Last month I wrote an article about one currency master trading setup. Now I want to share how to trade with it. We will be able to trade in different timeframes with different styles.
As I described in my earlier article we will need to follow three different charts: Daily, 4 Hour and 1 Hour. I made small changes so this setup will be better for trading.
ADX: 13 – will be signaling trend strength and weakness
MACD: 13- will signal momentum
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
RSI: 13 – will be used to check sell and buy zones, also overbought and oversold zones.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
Stochastic: 13 – Will be used for enter and exit signals.
MACD: 13- will signal momentum and sell and buy zone.
Volume - Standard
EMA 23, EMA 89, EMA 144 – These are mainly for keeping an eye on trend and potential support resistance level.
We are huntin for opportunity first in Daily, then in 4H and then in 1H charts. We…
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Sharpshooter 31 Дек.

Но  помни, что техника и все, что касается разных технических моментов - это только вспомогательные инструменты. Главное, правильный взгляд на сам рынок в конкретный момент времени!) Рынок очень хитер)

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Verona888 8 Янв.

great job!

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Well done!!!!

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good option for the trend

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Hi my dear Dukascopy traders. Some of my forex trader friends in Azerbaijan say that gold is the one of the most difficult commodity to trade. Over my 4 years of monitoring the gold market noticed me many profitable strategy. Today I will show you my gold strategy. I have tested this several times and gain many pips from the trading and I am sure that this strategy will useful for you.
WARNING: Please read this article carefully and test it in you demo account 5 or 6 month.
In this strategy we will use 3 indacator (Moving average, MACD and RSI)
1. Add 4 Exponential Moving Averages
  • 25 days Exponential Moving Averages (color blue)
  • 50 days Exponential Moving Averages (color yellow)
  • 100 days Exponential Moving Averages (color green)
  • 200 days Exponential Moving Averages (color red)

Exponential moving average show us support and resistance, indicate take profit and stop loss. I use moving averages to track the candle and put take profit and stop lose.
2. Add MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator)
  • Fast EMA - 12
  • Slow EMA - 26
  • MACD SMA - 9
  • Apply to - close
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Good job !

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nice work

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l'indicateur RSI Relative strength index a été introduit en 1978 par l'auteur et trader J. Welles Wilder dans son ouvrage New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems.
Dans ce même ouvrage a introduit des indicateurs majeurs de l'analyse technique notamment le parabolic SAR , l'ADX et l’ATR.
Depuis le RSI est un des indicateurs les plus populaires pour l’aide à la décision dans les analyses de prix.
Utilisations pratique dans le trading

Le RSI est en règle générale classé dans les indicateurs dis oscillateurs qui indiquent les conditions de sur-achat , sur-vente, mais selon les travaux de Andrew Cardwell l’indicateur peut être aussi exploité comme indicateur de tendance.
Les zones du RSI

Le RSI est un indicateur borné entre et 100 , on peut définir plusieurs zones chacune donnant des informations précieuses pour le trader averti
La zone 0 - 20 - 40

Un RSI en dessous de 40 indique la présence d’un trend baissier le maintien du rsi sous le niveau 40 indique la persistance du trend baissier ,
Un rsi au alentours des niveaux 20 et en dessous peut indiquer une condition de sur vente , mais c’est une zone très dangereuse car même si le prix est en condition de sur vente des mo…
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very nice written!

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Good article!

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good work

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good article

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In this article am going to describe a strategy that is simple to understand and use by anyone interested in swing trading. It involves a combination of the RSI, stochastic and bollinger bands indicators. Using these three simple indicators and adhering to its rules will help anyone interested in the strategy make a continuous string of profitable trades.
Relative Strength Index
The RSI was first introduced by Wells Wilder in 1978 as a momentum indicator to be used for trading. The RSI is used inconsideration of the 70 and 30 levels which represent overbought and oversold areas respectively. To simplify this, if the RSI is above 30 buy well as below 70 sell.


This indicator was developed by George C. Lane in the late 1950s. The stochastics has existed for over half a century and it has come to be known as the ultimate indicator for timing trading signals. When using the stochastics, a level below 20 is considered oversold and a level above 80 overbought. When using the Stochastics its very important to consider when it is at its extremes to avoid false signals.
Bollinger bands
When using the bollinger bands we consider a signal when price touches the outer band. However…
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great job

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very good

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This article is well presented!

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nice article

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Dukascopy has launched new Touch Binaries contest this month and I have found it as interesting as other contest at Dukascopy.
Here I will write what is touch binary and how it is different from other binary contest and how we can implement one's own old strategy to win it. Touch binary contest is more related to trading as here you can adjust strike price as per your own preference like you adjust target and stop loss in trading just here one limitation that target and loss strike price will be same..
Benefit of touch binaries contest are many as it is directly related to trading. You can open same trade in touch binary which you have opened in trader contest. So at one time you can do two contest. To participate in touch binaries contest you have to simply select Touch Binaries Contest from the drag down menu of trading contests. Click on launch contest platform. Then new window gets opened where you will see screen like the image given below.
Touch binary contest is different from binary contest in following way.
1. In touch binaries you can set strike price instead of time limit and it is intra-day.
2. Target strike price and loss strike price is same which you can set as per y
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nice article

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Friend,its really good!

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interesting and useful.. like always friend!

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Looks interesting! Need to check)

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Hello Community Members,
This time I have decided to write second part of my previous article, which was how to find a profitable indicator. After experiments I have found three of them and I am sharing with you all. As we know, technical analysis is purely done on price action method or with combination of indicators.
I feel everybody wants to be a successful trader, don't you?
My story is like this. At first instance I was successful to withdraw 50 USD out of 400 USD. But after that my account balance went down to 210 USD. Then I added another money to it and balance become 710 USD. Then went long in EUR/USD, which went into loss nearly 100 pips down from my buying price. But I decided to continue with the position as that time EUR/USD was trading near support. EUR/USD bounced back and so my account. After that I have turned 710 USD to almost 1200 USD in one weeks time. Again it went into loss and balance become 950 USD. So process went on as account was in surplus I am successful in withdrawing 750 USD from account and still my live account balance is 300 USD remaining. Now I am planning to grow it to 1000 USD. Nexr month I will participate in trader contest and hope there also …
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great article!

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LE TRADING AGRESSIVE est l un des methode que connus un grand succes dans les marche financier . et je doit parler aujourd'hui sur ce type en basent sur deux indicateur pluse simple et tous connussent
Il existe de nombreux experts et analystes de l'achat et la vente dépend de ce indicateur sans autres décisions outils
Et qu'en raison de sa crédibilité et sa force dans toutes les conditions de marché J'ai expérimenté pendant 6 mois sur différentes périodes de temps(heur. 4 heur...)J'ai trouvé un grand nombre des observations de positif et négatif dans le travail de cet indice à différentes période .Et si nous parlons du marché des devises et j ai trouvé une différence, même si elle aboutit à simple ou la crédibilité d'une paire à l'autre
on peut utulise ce indicateur pour deux signale
- . signaux (Echo) Je veux dire throwback indice des prix à toucher ou à proximité, et voici l'achat ou la vente par la direction de la paire
- . signaux (pénétration) Il a parlé d'un prix exceptionnel de la moyenne, et doivent acheter ou vendre avec la pénétration ou l'atterrissage de rupture
Il est l'indice de force relative montre…
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Good article

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  • introduction
chaque trader a sa propre manier de trading . certains utulise le price behavior et autre utulise les candle et la plus part utulise les indicateur technique .. dans cette article je veux presente l un de ces indicateur et j utulise personnelment .

Proposé par J. Welles Wilder1 en 1978, le RSI (Relative Strength Index) est un indicateur avancé d'analyse technique. Utilisé conjointement à l'analyse de la tendance, il a vocation à :
  • repérer la puissance d'un mouvement (indiquer si le mouvement s'essouffle);
  • indiquer si l'on est en situation de sur-achat ou de sur-vente.
2 - Formule de calcul du RSI
La formule de rsi s ecrit : RSI = (H/(H+B))*100
avec :
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good article

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The RSI Indicator
The Relative Strength Index indicator is one of the most commonly used indicators in the financial world.
It is in the class of momentum oscillator indicators and was developed by a technical analyst Welles Wilder.
The main function of this indicator is to detect strength and weakness in a trend.
Often used to see over bought and over sell conditions based in its range of measurement from 0 to 100 in its own graphics where 0 is in the bottom of its range and 100 is at the top.
The Formula is: 100 – (100/1+RS) where RS is: Average gains/ Average Loss
Settings: the most common parameter is 14 period
If the RSI is above the high line 70 it is indicating over bought conditions, over there the traders start looking to enter sell orders, and when the indicator is under the 30 of is range is to be over sold so they will be looking for long positions.
The RSI indicator is most effective when used in middle to large charts such as daily and weekly, but because is very effective indicators many average traders use it in as low as one minute charts.
Method of using this indicator: It is mainly used to Identify over brought and over sold conditions as well as a tool to ID…
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Very nice!

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Полезная информация.

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Хорошая подача. Спасибо.

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Well done! The most important is the last sentence! :)

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Good article, trade RSI divergence is successful trade.

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Fellow traders,
This article is about a fairly simple and easy strategy to set up on any trading platform, with high potential profits if used correctly. Even though it can be set up on all currency pairs and effectively give back high returns, it is hghly recommended for the major pairs and GBP crosses. The main reason behing this is the volatility required for the indicator to work and produce realistic results.
Many trades are probably familiar with the RSI indicator, which is one of the most commonly used worldwide. The indicator itself aims to show when pairs are overbought and oversold, which means that there are no more traders left to push the price in the direction it has taken so far. Any more details on how the indicator works would be unnecessary since all platforms have this ready and available to use.
The conventional settings of this indicator are set by default on 30%-70%. The logic behing it is that any pair crossing the line above 70% is considered to be overbought and any pair crossing the line below 30% is considered oversold. The pair by rule will always eventually return to 50% which usually happens in a non-volatile period. Although this is effecti…
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Gut artikel !

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Nice setup! I wonder results of backtesting.

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good luck in contest

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there are a lot of false signals using oscillators but if one can use them profitably then ok.

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Cet article se propose de soumettre à votre avis une stratégie de divergence basée sur les chandeliers japonais et l'indicateur de RSI.

Il existe sur le net bon nombre de stratégies de divergence entre le prix d'un actif et un indicateur en particulier. Ces stratégies ouvrent des positions quand la direction des prix, c'est-à-dire la pente, et la direction de l'indicateur divergent. Autrement dit, quand les deux valeurs ont des pentes opposées au sens mathématique; quand l'une est positive, l'autre est négative et vice versa. L'idée centrale est que lorsque une telle divergence se produit alors la probabilité que les prix changent de direction est forte.

La stratégie se base sur la représentation des prix en chandeliers japonais et deux indicateurs; une moyenne mobile simple à 7 périodes et l'indicateur de RSI à 14 périodes. Le signal est donné par des figures en chandeliers japonais soumis à un filtre; le RSI. La moyenne mobile quant à elle va lisser les cours et permettre ainsi de déterminer précisément la pente des cours en vue d'une éventuelle automatisation de la tâche. La stratégie s'applique à n'importe quelle unité de temps, les te…
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nice article!  simple, but effective strategy

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great and interesting

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Alexander22 20 Февр.

простая и эффективная стратегия

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I traded using rsi several years ago..  good strategy!

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great job!)

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The RSI or the Relative Strength Indicator is a momentum indicator like the Stochastic Charts and is an extremely popular tool for determining trend patterns and deciding on entry and exit points in the market. Here is a strategy, to find the best currency pair by using Relative Strength Index to have maximum benefit by using this method.Firstly, select one currency as main which is stable in all pairs. Here, I chose USD as main currency. The time frame which I used in this example is daily and using the default setting for RSI which is typically 14.
The currencies with their daily RSI are explained as follow:
  • (you can see USD is stable in all pairs)
  • (note, We must consider that, those pairs which USD is the main must be subtracted by 100)

  • AUD-USD = 47.27-------------------- AUD = 47.27
  • EUR-USD = 59.33-------------------- EUR = 59.33
  • GBP-USD = 53.97-------------------- GBP = 53.97
  • NZD-USD = 56.97-------------------- NZD = 56.97
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MaziarE 14 Дек.

we can see the result, in this picture

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VictoriaVika 15 Дек.

Very informative, useful advices were given, thank you for this article! Thank you for sharing some trading knowledge!

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"Humans cannot compete on speed;
it's as simple as that."Ten years ago, John Coates was a trader in Wall Street.Today, he is a neuroscientist at Cambridge University, and spends his days monitoring traders' hormones to see what makes them tick."There are simple tests you can do. When you see a green light... you click a mouse. The fastest you can do that is 100 to 120 milliseconds. Any basic cognitive processing, figuring things out, then maybe 200 to 300 milliseconds.
"The trouble is, the boxes - last time I looked - they were processing a trade in 10 milliseconds, and today I think... we're talking about millionths of a second."Those "boxes" are the robot traders - computers that make their own decisions about when to buy and sell, but a thousand times faster than any human can.When you think of a trading floor in London or New York, perhaps you imagine a gaggle of sweaty men elbowing each other out of the way as they use elaborate finger movements to convey their frantic orders.For the fact is that financial trading has undergone a computerised revolution akin to Amazon's takeover of the High Street.
All the real action has moved to cyberspace.Different algo trad…
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VictoriaVika 17 Апр.

And this one great :)

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good job !! :))

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you will win !

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Great article. Very well written. Nice job!

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a good article bro.. wish you good luck

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VictoriaVika 9 Март

Insightful - very well done!  Keep up the good work :)

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Airmike 9 Март

wow.  very nice statistical sample :)

MobNaga avatar
MobNaga 10 Март

thank you, Airmike, anna_t, and VV!!
Be honestly, this research is not for the the one-month or one-year wonder strategy. If you want to design such strategy as like as the pure gambling strategy for the high-rate currency pairs, you don't need this articles, all you need is the luck :))

Olga18375 avatar
Olga18375 11 Март

Good luck!! And useful article!! Well done

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Likerty 25 Март

I wrote a series of articles some time ago about why traditional tech analysis tools are doomed to fail.. And these comonly accepted indicators, like RSI, MACD, ichimoku etc.. are just useless.. Its rather a distraction from all the info, that Price action on itself gives..

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Most traders prefer to try and catch a turning point in the market; most are not comfortable buying at high levels or selling at low levels. Ironically, these are the areas that have a high probability of trading success.
Momentum trading is a style of trading which focuses on currency pairs that are moving significantly in a particular direction with high liquidity.
Wikipedia defines momentum as "prices continuing to trend".
Webster's dictionary defines momentum as " the strength or force gained by motion or through the development of events".
So essentially, momentum refers to rapid movement or speed. In the same vein, momentum traders are traders looking for currency markets that are showing swift movements in price; and they take positions in the direction of the trend, with the hope that the momentum will continue in the trend direction.
There are two groups of momentum traders;
  1. There are those who trade using indicators that show price momentum
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interesting approch, ood luck in strategy contest.

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nice article +1

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Insightful - very well done! A brilliant article, good psychology tips. Inspiring!
Informative and helpful, also there is a lot of useful tools.

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Just have to have in mind, that different liquidity conditions produce different momentum oscilations

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