Review of last week
Last week began with the BOJ meeting minutes which was not volatile for the yen pairs and we got the conclusion that the economy of Japan improving gradualy, however it did not help the yen to be held in relation to other currencies and was the weakest currency in the last week among the majors. In the EU we had weak data particularly in the industrial production and GDP of EU, which was below expectations, while perhaps the only positive point was that Germany had somewhat better than expected inflation and trade balance that far exceeded expectations. Also, the euro was one of the weakest currencies and compared to usd fell and broke through some key supports.
On Thursday we had the BoE, pound was very choppy but after expectations of lower inflation and moderate dovish stance of Carney continued to decline. Rise of oil prices in the last week did not help commodity currencies and they were all in the red compared to usd. Based on the above, we conclude that the US dollar was the strongest currency in the last week after a week of declined from the low this year.
This week we will analyze one of the commodity currency compared to usd which is now in a very st…
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