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Before the RBNZ
The NZD started off the week strong against the USD despite the NFP jobs report that came in with over 70K above the expected. All eyes were on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and more importantly the Top Boss Graeme Wheeler as to whether the RBNZ would maintain its rates or follow the BOE, RBA, and BOJ which had adjusted their interest rates in the week earlier.
All traders were expecting a rate cut due to;
  • The decrease in the oil prices that weren’t enough to push the inflation higher as expected by the RBNZ estimates in June.
  • The expectations of the FED rate hike didn’t drag NZD/USD lower but rather strengthened it.
  • The RBNZ also tightened its mortgage lending restrictions as a possible indication of rate cut.

Furthermore RBNZ Chieftain Wheeler said in the June RBNZ statement that:
At this stage it seems likely that further policy easing will be required to ensure that future inflation settles near the middle of the target range

After the RBNZ
The RBNZ cut its cash rate by 0.25% to a record low 2.0%.
CHART 1- The RBNZ interest rate since April 1st 2015 to July 1st 2016
Contrary to what experts thought, the NZD/USD shoot up by over 130pips within 30minut…
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There are many elements that, when put together, produce a great trader. If you look and read about them, you will usually find three different types of analysis: technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. If you continue reading, they will tell you that if you analyze properly from the technical aspect, as well as take into consideration context of the currency pair i.e. fundamental analysis, you will do well as a trader. However, this is only partially true.
One of the main reasons why very few brilliant scholars can make their way into trading, lies in their trading plan, or the lack of one. Out of many Forex experts I follow on Twitter, only one or two of them have a background in finance/economics. If you ask why, your answer lies in the title of this article - Trading plan. Instead of reading endless papers on how to define your trading plan, I advise to use Trading Contest to practice and most importantly, to learn how to trade in the right way. And that is: by limiting your position size (risk management), defining trade parameters (entry, SL and TP) as well as trying to stick to your plan.
Fundamental analysis

Each and every morning when I go through all charts, I for…
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great work

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In this article NZDUSD will be analyzed both fundamentally and technically and as known nothing is impossible in Forex so different scenarios will be drawn to express about the most probable scenarios with the NZDUSD.
What is affected the move of NZDUSD nowadays:

Fundamental analysis:
NZDUSD is affected now by two different policies by both Reserve bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and United States Federal Reserve (FED) and also affected strongly by commodity prices especially diary milk which strongly hit Kiwi in the last year, finally Kiwi and other currencies is affected due to strong growth in US in the last months which make US$ to be favored.
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good analysis of the kiwi

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A day in the life of SklanskySklansky woke up in a good mood. It was Saturday, and he was going to meet with his friend Pete, who he had not seen for more than a month. Last week he got a lot of positive emotions and a few thousand pounds earned through RBNZ, that lowered the percent rate just on time for Sklansky. He sold the New Zealand dollar half an hour before the event started. On the top of it, Greg earned 100 pounds on Binary Options by opening the Put option in the same pair. Recently Greg developed an interest in binary options, and he did not have to find a new broker to trade, as his Forex broker could open an account through options. Moreover, the Binary Trader platform, which Greg installed on his smartphone, was very convenient and easy to use even for beginners.After looking through some news websites,
Sklansky got ready and went out. The sun was shining brightly outside, so Sklansky decided to go from his rented apartment in West Hamstead to Soho by bus. He payed 1.5 pounds and took a seat at the second deck of the 139 route bus. The pleasant trip helped to relieve the stress, that he got during week. After getting of the bus, Sklansky leisurely went to the pub, ey…
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One year ago, the EUR looked bullish as ever as many expected EURUSD to reach 1.50's and beyond. It was in July of last year that it had started it's initial descent, which has continued right throughout the past year.
Last year I wrote an article titled A Comprehensive Fundamental & Technical Analysis on EURUSD (Please click the link to read). It outlined some of the reason we could see some downside in the pair.
Euro Outlook
In the previous article, we looked at fundamental factors, such as inflation. In fact, this graph was posted in that exact article.
Figure 1 - Euro Inflation as of July 2014 - hovering at 0.5%

Since then, we have seen the ECB Implement several measure including rate cuts and QE. The main argument for the July 2014 article was that the Eurozone was facing a period of disinflation. Let's see how it is doing today.
Figure 2 - Euro Inflation as of July 2015 - Down 0.3% from July 2014

How is it possible that after all of ECB's efforts, we are sitting at an even lower inflation rate? Well in all fairness, inflation is a global concern at the moment which has been fueled by a sharp drop in oil prices. At the same time, EUR is one of the few currenc…
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Very good work +1

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Very interesting article giving some ideas for trades and the reasons behind it!

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Although the past trading week provided us with some crazy moves, it did a lot more than that. The EUR/USD formed a nice range, a break of which should produce a sustained move either up or down. The pair closed the week at 1.3003, practically unchanged, down only 8 Pips from the previous week’s close. Please look at the 4 Hour chart below. The yellow rectangle marks the range the Euro has settled into the past 2 weeks. The low of the range is at 1.2954, the high is at 1.3160. A sustained break of either the low or the high should provide us with a nice directional move. However, taking into account the fact that the EUR/USD has been in a sustained downtrend since the start of February, a break to the downside is a lot more likely. Let’s look at the bigger picture on the Daily Chart. NFP Surprises to the Upside, Risk Assets Selloff The chart above shows that the single currency has been in a sustained downtrend since marking a swing high of 1.3710 on February 1. It reached a low of 1.2954 last week, on the back of the important US jobs report. The report came in lot better than expected, printing a gain of +236,000 jobs versus an expected gain of +162,000. The revisions lowered las…
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Efegen 11 Mar.

Thank you for conforming my view. Just a little thing your title has typing errors.

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Yeah, I saw that and tried to edit it, but it still got posted for some reason. Lets see how the week plays out, Monday was a dud :P

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good one and nice review

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2980'ties area will be important for the rest of the month as these are important monthly levels. although I think euro will bounce from here for the last time (in upcoming days/weeks) before major bearish continuation which will be inspired by first strong QE ending signals and/or some major risk event..

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Now it seems it is going go lower!

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