For those that have been trading forex for long have experienced a time when they feel like they are losing their trading edge. Whether it’s because you took a long time from trading; had a significant string of losing trades or blew all the capital on your account, they will come a time when you wish to start from scratch or quit trading all together.
If you do choose to start from scratch, then you’ve only made the first step to swimming rather than sinking. It’s only the beginning of the process. Starting over is more difficult than learning how to trade for the first time. When you start over, you’ll have to confront your mistakes, admit your failures, and let go of your ego and your old habits. But maybe letting go is exactly the point. Just like how some tech startups have to “pivot” in order to survive, you also have to let go of your past trading processes and pursue other avenues to discover a better trader in you.
So, how can you “start over” as a forex trader? Here are a few tips:

Try to freshly study the forex market.

The old dog would have to learn new tricks if he/she wants to successfully adapt to current environments. The key is your willingness to try new thi…
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