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Many smart and successful people make some critical mistakes when it comes to the stock market. These errors have a significant impact on their chances of good, long-term market performance, said John Reese These mistakes, however, can be avoided, as the first step is to understand their essence. Then we can make improvements to our investment strategy and put a barrier for common investor mistakes.
1. Falling profitability
Investors are pursuing hot, profitable shares, funds, and strategies to find that they often enter the top when the growth has already been accumulated. If you see a share or strategy that has provided great profits, try to find out what has been done and whether this is a single case or a mere chance. You have to ask yourself whether the management, the strategy or the system is unique and will continue to produce similar results?
2. Forecasting short-term price movements (when you can’t hit 75%)
Trying to define short-term market movements and entering and leaving positions is almost impossible. You need to be accurate about 75% of the time to get a better score than someone just was on the market. Remember, leaving the market is only half of the battle - yo…
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In short term also we can make good profits but of course it's damn difficult a job.

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Because what distinguishes the successful trader from the loser is a simple mistakes can cause large losses instead of reaping the gains, In this regard, we will highlight a set of rules and steps that will help you to accurately identify your transactions towards gains and away from any potential losses.
Step 1: Trading strategy is a key factor that makes you a winner in the currency market
Some believe that being listed as a winner in the foreign exchange market requires the maximum number of winning points, but in fact the situation is not so. Of course, winning points is important, but it is not sufficient to sustain this profit. To become a successful trader you must manage a strong capital and control your mental state so that your mood does not affect you and make you make the wrong decisions.
One of the most important steps to get into the category of gainers in the financial markets is to follow a specific trading strategy. You should not be random and have clear and specific conditions to enter into the deal. You should test the strategy on a demo account first before applying it to the real account. One of the advantages of this is to know the best pairs of currencies…
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Strategy and money management is everything!

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