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Если вы являетесь трейдером с железными нервами и дисциплиной, и вы легко можете контролировать свои действия и эмоции – эта статья не для вас
ФОРЕКС - одно из самых высокорискованных изобретений человечества в области финансов.
Существует мнение, что реально управлять рыночными рисками, для этого необходимо лишь овладеть навыками фундаментального или технического анализа.
На самом деле, это может повлиять лишь на вероятность благоприятного исхода для вашего портфеля. Но не исключает влияние на него всех рыночных факторов риска.
Риски ФОРЕКС одинаковы для всех. Они равны как для тех, кто только пытается на этом рынке пробовать себя, так и для тех, кто давно знаком с ним. Риски потери своих средств невероятно высоки именно благодаря многовариантности поведения цены. Независимо от наличия у вас навыков анализа новостей, экономической конъюнктуры или показателей технического анализа управлять этими рисками невозможно.
Кроме того, многие из трейдеров на своей шкуре опробовали влияние неких "внутренних " факторов, которые регулярно вносили свою лепту в их итоговый результат. Я говорю о тех факторах, которые зависят не от рынка, а от самого трейдера. Я их сформулировал и …
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Интересная статья

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Хорошая статья!

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According to Wikipedia, An emerging market “is a country that has some characteristics of a developed market, but does not meet standards to be a developed market.”
Emerging markets have been described in many ways:
  • In 1999, Dr. Vladimir Kvint, a renowned economist and strategist, defined an emerging market country as "a society transitioning from a dictatorship to a free-market-oriented-economy, with increasing economic freedom, gradual integration with the Global Marketplace and with other members of the GEM (Global Emerging Market), an expanding middle class, improving standards of living, social stability and tolerance, as well as an increase in cooperation with multilateral institutions".

  • The Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) a design and innovation consultancy, in its 2008 emerging economy report described emerging markets as "regions of the world that are experiencing rapid informationalization under conditions of limited or partial industrialization."

The common denominator in both definitions is that emerging markets are rapidly expanding markets that are not fully developed. The ten largest emerging markets in the world are: Argentina, Brazil, C…
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very interesting and useful!

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Good job!

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very good job!

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If you have read some of my articles and/or comments, or watched the few webinars I've done, by now you probably know that I prefer a long term approach in my trading, and that I don't recommend day trading, especially to inexperienced traders. It is a known fact that most retails traders use short time frames, and they have the opinion that long term trading is riskier, so they stick to their intraday charts believing that they are taking less risk. And this myth of the supposed safety of intraday trading is repeated ad infinitum until almost everyone believes in it. However, that's what it really is: a myth, nothing more than that. _____________________________ ► Trading costs and slippage No matter how long you hold your positions for, there is a fixed cost that is the same in all situations: the spread. And then there are commissions based in your trading volumes and capital deposited (using Dukascopy's fee structure). Imagine that a currency pair has a total cost of 2 pips per order (spread + commissions). A day-trader will usually have small profit targets, lets say 20 pips. So he will pay 10% of his profits to the broker, and likewise his losses are also inflated by…
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You are so right SpecialFx. And some wonder why the day traders lose ...however there is a catch...the longer timeframe, the more difficult is to predict the prices. Great article.

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Nicco 31 Jan.

Amazing...I understand (day)trading can't be a hobby or (day)trading is an expesive hobby!

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Nicco 31 Jan.

I will print this paper!

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Interesting. best of luck +1

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I agree with the fact that technical analysis works better on the higher time frames (at least Daily), but there are also ups and downs for the intraweek, medium and long term trading too :)

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