Stop Loss is mandatory, Stop Profit commonly known as Take Profit to realize real gains over investment (RoI) is imperative too. By reading previous articles, you can easily visualize how I enter a trade based on confluence of Divergence, Supply-Demand mismatch and the Exponential moving average 21. Now, with this article one should be able to clearly see how to exit the trade before market takes away “our trade’s edge” from the table along with unrealized profit.Whether the implied volatility hits its all time highs or lows, whether you’re an intraday trader or a weekly one, this system works for all in all conditions and above all, even during news events! So let’s improve our confidence with such a powerful system which is being included by big institutional traders for their big trades and forget the need to babysit your trades. Life is meant to enjoy and not worth spending on trading all day long from your basement.This article directly helps us calculate the Risk Reward ra…
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yuvraj23 22 Aug.

Indeed, yur al info is really useful bro.

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kawser 24 Aug.

wow awesome Ritesh......Good luck buddy.....

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Dieselfx 24 Aug.

nice looking charts, yes, fibos in the wright hands they can do miracles

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highwayman 27 Aug.

Promising Way To Set Targets +1

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ushma 31 Aug.

I wish you good luck this month+1

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