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Trading tools are a critical component of forex trading as they act as an aid to decision making. Correct and consistent use of trading tools will lead to better strategies, better decision making and better interpretation of market conditions.
This article focuses on some of the trading tools that have been made available by the Dukascopy website. The main aim is to see how these function and how they can be of use in forex trading.
Getting to the trading tools.

The trading tools are available on the Dukascopy website, under the market info section. Fig 1 shows the steps to the trading tools on the website.
Fig 1: Graphical representation of the steps to trading tools.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the market info section
Step 3: Select the required trading tool from the drop down menu of available trading tools.
Now we can discuss how some of the trading tools can be of assistance in the trading journey.
  • SWFX Sentiment Index
The SWFX Sentiment index is an excellent tool to gauge trader positioning and sentiment in the FX market. Unlike the major equities or futures markets, there is no single centralized exchange for f…
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Market sentiment is simply what the majority of the market is perceived to be thinking or feeling about the market – it is considered as one of the most important factor that drives the currency market. We tend to act based on what we think and feel of certain currency, regardless their strength or weakness relative to other currencies. Market sentiment is not logical, it is preliminary based on emotions. We recognize three main types of sentiment index:bullish,bearishconfused/mixed J If the majority of market wants to sell the currency, the market sentiment is bearish, if the majority of market wants to buy the currency the market sentiment is bullish and when the most participants are unsure of what to do at the moment the sentiment is mixed. Understanding the current market sentiment can help maximize trading profits because if you can guess what the other market players are thinking about and understand why the market is doing you will be in a better position to plan your entry and exit points.How can we measure market sentiment?We can get that by reading reports by analysts and financial journalists, visit forums and read discussions but the most effective ways are:The commitm…
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