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On the first Friday after the month ends, two important news release by Bureau of Labor Statistics. One is unemployment rate and the other one (the more or perhaps the most important one) is non-farm payrolls (NFP). NFP accounts for a majority of overall economic activity and show changes in the number of employed people during the previous month, excluding the farming industry. Unemployment rate is an important signal of overall economic health and it is Percentage of the total work force that is unemployed. In this article, I try to show the influence of these indicator on USD index return based on portfolio analysis.
Portfolio analysis,
portfolio analysis means that NFP & unemployment rate data are sorted into 10 portfolios from lowest to highest separately and USD index returns of each portfolio are examined for evidence of anomaly;. Portfolio analysis intuitively, clearly reflects the picture of how returns vary with the characteristic variable; however, with this method it is difficult to conduct multivariate tests and difficult to test the functional form. In the picture below, basket is NFP or unemployment rate and eggs are USD index return.
In this researc…
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  • Introduction.
On 31st July this year Dukascopy Bank announced on the main page in news section that has received a Securities Dealer License, issued by FINMA, and therefore will extend the scope of financial instruments offered on its trading platforms with CFD instruments (Contract for Difference) on a wide range (about 200) of underlying assets, like major indices, stocks and commodities which are programmed to be lunched soon.
Having this in mind and the fact that I have 3 years experience in CFD trading, I have decided to write this article which is the first in a long series that will come, having as main topic CFDs and everything that you need to know about them. In this article I will present basics like what are CFDs?, why they exist? ,trading possibilities and some main advantages.

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Metal_Mind 19 Nov.

3. The minimum margin requirement is very low comparing to a traditional aquisition of stocks or future contracts which will require you to have all the margin and a very big account in order to do that. With CFDs you only need to deposit 5-10 % for shares and 1 % for indices. See the example at Potential Return section above.!!
4. CFDs are also tax eficient , are exempt from stamp duty which applies in UK
5.CFDs have very low commision and it is very cheap to trade them which find them very attractive for the little investor.

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Metal_Mind 19 Nov.

@rokastlu : You will sure find a place for them in your trading portofolio.!

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Guys, these are the two R's that matter the most in financial markets the Risks & the Returns. The Returns keep us glued to it and the Risks keep us far and away. There is a general thumb rule, higher Risk = higher Return. It is as if both are born twins always attached, inseperable.Let us just dwell on this subject and see if high risk actually turn into high returns. Well if you deposit your money in banks, you will get an assured low return, but if you trade with it in the markets which is more risky, the returns can be exponential.In the markets if you use high leverage, the risks increase so do the returnsTill now the case is strong with the saying., but let us see what are the other things which go against it.
Using a bad broker/bank just because their charges/brokerage is low will mostly make you lose your money. You get what you pay for. Here higher risk will mostly mean no return.Taking counter trend enteries. This is the worst kind of risk you can take, trying to find the tops and the bottoms, because when trading against the trend, the moves can you surely surprise from nowhere.Going in for low volatile stocks, because the moves can be really fast there. Reme…
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mielec 22 Dec.

This is your first article. Good luck!

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- You have to establish your REWARD/RISK ratio in PIPS, depending on SL and TP of the Trade
- If Reward/Risk Ratio is Higher then 1,5 you cand afford a WINN/LOSS Ratio bellow 50%.
Check out my 12 solution to Discipline your Trading decisions, 12 Steps to Make a Trade +!

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See the performance of my strategy for this month @

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we already know that can make people rich suddenly and broke immediately, but did you know that the strategy I use is a strategy that can make people rich within 1 week. low risk high return with little risk we can recoup in a short time. This strategy of using the manual method of trading, scalping. This is a direct example of my trading you can access: click here Starting with me uploading this article Scalping is a quick way to get profit. by taking a few pips and a short time. it's just that not everyone can.and not all brokers can be used for scalping methodif you think you have this power, then you can make a small profit with no risk of losing a large amount. The risk here is limited by the speed that you can to make your transaction. Unfortunately, scalping strategy also calls for significant funding. However, on most platforms you can use the leverage that allows you to access at low prices. Be careful however not to start with too much leverage. Prefer low leverage will increase gradually. Now let us see how the forex scalping. First membuka.Diberikan at least 100 000 units. Within minutes you can get a small amount of money provided to cover your position quickly, even i…
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rasbehari 16 Dec.

rich in 1 week.... which week is this if you?

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Define rich? "RICH" mean you can buy what you want and a little more ;)

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be careful trading with indicators, I use them only for confirmation of my price action analysis signals. See what I mean in my week-end analysis and tell me your opinion. +!

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