Trading is attracted by more amateurs traders because they thought its easy money but it’s not .
Trading is similar to high thrilling and dangerous sports like sky diving, rock-climbing and scuba diving. if you forget your safety/risk management for a single minute you will hit the rock bottom.
Amateurs dream about earning millions of dollars in short time period without proper knowledge and they will come with their hard earned money and lose most of them. These games provide intense pleasure but it’s like double sided sword it cuts in both directions and many participants ignore the risks and take chances to get lucky but in the long run their luck will run out. Most traders lose because of greed, fear, hope and regret.
An athlete who wants to enjoy risky sports has to follow safety rules. When you reduce the risks, you gain an added sense of accomplishment and control. The same goes with trading.
Successful trading stands on three pillars:
Market Analysis (Fundamental and Technical analysis) and
Money/Risk Management.
I am going to explain about one of the main pillar which is most important for successful trading it is “Trading Psychology” because most o…
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