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We all traveled this road so I decided to write
this article ... so that is cause for reflection for those who have not yet
started but are tempted to do so. A beginner normally learns of this market in
a casual way, has happened to me so I believe it should be the same for
hundreds if not thousands of people.
Initially many doubts arise whether the
functioning of the market itself or in how to operate it. How to use leverage,
which is the best time to enter a position, which is the best pairs/assets to
negotiate ... All this creates a huge mess!
 The 1st step (at least as accurate, though not
happen like that with everyone) is: download a demo account.
After installing to the platform and open an account
"DEMO" is necessary to make some entries in this way will slowly be
taking the concept of its operation. It will be the regular practice of this
demo account in which it will operate with ease, it is not yet operating with
equity, which will achieve positive results that will make it possible to
extrapolate to a real account.
 The "new trader" will experiencing
all the indicators that will arise in various forums about the Forex market,
will ride in a search for magic formulas and…
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hadzibaba 14 July

good article i wish you +1

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tulasi 17 July

nice n pleasant to read

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egidijus 20 July

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Forex community thinks that this article is a must read for beginners....

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Hi Friends....Now there were four topics I wanted to write this week, but I have the choice of writing only one... The four topics I wanted to write areContinuing with my series on trading with MA's, trendlines & stochs.Price Action - What the market speaks to us, learning to listen.One of the friends, hakala commented on my ways of drawing trendlines, I wanted to elaborate on it.One of our friends, Mielec asked me about how do we control our emotions, though he & many others have written very nice articles on the various risks and emotions we undergo during trading, no one has written(of what I have read) about the ways to control & conquer them.Well.... as is clear from the heading, I chose the fourth option because no matter what strategies we follow, no matter what our account size is, no matter how experienced we are in the markets, these emotions are things that get the better of us at one time or another.Guys I would also suggest the articles by Positive, he is writing some very beautiful articles about how we are made. And to conquer the enemy you must know him, so I will suggest everybody to read Positives articles as well.All right now on with my article on controlling ou…
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ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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An extensive article.... good!!!

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