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The journey to success in Forex trading begins with self-introspection and discovering the trading style and strategies that suit your objectives, risk appetite, lifestyle and own unique circumstances. It is imperative to find a trading technique that is in sync with your personality than to try to conform to someone else's idea of a "proper trader". This article seeks to help traders discover their own trading styles.

The first port of call is assessing you level skill, competence and preparedness for the task of Forex trading by answering a series of questions. These questions if answered correctly will help in moulding a top notch trader. The best trading style for any individual depends on many factors including the reasons to trade, availability, work preferences, requirement for flexibility and level of patience
  • Reasons to trade:
Understanding the reasons behind the trading will help in setting the overall objectives and understand how trading will fit into your lifestyle. Answering the following questions will help you understand if trading is the best thing.
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vap61 12 Apr.

сильная статья,проработаны все аспекты торговли,лайк!))

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Sebine 18 Apr.

Good luck!:)

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rashadali 27 Apr.

goood article 

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Below is a scalping method that I have been using for the previous months to help me clear volume and make continuous profit in the long run
Session: Asian or Euro session
Time frame: 1mins
MACD: 12,26,1
Stochastic: 5, 3, 2
EMA 1: 5 to the close
EMA 2: 5 to the open
The EMA 1 and EMA 2 will be our main trend indicators and the MACD will be to confirm the direction of the trend.
The Stochastic indicator will be the basis of our trade entry. However if you may leave it out if you are well vast with support and resistance for trading.
The chart will look like this after setup:
For a Buy Trade:
When the EMA 1 has crossed EMA 2. The MACD has closed higher than the previous time interval. The Stochastic crosses up from the 20 line and is not over bought
Buy Signal: The signal candle/ bar closes higher (bullish candle is formed). Stop Loss is the low of the previous candle or 20 pips but 20 pip minimum
Buy Chart

For a Sell Trade: When the EMA 1 has crossed EMA 2. The MACD has closed lower than the previous time interval. The Stochastic crosses down from the 80 line and is not over sold
Sell Signal:
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Sebine 28 Feb.

Interesting article!

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good luck

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very good!

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Scalping system “10 points”
Recommended timeframes M1
This trading strategy is used on the chart with the period M1. We add MACD Oscillator with the settings (13, 26 and 9) and Stochastic Oscillator the settings (5, 3 and 3), which will be used as indicators. The best time periods for trading with the use of this strategy is European and American sessions. It is preferable to choose currency pairs with the medium or high volatility (currency pair of the Major group are quite suitable).
After adjusting the chart and adding required indicators, follow the instructions below to open trading positions:
The following conditions can be used as a signal for opening long positions:
- the lines of MACD histogram are in the positive zone above the zero level;
- after the decline below the level 20, Stochastic Oscillator (the line %К or %D) has risen above this level.
Stop loss is set at the distance of one point below the nearest local low.
Take profit is set at the level of 10 points from the opening price.
Fig. 1
A candlestick, which is marked on the chart with the period M1 meets the requirements for opening long positions (Fig1).
The following conditions can be used as a signal for open…
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Hi pip makers, in this Article I am gone an explain one of my simple but effective and my favorite strategy.
I like simple strategy same time hate complicated one because it creates lot of confusion while entering and existing the market so I always prefer to use simple two or three indicators to make any of my strategy and hate to see full of indicators in my trading chart.
I believe myself more than anyone else and always stick to my strategy, if my strategy doesn’t make good profit still I won’t do frog jump without back testing and experiment with 1:1 leverage by documenting all the experimental results.
Why i don't do frog jumps?
I would like to illustrate with an example for more clarity. Let’s Consider a blind man walking on the same road every day, Initially he may get confuse for couple of days but once he became familiar with road he can easily walk on the road without any problem because he have analysed all the objects and its positions in his mind and made the imagination road in his mind so that he can tell where is up and down in the road without seeing. That’s the power of revision so I am applying the same formula here. If we practice the same strategy for a while…
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vap61 19 Dec.

автору лайк за проделанную работу,терпения и удачи в торговле))))

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weagull 22 Dec.

good luck

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Yuliya_N 22 Dec.

Nice article

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Dear Dukascopy community. I stated trading in smaller timeframes. Wanted to test scalping. So far it was working. In addition, i want to share it with you. We will need to setup our chart first. I will explain systematically.
Our setup:
  1. We need to add 55 sma and 144 sma.
  2. Then add Bollinger Bands. Setting will be 21 for period and 2 for deviations.
  3. After that, we add Stochastic. Settings will be 8 for period and 3 for both sma.

How we trade?
Rulse 1: Trend is your friend!

144 SMA and 55 SMA are for following general trend. Yes, I know that we try to be smarter than everyone and catch the trend reversal but let us be realists and just keep following trend. When slow sma is above fast sma then we have declining trend. However, if fast sma is above the slow sma then market is in rising trend. We are prefer sharp trends. Sharper than 40degree is better.
We will look into Bollinger’s central and lower Bands in rising trends and upper and central bands for declining trends. Central band of Bollinger have to be above 55 sma and rising for us to think about buying in rising trend. In a declining trend central band and have to be below 55 sma.
Stochastic indicator will h…
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zss 30 Sep.


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LS92 30 Sep.

good work

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Vlad_55 30 Sep.

Достойная работа!

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Klaudia25 30 Sep.

great article

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mcrakqjt 3 Jan.

Buen artículo

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Scalping strategies. Scalping strategies are based on the principle that we need to maximize more profits from the Forex market for a minimum period. In trading in this strategy, even a certain portion of the time is taken as a result of 1 and 2. Trading is mainly undertaken in 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and rarely 1 hour time-frames. Scalping trader should have solid nerves and in no case should turn off the rules of the chosen strategy. As for profit, these strategies are of prime importance. Let's assume you take only 10 points per day. Standard lot eur / usd (euro / dollar) The cost of 1 lot is 10 USD, therefore 10 points are 100 dollars. 100 dollars a day, you agree with a good result, but ... there are many but who do not take 100 dollars a day but we will lose it.
Financial markets are known for a lot of scalping strategies that are successfully used by forex traders.
Mega scalping with the principle This strategy of Forex is described by the well-known trader, Stanislav Grebenshikov's book "Форекс и мы". It is a very interesting and effective strategy.

1. Foreign exchange pairs: EUR / USD; Half Freemium: M30 (though it is permissible for larger intervals…
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wind87 21 Aug.

mermaid  благодарю

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wind87 21 Aug.

AleX1997  спасибо большое *)

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sharpsense 22 Aug.

well done;)

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Sanju777 24 Aug.


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Lucky_MAN 25 Aug.


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All of us would want to be able to beat the market at its game. I set out to study the patterns of candlesticks on any currency pair and I realized that on the one minute candlestick or any time-frame of candlesticks, you will never find twenty consecutive candlesticks without having at least two candlesticks of the same color coming right after each other. I then started to think of a way to figure out how to profit from that proven fact.And the answer was, the martingale system. Yes you heard me right, the martingale system. Don't go away yet, read on and see how you can do it at the same time eliminating risk.
As you can see on the image,the market most probably continues in its direction as the famous quote says, "The trend is your friend." The probability of having two green candlesticks coming one after the other is greater than the probability of two consecutive candlesticks with different colors. When I carried out my research I realized that at most, only ten consecutive candlesticks followed the pattern red, green, red green or vice versa. That is what made me come to the conclusion of a twenty candlestick system as that pattern can never be found over twenty candlestick…
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RahmanSL 2 June

Good System

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jertak 2 June

thanks guys

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mcquak 3 June

Are you trading this system?

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neoGe 4 June

sounds tantalising, let me try!

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anna_n 12 June


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I don’t set on my trading desk, before asking:

  1. Trading Psychology.

What is my appetite for trading? Do I feel aggressive, or patient?
do I want 20 trade in a day or I’m happy with 1 trade in the day but I wanna make sure that one is good
What is my state of mind? Am I in a revenge trading and Trying to recover my Losses Back?
After a loss I just accept that the money’s gone, I Take a break, then come back and analyze what went wrong, and I never trade in a hurry to win back the money I’ve just lost, because this leads to the worst kind revenge trading.
Am i getting greedy ((excessive desire))?
If so, I decrease the trading volume or I abstain from trading.
2. Check my balance.

How much should I risk on each trade? How many pips am I risking per trade? What is my average profit target per trade?
At this point of my checklist I calculate how much I should risk on each trade. a stop order being executed should equate to less than 1 or 2% of loss on my account
3. Identify Market conditions

  • First i check if the day is active
How many reports are there today? Where the flow of money is gonna be? Is the flow of money on EUR? JPY?
Which give me a sense not of the direction…
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great article!

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hossamgabr 24 Feb.


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miriam1313 28 Feb.

very intersant, thank you!

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andSachs 15 Mar.

I recommend indicator LAGACS1. When its the value of the index = 1 to SELL, when = 0 then BUY. I help myself sometimes indicator STOCH and REGR_CHANELL and check investor sentiment. Really high efficiency. Greetings to all.

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As a trader spending hours on hours per week looking at charts, you start to develop a technical vision which unconsciously lets you see cardinal points in the market, overlooked by the untrained eye.
For several years, I have been following a certain pattern in the market which produces over 80% winning trades every time I apply it.
Understanding the Indicators

My belief is that even a trader who uses technical analysis must understand the basics of the indicator he uses in his day to day trading.
The MACD Indicator

The MACD indicator is considered by many, including myself, to be one of the most reliable of all the existing indicators in technical analysis—when used correctly (which is what I’m here for). developed by Gerald Appel, who is considered a classic technical analysis guru.
The MACD indicator consists of 2 moving averages and a histogram
This is what it looks like:
The BLUE average is the short period average and the BLACK average is the long period average.
When the histogram is above zero level, the currency is on an uptrend.
When the histogram is below zero level, the currency is on a downtrend.
For a long trade, we want the histogram to:
-Be above zero le…
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Hot article! :)

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Yulia10 14 Jan.

well done

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FXRabbit 17 Jan.

Very well written!

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brilliant 25 Jan.

have you backtested this method?

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great article!

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Scalping is hard. It takes a lot of time, it can be emotionally draining and extremely stressful. And if you’re not careful with your risk control scalping can ruin your trading account. But there’s a time and place for every trading style and sometimes scalping should be your system of choice.
You Need Rules!
Scalping requires a quick mind and fast fingers. You need to have rules for both entries and exits, as well as for your risk management (more on this below). These rules need to be clear, simple and easy to follow. There must be no room for second-guessing yourself or thinking too much. In scalping, there’s just no time to analyse the charts to death and you can’t work out a plan after you enter.
Setting Up Our Charts
Time to setup our charts. My one minute system uses three indicators, two moving averages and one oscillator. For the Moving Average click on ‘Add Indicator’ in your J-forex platform, then open the ‘Overlap Studies’ folder and pick ‘MA - Moving Average’ from the list. The default values here are Simple Moving Average applied to the closing price, so you only need to change the initial value from 30 to 25. Now repeat the same process and add a second SMA with a v…
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miriam1313 Enju OlgaBLR Thank you ladies!

fxsurprise8 avatar

As always, I'm open to any questions you guys might have.

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seemed excellent, good luck

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Yulia10 14 Jan.

very interesting

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well done!

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1. What drives the pair?
One of the important fundamental factors driving the pair is safe haven versus yield search. We must remember though, that New Zealand is not a high risk country! This is why we can see NZDJPY going up sometimes in spite of JPY currency index going up too. Both countries are 'far' from the rest of the world and both are 'isolated' as they are 100% insular. Although initial reactions to events like Brexit make JPY or CHF appreciate against everything, after the first moments NZD and similar currencies also go up, as they give better yield while not being affected that much by general pains of economy and politics.
Let's see relevant data for both countries when it comes to trading the pair:
  • New Zealand
  1. Politics: Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy. Constitution is not codified. British monarch is the head of state.
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ak10 23 Nov.

Useful method, Ito new for me.

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Very interesting!!!

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brilliant 24 Nov.

I like those pairs too

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FXRabbit 14 Dec.

Good article!

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In this Article i focus on different and most perfect strategy of doing Binary option or Scalping , our first part i showed u how to use the Bollinger band and William % R and this article i show u some complex setup, but its much perfect giving signal for entering in trade. In this u need 15 min chart setup and we enter trade for next 15 min time frame expiry only. So lets have a look on chart setup and entry of trade.
Setting up Chart :-
Choose the currency pair such as like EURUSD and set time frame 15 min and add Indicator ,
  1. main price chart add Bollinger band (20,2)
  2. RSI value(7) ,level (20-80) and insert EMA value(20)
  3. Stochastic value (5,3,3) ,level (20-80)
  4. CCi value (14),level(100,-100) and insert EMA value(20)
Once u add all indicator charts will look like this as shown image below :-
Buy Trade 1st condition :-

When RSI value is above 20 and Ema cross Rsi, Stochastic value above 20 and trending up and CCI value above -100 and EMA crossing CCI and price is above Lower Bollinger band, we enter in Buy trade as shown in below chart :-
Note :- Always enter 1 pip lower then last candle close and the trade is for current 15 min candle close only.

Buy Trade 2nd condition :-
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AND avatar
AND 31 Aug.

I am not a supporter of binary options, but the idea is interesting

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rupesh1984 31 Aug.

AND :D its depends on person to person,however thank you appreciating idea :)

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I see this wery usefull. Thanks for shari

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FX90 31 Aug.

Well done

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very useful article

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In this Article i will discuss the strategy on use of William % R and Bollinger band that can be used with any currency pair but better work on Major pair. the system is good to take trade for 15-20 min time frame which u can be used in binary option or scalping so lets have a look from setting up chart and entry of trade.
1) Setting up Chart
Choose the currency pair such as like EURUSD and set time frame 5 min and add Indicator,
1) Bollinger Band (20,2)
2) William % R value -10 and -90
2) Trade Entry
2.1) Buy Entry

When William % R value below -90 and price below Lower Bollinger Band closed we enter in Buy trade for 15-20 min Time Frame, as example given below with attached image :-
2.2) Sell Entry
When William % R value above -10 and price above Upper Bollinger Band closed we in sell trade for 15-20 min Time Frame, as example given below with attached image :-
Note :-
Never Enter trade when price is in expansion or squeeze mode which can be easily identified by Bollinger Band , as example give below on attached Image :-
1) Price Expansion

2) Price Squeeze

Conclusion :-
Use of William % R and Bollinger band is good to use for scalping an…
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Very good!

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kuzmichov1 11 Jan.

Thank you, man!

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rupesh1984 11 Jan.

kuzmichov1 your welcome bro :)

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Elani 14 Jan.


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kuzmichov1 27 Jan.

Rupesh, what you mean 2 cons. loss? 2 loss candles after signal or 2 loss after signal at once?

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In continuation of previous article, I will now introduce some minor updates and the possibility to back-test the strategy to clearly understand its beahvior: far better than any image or personal comment.
The idea and strategy concept are not intended to be used in full automatic mode, but as additional tool for daily trading and position entries.
Updates on "iLondon"
As always happen everytime I use something I tend to modify it in the attempt to improve. Let's start from the setup parameters window:
As you can see it's more clean and straight forward.
Updates done:
  1. The box is just 1 fixed color.
  2. No more breakout alerts. (eventually can be re-implemented).
Basically the code now will simply draw the box in all instrument charts, then can be stopped.

Updates on "iLondon_Widget"

Here's the setup window updated and widget appearance:
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s_amira 21 June

It is very interesting article! Good job!

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scramble 22 June

Thanks :)

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Olkiss70 25 June

very nice

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good article!

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This article is a continuation of "London Box & London Breakout" published last week, where essentially I introduced the code used in this strategy, and how it finds its base logic in the London breakout strategy. So please check it since some parts are not repeated here.
The 'iLondon'
You can download here the first .zip file, and extract the content on your preferred strategies folder. Once loaded and compiled the code on JForex platform, you will have to set some parameters:
  1. Select the instrument to work with. In the downloadable file however, you will find a file for each of main instruments.
  2. Set the opening time of the last 30 minutes candle opening before the session you prefer to work with. So, considering London session starts at 7.00AM broker time, here you will have to set 6:30AM.
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scramble 19 June

Thanks CharmingRimma :)

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Good article!

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