1. OverviewThere are a lot of theories in FOREX market. You can use various indicators, trade signals, copy others trades, etc. But in every such a case you will use some theory, which will be used by many others. Of course it is great job to choose relevant method and apply it during right conditions. But can you create your own theory? This question arises sooner or later after spending some years in FOREX market.2. Movements prediction method descriptionWhen creating theory for predictions some kind of statistical method could be used. I will assume that if some pair is in the middle of its highs and lows (lets assume analyzing only 10 past years) from statistical point of view it is unlikely that during coming 2-3 years such pair will break highs or lows. Of course it is from statistical point of view as in real world different matters could occur and ruin statistical predictions. But there is no 100% accurate predictions in any case.For this analysis monthly charts will be used.Further on from statistical point of view if we will take shorter period lets say 2 years and look at highs and lows for this period and if rate is somewhere in the middle again once again from statisti…
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marius24 avatar
marius24 21 Авг.

a new idea in this article..good job :)

rokasltu avatar
rokasltu 28 Авг.

First test of strategy had a result of >+150 pips, you can check it http://www.dukascopy.com/tradercontest/?action=blog&trader=rokasltu&period=month. Next month I will trade in Trader contest using this strategy!

apsu avatar
apsu 28 Авг.

Good article!

amirjani007 avatar
amirjani007 29 Авг.

good one



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BackgroundWhen you start trading it is always a question on strategy. One could consider why close negative positions and decrease your balance. Why not to wait while position turns positive, close it and increase your balance instead. Seems quite good. But is it so? Possible strategyIt is quite clear that if you open one big position which takes all your margin and if market goes against you, it could take years while your position turns positive or it could never happen if you receive margin call. Of course there is possibility to continuously add additional funds and wait while market goes in your direction. But it could take long years. From statistical point of view it should happen sooner or later but from statistical point of view it also could take more time than human being could live on this planet! It seems not interesting perspective.Therefore another possibility comes to mind. To use small positions which takes little part of your margin and if market goes in your direction just close profitable position and if market goes against you open new position at some point with expectation to close this position when it turns profitable. If not - open one more position with …
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ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 8 Июль

interesting article; but is it really possible to trade with such a high risk... without stoplosses; positions should be positioned very well

Likerty avatar
Likerty 9 Июль

Welcome to the contest!:)

litsat avatar
litsat 10 Июль

good luck for you here :)

Atashi_Tada avatar
Atashi_Tada 11 Июль

good luck

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