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In the series I shared my personal insights, which I gathered throughout the years in forex markets. Most of what I’m arguing about can’t be find in popular sources of investing/trading material and there are couple of good reasons for that.
First of all, many people operates methodology/knowledge of someone else’s without even taking thought what is the source of such viewpoint and what reasoning is hiding behind this. You can see in publicized technical analysis of respectable sources, like major bank analysts, but all they show is just couple of trend lines and moving averages. Technical reasoning behind price action is much more complex than that. Really – geometry is not the way to analyze markets, but still – this principle keeps to be pushed as the best way to forecast markets. I guess there is no need to explain the reasons behind biggest players of the markets and especially – market makers in forex markets (major banks) and their need to constantly delude sentiment of the crowd.
Second, when you begin to truly dig in, analyze every pip of the price movement - you starting to get ideas inevitably. And ideas gather in to alternative look, which gets closer to the truth, hid…
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Convallium 23 Oct.

good work, Likerty!

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salamandra 24 Oct.

Lovely series of articles. Success.

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Skif 24 Oct.

Good article, as always!

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Nice :)

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Wilko 13 Nov.

Great article! Timeless!

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In my previous article series “The Hunt for Liquidity” I argued why traditional technical analysis tools are useless and even more – doomed to fail because these are targeted by market movers in the liquidity hunt process. In this series I will explain some price action reading insights that will help to predetermine upcoming movements.
Market sentiment. Often technical sentiment and fundamental sentiment differs, as technical correction is exactly the case, when price moves against the fundamental sentiment. Market sentiment from technical stand point represents the formal trend and it is one of the main aspects to consider when reading price action (further in the article – PA). Make no mistake, sentiment of retail traders and their ongoing exposure produced by various retail brokers have little to do with the formal sentiment. Basically – when higher high (further in the article - HH) is made or long time consolidation is broken to the upper side – sentiment changes to bullish and vise versa. It’s important to understand sentiment (or the formal trend) correctly, because according to the ongoing sentiment – PA must be read differently and different patterns must be look for.
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nick21 18 Dec.

Very usefull

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scramble 24 Dec.

i have an idea about the corrections in trend: when you believe they come large, use tight TP, when you believe they come tight, use large TP! it must work, since usually happens the opposite than predicted! LOL! jokes a part, really nice article! well done!

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CJFX 27 Dec.

interesting read

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Likerty 28 Feb.

Thank you all for feedback! You can fallow me on twitter: @VenasEdvinas

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dennison 8 Mar.

Thank you..Good info !

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