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Pivot points are a darling to most traders and are undoubtedly one of the most popular technical tools used by Forex traders, regardless of their level of experience in the markets. Essentially pivot points are a price level which indicates the market’s sentiment or direction.
This article seeks to unpack the pivot points and how they can be of use to traders. This will be done through defining what pivot points and the calculation thereof and how the various pivot point types can be of use to the trader.
What are Pivot Points?

Pivot points can be defined as a technical analysis indicator used to determine the overall trend of the market over different time frames. It can be put simply as benchmarks that traders use to get a feel for the way the market is moving. A bearish sentiment is formed when the price goes below the pivot point level, and in contrast, the bulls are in play if the price goes beyond the pivot point level.
Support levels are levels where the price tends to find support as it falls. That is, the price at which it is more likely to "bounce" off this level rather than break through it. However, in the event of a break through, by an amount exce…
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Hello Community Members, this is my very first article. So, I want to start with the basic strategy which is the base of the Forex trading. The following pivot point trading strategy has been around for a long time. It was originally used by floor traders. This was a nice and easy way for floor traders to have an idea of where the market was going during the course of the day using just a few basic calculations. The pivot point is defined as the level at which the market direction changes for the day. Using some simple math and the previous day's high, low and closing prices, a series of points are set. These points can be critical support and resistance levels. The pivot level, support and resistance levels calculated from those prices are collectively known as pivot levels.
The Pivot is the point around which market moves

Every day, the market you are following has an open, high, low and closing price for the day (some markets, such as the Forex market, are open 24 hours, but we generally use midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as the open and close time). This information basically contains all the data you need to use pivot points. The reason pivot points are so popular is tha…
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хорошая статья

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Good work

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Hi pip makers, in this Article I am gone an explain one of my simple but effective and my favorite strategy.
I like simple strategy same time hate complicated one because it creates lot of confusion while entering and existing the market so I always prefer to use simple two or three indicators to make any of my strategy and hate to see full of indicators in my trading chart.
I believe myself more than anyone else and always stick to my strategy, if my strategy doesn’t make good profit still I won’t do frog jump without back testing and experiment with 1:1 leverage by documenting all the experimental results.
Why i don't do frog jumps?
I would like to illustrate with an example for more clarity. Let’s Consider a blind man walking on the same road every day, Initially he may get confuse for couple of days but once he became familiar with road he can easily walk on the road without any problem because he have analysed all the objects and its positions in his mind and made the imagination road in his mind so that he can tell where is up and down in the road without seeing. That’s the power of revision so I am applying the same formula here. If we practice the same strategy for a while…
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автору лайк за проделанную работу,терпения и удачи в торговле))))

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One of the reason, I love to write articles in dukascopy contest, is to instill deep rooted habit by way of seemingly right knowledge passionately. So that even in my deep sleep I click right buttons. In that effort today’s article is about Trends in Forex market. I myself am a scalper and now I am trying to develop into trend following scalper. In that sense I am trying how to identify and when to enter. Broadly this article will help people who are doing Trend trading. So let’s begin.
What is trend

  • The trend is simply the general direction of market.
  • Markets don’t generally move in a straight line but are characterized by series of Zig-Zags.
  • It is direction of those peaks and troughs that constitutes the market trend.
Trend Direction

  • An uptrend is a series of successively higher peaks and troughs.
  • A downtrend is just the opposite, a series of declining peaks and troughs.
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Interesting reading. Enjoyed it.

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Good work. Simple for understanding,

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Excellent piece of writing.

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I am writing an article about one of my new strategy for part time traders and for lazy traders like me, which is of long term strategy with very low risk but with more reward. Please read how to prepare the sandwich and taste it and let me know the taste of it by providing feedback which is very important for me.
Before going to my strategy I want to ask couple of questions for all of you traders:
1. Are you part time trader/lazy trader?
2. Don’t know much about fundamentals/ microeconomics and technical analysis?
3. If you can’t assess all the news or any political drama of different countries and it's impacts.
4. You don’t know the future direction of the pair?
If you say YES, for all my questions then you will fall in love with my strategy and my request is at least once taste it in demo account.
Pre-steps before making yummy sandwich:

1.You need to consider the pair where the pair is moving in the range for example I am taking USD/JPY pair to explain my strategy.
2. I think all the traders know about the basic concept of Forex trading irrespective of full time or part time or lazy trader. You must me thinking now what it is, you know I am just talking about support
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Hello everyone,
Today I am going to share with you a very simple yet very effective method of trading currencies most of the people know it by the name of Price Action for using this method you need only one quality that is Patience.
The idea is to draw the important horizontal support and resistance lines on the chart. Time frame may be any,i personally prefer 4 Hour chart or above,after drawing the horizontal lines,we will wait for the price to reach these lines and get rejected or to go through these lines and wait for a pullback and then getting rejected.
To draw support and resistance lines, keep in mind that there should be 3 or more touches to the trend line to be valid. You may refer to this link of about placing support and resistance lines explaining very neatly how to place the support and resistance lines on the chart. After the lines have been drawn, we need to wait for the price action.
Price action is nothing but the formation of candles that hint a reversal or continuation of the trend.
Let us say that we see the weekly chart of the NZDUSD pair and find lower highs and lower lows for…
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Well done

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thank you friend . but the technical analysis has intrinsic problem I think. Any breakthrough can reverse and every  rejection can return and breakthrough 

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brilliant true,but its good when there is no news in market or u can scalp through it.but for big pip u need closely watch news and speech.

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In the material below I have tried to explain how can be used Fibonacci Retracement as an important tool to predict forex market. In this article I have included some graphic formats of Fibonacci extension/expension also with Fibonacci retracement and also rules to perfect chart plotting. I have analyzed some examples of Fibonacci retracements pattern in a downtrend and in an uptrend. In this article I have used and combine material from different sources trying to create a start point for those one of you that are interested.
Fibonacci ratios, downtrend, uptrend, support and resistance levels RSI-Relative Strength Index.
Who is Fibonacci?
Leonardo Bonacci – also known as Leonardo Fibonacci – was an Italian mathematician in the 12th century. He was considered the most talented Western mathematician of his time and one of the greatest of all time. Although Fibonacci himself did not come up with what is now known as the Fibonacci sequence, he certainly introduced the phenomenon to the West in his book Liber Aba.
What is the Fibonacci sequence?
Most important Fibonacci levels-
For Fibonacci Retracement (in %)
38.2 -Importa
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good article


great job!

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Oh, good article. I also use the Fibonacci retracements method in my programs.

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Thisi s a exact copy of article available on pdf

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One of the most popular reversal candlestick patterns is definitely a Shooting Star pattern.
Characteristics of the Shooting Star Pattern
The Shooting Star candlestick formation is bearish reversal candlestick pattern which usually results in creation of the top, at the end of an uptrend. So, what elements need to be there in order for this pattern to be created ? It needs to have a very long upward wick, however the opening and closing price have to be roughly the same. Ideally, the wick, or also called a shadow, will be at least twice the length of the body.
Picture 1. Shooting star candlestick pattern (Source:
There are different types of the shooting star, but the closer it is to this basic textbook description the better. The candle can also be green but the effect is greater if we have a bearish candle. One of the key reasons why this pattern is so effective its because the
bears were able to reject the bulls completely plus the bears were able to push prices even more by closing below the opening price. There are two very important additional elements to be noted here:
1) the volume plays a big role here. The greater the volume it is at the highs…
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Вступление. Многим из вас известны торговые системы главный принцип работы которых заложено понятие «мартингейла».
Мартинге́йл (мартингал, от французского martingale) — система управления ставками в азартных играх
Эта система имеет много вариантов торговых систем и их модефикаций. Много споров ведутся на различных форумах какой из предложенных методов лучший. Реализовано множество советников по этим торговым системам. Я основываясь на теории мартингейла постараюсь предложить немного другой подход назвав его позиционный мартингейл. Ни в коем случае не претендую на первенство в такой системе торговли ибо это не граль и как любая система торговли она не всегда прибыльна, а с учетом мартингейла может оказаться и достаточно убыточная. Применять ее возможно только трейдерам хорошо понимающим рынок и его динамику.
◄Основная часть. Постараюсь в кратце описать варианты в которых целесобразно ( на мой взгляд ) применять торговую стратегию. И так перед нами ситуация затухающего рынка. Всем известно высказывание, что на затухающем рынке в определенное время наступит «взрыв» и рынок двинется в одно из направлений ( рост или падение ). Чем дольше период затухан…
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мартингейлом в любом проявлении лучше не увлекаться

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на подобном графике, скорее всего, будет огромное проскальзывание

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@Olkiss70 не соглашусь с тобой относительно мартингейла. Проскальзывание будет ( на то она и  новость ).
Да, и профит  будет если новость существенная. А когда направление не определено метод сам его определит. В ближайшее время ( в новом месяце ) будет волновая стратегия. Рекомендую.

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отличный материал!

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A break-out strategy as the name implies is a strategy that relies on market price breaking out of a recent range area and making a new high or a new low. A break-out trader is looking for situations where volatility is reduced and the market price has formed a narrow trading channel or range; the aim of this search is to establish a position as soon as the market price leaves this range. Such a trader would be buying if price breaks out of the range in the upward direction and selling, if the break-out occurs in the downward direction.
A range is usually bound at the top by a resistance level, and below by a support level.
An example of a range or channel can be seen below.
The logic behind break-out trading is to take a position when either the resistance or support levels are broken, in the direction of the breach, on the assumption that price will continue to move in the direction of the breach.
So from the above screenshot, we would be looking to sell once the support level is broken.
The hardest part about trading break-outs is recognizing the range or channel, because what one trader might call a channel may not be a channel to another trader. So it is important to have cl…
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Currency markets have inherent levels on which selling or buying activity persists. Identifying such levels allows based on historic performance allows to sell or, respectively, buy from such specific levels. However, selling levels can be broken through once many attempts to test the level have been made and the amount of selling from the level decreases with time. Conversely, the same can apply to buying levels.
Reaction patterns on such levels reflect the amount of “firepower” on such levels. As the “firepower” dwindles, so will the possibility of recurrent selling/buying from such levels.
Selling/buying levels are not pip-precise. On the contrary, they have a certain leeway of 10-20 pip depending on the currency and only in very unique cases are actually pip-precise. Movement beyond the buying/selling level and return back are sometimes called “false breakouts”.
The key to understanding the movements towards the key buying/selling levels is the trading volume which leads towards the “significance levels”. If the volume leading towards the significance level is increasing and is significant, then there is a higher chance that the level will be broken, even if not immediately,…
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this is the first secret
today I'm showing you one of my secrets and at the end of my article there a surprise for you guys
my way to support and resistance
we can't deny the importance of support and resistance in our trading life
and here in this article I'm showing you a very critical zones and simply it will help you so much
with your trading technique.
simply i'll show you how to predict the next support and resistance zones that the price will make a step on it.
i use a few equations to perform on the last candle ( week candle - month candle )
and it gives me the next ( week - month ) levels .
1 - pick any candle from the chart (week - month).
2- get the ( high - low - close ) values then put these values in the next equations.
3 - draw the lines in the chart by the given values from equations .
4 - see what happens in the (week - month ) after the candle you picked.
sell zone
Sell Zone1 = 1.1 * (high - low) / 4.0 + close =
Sell Zone2 = 1.1 * (high - low) / 6.0 + close =
buy zone
BuyZone1 = close - 1.1 * (high - low) / 6.0 =
BuyZone2 = close - 1.1 * (high - low) / 4.0 =
constant value
constantBZ = BuyZone2 - BuyZone1 =
ConstantSZ = SellZone2 - Se
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i'm sorry for annoying bud but their is no uploading tool here so i have to upload it on a website you can login with your facebook account and download it or text me on private and solve this problem :) , sorry again.

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I apologize.  You were kind enough to provide it.  I was excited about testing. I should not be so childish.  The tool looks interesting.

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Never mind my friend i hope that you test itt and i would hear from you

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Very interesting

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Airmike 22 Feb.


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Hello everyone. In this article I will explain to you one of my live trade with pair EUR/AUD and I will explain to you my trading system in the range. “Trend is your friend” is ok for me. I would like to open my trades only in the direction of the trend. But what in case if there is no trend? Can I find any trade opportunity in this case? In the range price is in sideway moves. Price establish support and resistance and moves between them. See the following examples with forex currency pairs, all are daily time frame: NZD/USD, EUR/USD and EUR/AUD. All have perfect range for me:
Range is not always bad because for me can sometimes mean a good opportunity for trade. I have a rule: I do not trade breakout of the range because the price may still return. The rules of good range for me are: strong level of support and strong level of resistance and price have to bounce up from support and price have to bounce down from resistance. Not all ranges are ok for me. The best range not have zigzag moves between of support level and resistance level. If price create valid price pattern, than I can trade it. Best pattern for me is pin bar. What is pin bar? Please look next picture with explanati…
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thank u for sharing ur experience!

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+1 Liked: Nice article + clear examples! :-)

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Thank you to all :)

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good one

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"I do not like indicators. I found that I do not need them. The best indicator for me is price. I use for analysis only support line and resistance line and trend line. Classical elements of price action."
I agree with this.

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In the second part of the story will be about the levels of support and resistance. This is all my personal achievements, which I did during my training. Any indication of the only levels I hope you article will help in this case is not easy forex trading.
Support and resistance levelsAt these levels, changing the distribution of buyers and sellers, as the price dictates the supply and demand ratio. Recall the law:
"If the desire and ability to buy exceeds the supply in the market, the price increases. In the reverse situation, when the sentence above demand, the price will go down. "
Does not really react to price support and resistance levels, and traders. The big players just concentrated on them their orders, waiting for the price breaks the next frontier. In this case, the levels are reversed.
If one day the majority of the big players decide to urgently close a deal to buy and start selling, the market will fall sharply. Thus, it becomes clear that these levels do not affect the situation in the market, but rather demonstrate the balance of power.
Next we will focus on the false breakouts and rebound.
Sooner or later, the market is changing. Price, pausing in the channel,
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What's not to whom art is not useful?
I thought that would be more interested in this topic.

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dear Konstantin, thanks for such a valuable article. 

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Dear friends, probably more articles will not be as dukaskopi not like my English, and they are removed.

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Introduction :
My first thoughts on Forex were that it is driven by hydraulics - pressure. I am a technical trader and have maintained this standing and built my practice around it. I am sure there are many theories on price movement, however, I shall share my personal view.
Content :
The best way to describe my opinion on price movement is through the analogy of a labyrinth of walls and mazes. To me, the price is not random but rather like a Bouncing Ball arcade game. Each wall offers a degree of pressure and drives the price in a direction. Some walls will offer a lot of pressure, some walls just a little. If the price is coming off a strongly pressurized wall, it might fly through a lesser wall. But mostly there will at least be a pause at a wall, no matter it's strength, although not always and often, if it has already bounced, it might pass through a second time without argument. As the price moves in a direction, it will bounce off many walls, back and forth, until it comes to rest against a support or resistance that is too strong. At that point, it will reverse and begin the process again.
The truly exhausting thing about Forex is that there are so many walls, from the 1 M…
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Also thanks to Olga18375 , Ange_Farouche , Elani ...

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Noyarsh, Neu_spir8 !, leon09 and to FXDream, lupyyyy, Likerty and llolor. Much appreciated !

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Many more thanks to INFINITEisTHElimit for the Genius Inspiration... ! :)

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