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Me and each one of you should take attention for some few points to reach the successful trading, Specially If you are not a full-time trader. I am working in a company for 8 hours daily, have no proper time to analysis and to get the best from the forex market! In the beginning of my forex journey I asked myself a lot of questions, Like: What should I do to organize myself? Are there a difference between a part-time forex trader and a full-time one? What kind of trading style should I use? short-term or long-term trading? What is the best for me? and If I use both, What should I do?
Thus one can be a part-time trader on both a long term and a short term basis, but with different options available, and differing approaches being necessary. A part-time short term trader must follow a purely technical approach and apply money management methods with rigor and discipline. In this case the time of entry does not matter that much, but we should avoid periods of high volatility. As such, the part time trader would probably thrive when the market is calmer, trading is subdued, and technical factors dominate, a scenario that is most often encountered towards the closi…
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Vlad73 31 Mar.

well done

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Good article!

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Супер успехов

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1. Overview
In my previous publications of 3 period max/median/min strategy basic principles of strategy were covered and some trades based on outcome of mentioned strategy calculations were entered. In my last publication I described automation of strategy for calculation of all required variables for evaluation of entering of trades and take profit and stop loss levels.
All previous publications were dedicated for strategy use in long term trading cases but after I received proposals to load strategy to strategy contest I decided to adopt same principles for short term trading. Mentioned adoption is topic of this publication.
It should be noted that strategy is under development and is not suitable for real trades.
2. Required changes
In previous publication 3 different time periods were used - 10 years, 2 years and 9 months. In order to enter trades more frequently shorter periods for analysis should be chosen. Thus I replaced mentioned periods with another periods - 10 days, 2 days and 9 hours. All calculation logic remained the same and no changes in already developed algorithm were needed except of parameter which were related with numbers of candles in specific period and su…
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rokasltu 15 Apr.

Yes, it is possible to build strategy in visual jforex based on some indicator if such indicator is included in visual jforex indicators list. What concerns ichimoku I am not sure if it is in visual jforex already but there are a lot of other indicators around that it is possible to build strategy. But in this article I wanted to show how powerful instrument is visual jforex that it is possible to build your own indicators by it means and use them for trading decisions.

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Skif 18 Apr.

как всегда понятно о алгоритмах !!! молодец ))))

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Likerty 19 Apr.

ANother good weekend-reading for a casual geek:)) Rokas, you really going deep in to this stuff..!:D It would be interesting to hear your comments regarding performance of the strategy.. Seems like a sum-zero..?

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Erialda 20 Apr.

Great article good luck :)

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sankit 24 Apr.

Nice one )

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A couple of weeks ago I got a private message from a community member, asking me to write something specific to short-term traders, if possible. Taking the request into consideration I'm going to describe a trading technique where trades will last two days only, no more no less. If two days is already long term for you, this system can be adapted to shorter time frames, although the results will be poorer, so take that into consideration. _________________________ ► What is an inside day? An inside day (also called inside bar/candle in intraday charts) occurs when the highest price is lower than the previous day's high, and the lowest price is higher than the preceding day's low. Here's a perfect example: The common interpretation of inside days is that they are a sign of consolidation, where neither supply or demand are in control. It can also be considered a pause in a current trend, or the early signs of a counter trend movement. So, basically, it's a neutral candle that does not provide any positive trading edge. Well...not so fast, young Jedi! In trading, it helps to be a free-thinker and avoid subscribing to what the herds say. Try to look at your charts from a diffe…
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Extremely well written and presented. +1

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good job +1

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citikot 4 Mar.

good job! +1 also!

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foxybaby 7 Mar.

Good strategy, would there be an automated strategy for jforex available?

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fprophet 12 Mar.

When trading Engulfing Bars I believe we need to take into account any near Support/Resistance and/or significant Round numbers - and then if we are not in danger of bouncing off any these and the BBands are widening ... then it looks like easy money - but of course then there are only a few set-ups per month per instrument.

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If John Maynard
Keynes had been a Forex trader, he may have been one of the best short-term
traders because of his preference for immediate action. As he was an advocate
of proactive fiscal measures to combat severe economic imbalances, he is also
likely to have preferred the benefits of short-term moves in the Forex instead
of the long-term trends in the midst of global economic uncertainty.
Long-term trends
in the Forex market – lasting at least 2 weeks – tend to smooth out the
short-term volatility and allow the trader to benefit from larger ranges. They
also provide a larger cushion for losses given the wider Risk-Reward ratio and
give the trader a lot more time in between trades to analyze the market.
However, the commitment to this approach assumes a high level of accuracy in
the traders´ forecast based on technical and/or fundamental analysis- an
accuracy beyond that of the average full-time trader.
Such a trader,
who depends on the Forex for his immediate financial needs, is likely to prefer short-term certainty. Thus, choosing the longer term trends, though
more profitable per trade, would introduce an unnecessary amount of dependence
and pressure o…
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So many opinion that long term is the best
trading, maybe it’s right but maybe it’s wrong for using Meta 5, why ? because
if in Meta 4 goes up/ down 1 point, in Meta 5 will be 10 points, very lots of, and with Ichimoku, and in my opinion for the short term is the best one
from the other indicators, and this Writing I will explain, and I hope all
Readers can enjoy it    
Kinko Hyo (一目均衡表 Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō) usually just called ichimoku is a technical analysis
method that builds on CANDLESTICK charting
to improve the accuracy of forecasted price moves. It was developed in the
late 1930s by Goichi
Hosoda (細田悟一 Hosoda Goichi), a Japanese journalist who used to be
known as Ichimoku Sanjin, which can be translated as "What a man in the
mountain sees".
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo translates to 'one glance
equilibrium chart' or 'instant look at the balance chart' and is sometimes
referred to as 'one glance cloud chart' based on the unique 'clouds' that
feature in ichimoku charting.
1.     Tenkan-sen (Red) 
By default the line is calculated on a 9-period basis, using the
highest and lowest prices in this period.
The formula is: (highest
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belman 15 Apr.

good luck +1

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