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Social Trading is a new way to access and utilize effectively the Forex Markets. It is an exciting platform designed from the ground up to connect traders from around the world. The subscribers enjoy a competitive advantage gained by the access to the insights and collective wisdom of huge trading network.
It is also known as the Copy Trading or the Signal Trading and is a good way to make money in the Financial Markets without having any education or experience of the Markets. It is also good for those who want to harness the potential of the Forex Market but do not have the time to spend analyzing the markets and opening the trading terminals to place trades.(Like the Community Support on Dukascopy Community). He is always busy moderating the content. So his contest account is always low and he can use Social Trading service of Dukascopy to make money while he is reading blogs and articles of the Community members.
  • It is very straight forward. Other traders make their trades. Their historical profit and loss are visible to subscribers.
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Vaaleree 5 Jan.

Nice one

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Well done

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Mariia 10 Jan.

nice written

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Yulia10 14 Jan.

good article

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Firstly :One Day Freelance Outsourcing Was Very Popular Online Earning Method But Now Forex is More Popular Than Freelance Outsourcing ,because Now Forex Trading Open for All Country and Initial Deposit is Very low .So Now Many People From any Place In The World ,Start Forex trading By using internet.
Secondly : Forex Education Factor-Forex Trading is very easy Online Earning Method ,any body Can start Forex Trading From Home without higher education or Contact with any Person but it is very hard For Regular Money Earning From Forex market ,so We need First Learn About Forex Trading and Forex Market.Forex market is Biggest Financial Market and it is also Most Volatile ,so Our Forex Education will be Helpful For our Successful Trading career In Forex Market.
Thirdly: Demo Practice Absent -Forex Education Is The First Requirement For novice Trader But secondly We need Increase our trading experience by Demo Trading practice,Most Of The New Trader start Forex Trading Without enough Demo Trading practice ,so They can not understand trading idea ,trading mistake.We Know Demo Trading is The Key Of Trading Success ,so More Demo Trading practice is The Chance of More Trading success.
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bdpips 21 Oct.


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good strategy for trading

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Yuliya_N 24 Oct.

Well done!

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FXRabbit 25 Oct.

Well written!

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ak10 25 Oct.


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CORRELATED Pairs are forex pairs that have strong attachments to each other in terms of price movements and signals. They are moved by the same technical impacts as well as fundamentals.An example is the EURUSD, GBPUSD.There are different types of pairs correlation:- Positive correlation- Negative correlation- Zero correlation1. POSITIVE CORRELATION: Positive correlation occurs within forex pairs or securities that have 75% movements in the same direction.They are triggered by the same price actions, same news impacts are expected in them. Example is EURUSD, GBPUSD and somewhat AUDUSD. Though AUDUSD has a loose correlation with the other two because of its strong correlation with Gold pair.- SIGNALS for correlated pairs:EURUSD, GBPUSD has a 75% movements in the same direction vitally at all times except in points of strong individual fundamental impacts. This implies that, a signals (buy or sell) for EURUSD can also be used for GBPUSD in most market conditions, so a bullish trend for EURUSD, is expected as same bullish for GBPUSD.Factors to show:- Both economies for EUR, GBP lies on each other while USD its an economy all by its self from the other two.Example of a same movements p…
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s_amira 25 July

Your article is useful!

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Nadin5794 26 July

in this theory very important % a movement ratio in correlations and delays

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I think correlation is not a good idea. All pair run at the same time. It means that you can't analytics this pair and trade the other. For example, if you long EURUSD and AUDUSD, the result is so bad.

Atashi_Tada avatar

good luck with correlations :)

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janknoah 28 July

I have followed correlated pairs, and they have always worked

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TIME IN FOREXJune 7, 2013 Time time time what an important concept. It’s difficult to really estimate how important time in the Forex market is. Sometimes if you really think about it, it’s everything! So was a good example yesterday in the EURUSD and GBPUSD it was a time to buy!!! GBPUSD EURUSD EurUSD rallied about 215pips! Amazing! While GBPUSD rallied about 280pips in one day!! Whoa! Even more beautiful is that fact that I collected a 100pips on GU. I bought at just about the lowest point of the day and set my take point for 100ips (proof my username is healer and I am on the traders contest). I also collected a good amount of pips on EurUsd too about 50+. Do you know I wrote on the traders contest on my GU trade when I was entering it that anyone seeing it should follow me? This was over nine hours before the trade took its 100pips profit. How could I have known and be so sure? The answer is simple I knew the time to buy. Timing in forex trading is too important. There are various times in forex trading I would list some and endeavor to explain. 1. A TIME TO WAIT 2. A TIME TO BUY 3. A TIME TO SELL 4. A TIME TO BUY AND SELL TIME TO WAIT This is when your method of trading g…
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Victor avatar
Victor 9 June

good gun

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healer 10 June

Oh victor you have made my weekend thanks a million and
pls help to share it thanks again

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geula4x 18 June

+1 Liked: interesting article. I'd like to read more about how you time your trades, systems that you use and so on. Happy trading :-)

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healer 3 July

Thank geula4x much appreciated i had login challenges within the month and this really affected my participation thanks alot much more would be seen of me and many good stuffs are ahead!

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