The loonie against the US dollar is at it's weakest level since September 2004. The USD/CAD is trading below the 1.32
It has been on an uptrend since 2011. Althought there have been some periods of substantial depreciation, the long term
upward direction remains. Since the end of 2012 the appreciation has been accelerating and the upward trend line has beenchanging into a steeper and steeper one. Currently it is moving along a very steep upward trend line. Once it breaks the 1.32 resistance level, further appreciation may be quite strong. This scenario seems quite possible as many investors are expecting US rate hike in September, but will it actually take place then?
With the rate hikes in the US very probable in the upcoming months, or even in September, it may seem that we shouldexpect the USD/CAD to be appreciating inevitably. However, actually this currency pair may prove to be the barrier
to earlier rate hikes and may actually impact the decision and lead to a postponement of the rate hikes in the US. Fed
chairwoman Janet Yellen has stated recently that she expects the impact of the strong dollar on the US economy to
lessen with time. However, this has not taken place…
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