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Trading-Tactical Approach The major distinction between pro traders and others are deeply associated with their trading approaches. Depending on the approach some will grow up as pro trader and some will go to the paths of gambling. Unfortunately, there is tremendous tendency for people to want to follow a guru, or anyone who speaks with authority instead of developing their own skills and without awareness they fall to the latter category. So, I will share with you my experience of how I am developing my skills (I must say that I am still on learning curve). “House Building” is my concept to build competitive edge in trading business. (Figure 1) The principle of gaining skill in trading is a like building house. You need strong foundation, floors, walls, pillars, windows, ceiling and roofs. The “House Building” concepts I used will provide you with a powerful idea on trading methodology. Your intra-day decisions will be better timed and you will have more confidence when you use all of these tools. Figure 1. Trading House Foundation-Discipline. You must have a strong base for a profitable structure. To build base in the trading is the discipline (the foundation). Without build…
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The forex market is a constant battle between bulls and bears. There is wise saying that “Bulls make money, bears makes money but pigs are slaughtered”. If we do not implement strategic trading considering all the risks, having proper money management and mastering own psychology then the result will be obvious. I often note that in ranging market, one particular strategy always works. It is called “False breakout strategy”. In this article, I will illustrate how I used this strategy. False breakout strategy is based on the major support and resistance levels.
Time Frame and Currency Pair
The false breakout strategy can be implemented in any time frame and any pairs, but for this example, I took 4 hours candlestick chart on USD/SEK currency pairs. This means that each candle on the chart represents 4 H of price movement.
Strategy Concept
In ranging market, the price often reverse after an attempt of false breakout around the resistance or the support levels. This happens because of the buyers and sellers are in hesitant state of mind at tricky levels. (Figure 1 equilibrium condition). Figure 1. In ranging market, equilibrium condition prevai
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does it work with majors

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Yes, it is the same

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