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Firstly :One Day Freelance Outsourcing Was Very Popular Online Earning Method But Now Forex is More Popular Than Freelance Outsourcing ,because Now Forex Trading Open for All Country and Initial Deposit is Very low .So Now Many People From any Place In The World ,Start Forex trading By using internet.
Secondly : Forex Education Factor-Forex Trading is very easy Online Earning Method ,any body Can start Forex Trading From Home without higher education or Contact with any Person but it is very hard For Regular Money Earning From Forex market ,so We need First Learn About Forex Trading and Forex Market.Forex market is Biggest Financial Market and it is also Most Volatile ,so Our Forex Education will be Helpful For our Successful Trading career In Forex Market.
Thirdly: Demo Practice Absent -Forex Education Is The First Requirement For novice Trader But secondly We need Increase our trading experience by Demo Trading practice,Most Of The New Trader start Forex Trading Without enough Demo Trading practice ,so They can not understand trading idea ,trading mistake.We Know Demo Trading is The Key Of Trading Success ,so More Demo Trading practice is The Chance of More Trading success.
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good strategy for trading

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Well done!

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Well written!

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Do or Die: Forex market is largest Financial Market .It is now very popular earning method over the all country in the world. It is Very easy to Start Forex Trading But Very hard for Earning. Here 99% New Forex Trader Lose Money and Overall 90% Forex Trader always Face Lose For Do or Die Trading style. Most of The People start Forex trading by referring friend or relative without proper Knowledge and lose all money for lack of trading education and trading experience.
Lack of Forex Education: Forex Market is high Volatile For High Liquidity and Many reason such as geological factor, political issue, Financial issue, election issue .So Forex Trader Can Not Understand Market Without Proper Forex education .Forex education is The Part Of Trading success, But Most Of The New Forex Trader Face Lose For Start Trading without enough Forex education and lack of Enough Demo Practice. But we know New Forex Trader can learn many More tactics by Demo Trading and easily solve Future real Trading problem but avoid demo trading practice None can will success. So here we must be Learn First and Gain experience by Demo Practice for successful trading career.
Lack of Money management: Money Man…
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Good job!

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good job! keep it up!

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One of the key factors of succesful trading is strategy. Strategy edge at quantitative trading is something, what depend on real advantage on the market, which is not corrupted by the trader´s impact, or any other temporary situation on the market. I will mention few examples.
1-For traders who trade option contracts is biggest advantage pricing of the options. For sellers is most inportant thing decreasing of option premium.
2-For traders who trade fixed income is most inportant interest rate differential.
3-For traders who trade baskets, circles, arbitrage or hedging strategies is most important theoretical value of securities, structure of securities and disproportional effects between theoretical price and real price on the market (incorrect valuation depend on buyers or sellers sentiment)
It seems that all of these advantages are out of the interest for traders, who trade forex, because how I heard many
times from forex traders, in forex is only one way how to trade. This way is just speculate on long or short side by the outright positions. You can be short on one currency and long on the other, and this is only thing what you can do. In this article, I will provid…
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Good one

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Very good article!

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Brilliant, Mike! Delicated Article +1

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Great and informative article. Thank you Airmike.

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I would like to share some basic risk management strategies, which are universal for all trading styles . No matter if you are long term or intraday trader. No matter if you are trading All in All out (AiAo) strategies or if you trade advance position sizing techniques. There is plenty of trading styles in trading world, volatility trading , market making , liquidity providing, spreads , circles, multiple leg strategies, covered and uncovered positions . Few rules are universal for all of them. Risk side limitsMost important rule is stop lose. (SL) Yes, I know this is something what you have seen many times before, and most of you don’t even believe its that important thing. And I have to say, you are right. So small explanation: I am not talking about stop lose order at every single trade. I am talking about time scale stop lose. Most of the guys in institutional trading do not use standard stop lose order at all. They are using just timescale stop lose. For example End of Day (EOD), End of Week (EOW), End of Month (EOM) stop lose. Why they use this type of risk levels is simple. They use different strategies with different amount of money. Nice example you can find also in Duka…
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Like: - I have no way to put. Layering of images and triggered the discovery profile.

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