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Social Trading is a new way to access and utilize effectively the Forex Markets. It is an exciting platform designed from the ground up to connect traders from around the world. The subscribers enjoy a competitive advantage gained by the access to the insights and collective wisdom of huge trading network.
It is also known as the Copy Trading or the Signal Trading and is a good way to make money in the Financial Markets without having any education or experience of the Markets. It is also good for those who want to harness the potential of the Forex Market but do not have the time to spend analyzing the markets and opening the trading terminals to place trades.(Like the Community Support on Dukascopy Community). He is always busy moderating the content. So his contest account is always low and he can use Social Trading service of Dukascopy to make money while he is reading blogs and articles of the Community members.
  • It is very straight forward. Other traders make their trades. Their historical profit and loss are visible to subscribers.
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The trend (Which is the base of this strategy) is the most important element in the technical analysis elements, therefore it is important to draw it correctly as the following:
  • The trend has to predicate on 3 candles, more distance among candles means more powerful trend.
  • Concentrate on the trend angle as it should be between "30-70" degrees, acute angle or an obtuse angle outside 30-70 degree range is not considered a trend and is not included in the strategy.

1- Moving average Indicator:
We will use EMA9 and EMA30 for an hour frame.
2- Momentum Indicator:
Momentum is being used with the strategy to illustrate the market position, whether it's with the buyers or sellers, an indicator above Zero line refers to a market at the buyers' side, and vice versa so if the indicator below Zero line refers to a market at the sellers' side.

Entering is via opening a candle after a broken trend. Inviolably trend has to be found in order to be able to draw a trend. Inviolably here means no closed candle/s outside the trend, candles tails do not affect the strategy or the trend. The price should be observed so it doesn't move away much from the trend b…
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