Datamining a profitable trading system is easy these days. Just take any decent platform like MetaTrader or Dukascopy J-Forex, try out some indicators and optimize the stoploss and takeprofit values until you get great results. But a datamined strategy in this manner will rarely work in practice. Traders have to be very careful when creating trading systems to avoid the common pitfalls with this process.
In this article I will present the six questions you have to ask yourself when creating any trading strategy. You will also see how I created and tested one of my profitable trading systems, shown in the picture below.
1. Are your trading rules simple?
The first question that you need to answer is, are your trading rules simple? The more variables you add, the more odds increase that the system will not work in practice. An easy way to think about this is that each new rule, whether it’s entry, exit or stoploss increases the complexity by one. For example, say you have a trading system that enters at a new 40 day high and exits at a new 20 day low. This means that you now have a total of two trading rules. Now if you add a fixed stoploss and takeprofit values, you increase the c…
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