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1. Abstract.
Today I want to talk about my trading history with the simple purpose of to share the experience and aim to all who loves read real stuff.
I will share the results of my live trading account before to join the community and demo contest account at this time to make the analysis and track my journey on trading the objective way.
With this information, I will able to discuss and remark why and how the evolution of the results and the importance of trading.
You can improve your results if follow the rules and recommendations, self-educating more time than trading.
In this article, I will share as well my thoughts at the beginning of my trading live account and the emotions among that trading time.
2. Development.
I will create two blocks of information, the first with my initial journey and the results of this job.
Then I will create the second block with the results of contest trading because this is manual trading with community rules.
2.1 Live trading results.
On January 2016, as most people or more like everyone one day I have received information about forex market, an unknown world for me. So I decided to make a research because I don't like put money on magic syste…
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Aviator 28 Feb.

good work

Helena_Prekrasnaj avatar

I like your real, practical work. I wish you success!

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Wovch 28 Feb.

very good

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klintons 3 Mar.

Gut artikel

marina2016 avatar

хорошо написано

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creating software that comes close to mimicking human intelligence remains far off. But strides have being made in machine learning software that can gain abilities from experience. Companies in sectors from biotech to computing turned to these new techniques to solve tough problems or develop new products.The most striking research results in AI came from the field of deep learning, which involves using crude simulated neurons to process data.
Work in deep learning often focuses on images, which are easy for humans to understand but very difficult for software to decipher.However, the most advanced machine learning software must be trained with large data sets, something that is very energy intensive, even for companies with sophisticated infrastructure.
That’s motivating work on a new type of “neuromorphic” chips modeled loosely on ideas from neuroscience. Those chips can run machine learning algorithms more efficiently.That is the hope of an increasing number of investors who are turning to the science of artificial intelligence to make investment decisions.With artificial intelligence, programmers don't just set up compu…
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al_dcdemo avatar

Interesting contest. Very well written. Great job!

agddivisas avatar

thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community!

Margoshka avatar

Thank you)good work!I understood


Thanks for  your encouragement.


Hope to write better , Quality and interesting topic about Forex market Next month

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"Humans cannot compete on speed;
it's as simple as that."Ten years ago, John Coates was a trader in Wall Street.Today, he is a neuroscientist at Cambridge University, and spends his days monitoring traders' hormones to see what makes them tick."There are simple tests you can do. When you see a green light... you click a mouse. The fastest you can do that is 100 to 120 milliseconds. Any basic cognitive processing, figuring things out, then maybe 200 to 300 milliseconds.
"The trouble is, the boxes - last time I looked - they were processing a trade in 10 milliseconds, and today I think... we're talking about millionths of a second."Those "boxes" are the robot traders - computers that make their own decisions about when to buy and sell, but a thousand times faster than any human can.When you think of a trading floor in London or New York, perhaps you imagine a gaggle of sweaty men elbowing each other out of the way as they use elaborate finger movements to convey their frantic orders.For the fact is that financial trading has undergone a computerised revolution akin to Amazon's takeover of the High Street.
All the real action has moved to cyberspace.Different algo trad…
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VictoriaVika avatar

And this one great :)

Julia_Zhulinskaya avatar

good job !! :))

Mariya_Suhina avatar

you will win !

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al_dcdemo 28 Apr.

Great article. Very well written. Nice job!

marius24 avatar
marius24 29 Apr.

a good article bro.. wish you good luck

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Introduction I start to be interested at Forex during my PhD thesis when I read with interest some old papers about Hidden Markov Processes in Economy. As part of the thesis I decided to investigated if it was possible to apply this methodology utilized in areas like speech recognition, Macroeconomy, Physics in the FX market .I found some good articles like Stylized facts of financial time series and hidden semi-Markov models written by Bulla. But the objective was to create a HMM model that outperforms simple technical indicators.So I start to built my own HMM model, I ask to Andrea Procaccini a funny and great Matlab programmer to cooperate to do something that could have interest also out of the University walls. Cyclex We call Cyclex the model investigated. I would try to explain with no mathematical formulas some of our results.Cyclex is an exchange rate forecasting model that outperforms a random walk at short horizons and appears to be robust and efficient over different sample spans. So an easy way to translate could be THE MODEL IT IS BETTER THAN TO FLIP A COIN AND DECIDE. Later we would try to answer to the questions How better is our model compared with the flip of a coi…
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Pirjetta avatar
Pirjetta 19 Aug.

hea job.if ühendada matemaatika psühholoogia siis lõpptulemus võib olla vapustav :)

TaishaRiccara avatar

very interesting and great to see someone approach this in a more scientific manner!

ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 20 Aug.

I see that this article is very popular among girls :)  As for beginner, my advise to you - evaluate your trading abilities and be patient. And of course it is important to have your own trading strategy and keep it. Good luck!

Durden avatar
Durden 20 Aug.

Thx for the suggestion, probably a yoga trainer could be profitable 

bharatholsa avatar

Nice article ) Congratulations on your success in building a running predictive forex model ) I am also very much interested in applications of applied statistics, econometrics and modeling to trading ) Hope to hear more from you on this subject )

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In this article I'm going to outline the key elements of my trading philosophy, share my background and how my trading style has developed over the years. It is based on my +5 years of experience in the market , my own research, back-testing and forward-testing, and also the insights learned from countless books reading about the markets. My trading philosophy is based on my own interpretation of price movements during a long process of trial and error, and also my interpretation of how great traders like Jesse Livermore, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, George Soros, Ed Seykota, Michael Marcus, Marty Schwarts, Nicolas Darvas and many more, are trading the markets.
This was definitely the most challenging thing I've done in my life, if you take in consideration the rate of success in this business you soon realize this is a tough business. Jesse Livermore one of the greatest traders who ever lived noted that:"The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the man of inferior emotional balance, or for the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor." I have to say that my greatest inspiration, i…
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luke1973 avatar
luke1973 22 Apr.

I like it very much i only disagree with the most important thing in trading money management.On figure 3 for account 5000-10000$  trading with 2 lots even 1 lot is too much.With such size of trading you will be out in a very short time

luke1973 avatar
luke1973 22 Apr.

If you use tight stop you need to trade with very small size this way you will let yourself do many trades.It will not destroy your psychology in case you get caught in a losing streak.

Daytrader21 avatar

luke1973 Thanks. Well, trading only 1 lot on a 10k account with a tight stop of 30 pips(that's my case)is just a 3% loss($300). I have to disagree on the tight SL, as this is quite contrary it gives you the opportunity to increase your position size and also gives you a better RR if you time the market right. You're right on the pshichology as your state of mind is an important component for your success

Airmike avatar
Airmike 23 Apr.

Hi D21. I just want to say that article is awesome :).

Daytrader21 avatar

Airmike Thanks, appreciate your kind words.

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With so many new Dukascopy contest developments, I'm not sure how many of you guys have been aware of the Fundamental contest. It has been running for more than a month now and I think that it has yet to receive full attention from Dukascopy community, as this contest has great potential. As a former winner of the Fundamental contest, I think I do have the legitimacy to speak about it and to give some advice to newcomers. Well, you may say that anyone can be lucky for one week and you may be right, but not only that I've been winning the contest but I've been showing consistency over the last month, finishing in the top 5 rank almost every week.If you are a fundamental trader who has an innate ability to predict short term market reaction to certain news announcements, you can show your skills in this contest more than you can do it in the Trader Contest. What does it takes to win the FA contest? There is for sure more than just luck involved, you got to have the required skills in order to have a change to win the contest.There are three main ingredients you have to keep in mind in order to have a chance to win the FA contest: research, quality and originality.ResearchAs per the d…
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Haynes6EU avatar
Haynes6EU 28 June

Great article!I think that sometime trader should stand outside like alifari

Daytrader21 avatar

@Deliriou5 As I have already written that on my article you're right the win/loss ratio points allocated asymptotically. That's the reason why this encourage to make as many prediction as possible otherwise you can get lucky with just a few predictions and stop right there and wait to win the contest. This rule was especially designed for that not to happen and to encourage everyone to take as many predictions as possible it's a one way to make sure those who deserve it will win

Daytrader21 avatar

@FXMagix Thanks for your words but I think you give me to much credit I'm still learning and I'm sure you can learn over time as well. I just have to use the fundamentals for the long term guidance but I think that the technicals are much more important. Recently I have read an article which quoted psychologist Paul Andreassen saying ""People who receive frequent news updates on their investments earn lower returns than those who get no news." so it seems that after all your not missing a big thing:)

Daytrader21 avatar

@ For All. Thank you so much for all the support you are great and I much appreciated that you have been with me throughout this month contest. Without your support guys I wouldn't be in this place, Thanks again and wish everyone a Good Luck for the next month competition

jezz avatar
jezz 9 Nov.

i see many have started using your tips and tricks ;)

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There are so many brokers that are appearing right now and most of them are unregulated ones which can abused their authority over their clients. Unregulated brokers have capabilities to cheat their clients by slippage or high spread. Brokers also know where you place your stops so they might also hunt it and put you out of trade.   DEALING DESK BROKER  - this type of brokers match your orders to the opposite side if there is no match for the certain order the broker will hedge it. Thus sometimes they segregate losing account to winning accounts so that those losing account can be hedge by them so if they lose the broker still wins. They can offer fixed spread because they manipulate the orders however their rates could be different from the interbank rates. Non-Dealing Desk – This type of brokers do not hedge clients account they send the orders to their liquidity providers (Banks, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, or other Brokers). This NDD are commonly known to be ECN and sometimes do not offer fixed spread however they earn through commissions./volume of trade. This could be good brokers but sometimes too much volatility can occur because it is connected on m…
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Livornese 12 Sep.

Really good point!

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 12 Sep.

Good article, good luck!+1

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 15 Sep.

Interesting, we must allways be allert with the brokers, lol... nice article

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apsu 10 Sep.


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