Hello every one
I am sure that you have read or heard about this secret somewhere before but it was among some useless materials like indicators or other tips that would make this great invalid to you.
I have discussed this before in other websites in a way that readers find out how to use it by their own. Now I am going to say it as clear and obvious as it is possible.
Psychologists say that less than 20% of people read scripts more than 15 line.
That is why I am going to say the Master secret first and then explain the logic behind it! So you wont have to say good job or nice article without reading it
That Holy Grail is Timing.

Now let us see how do these successful traders use it? (Most of them!)
They do not use indicators or these available systems, just raw chart with key S/R lines to understand the price action and candle patterns. And some of them use other technics but almost all of them share this Timing schedule as their Master secret. And when they share their trading system they say it like it is as important as using S/R levels or indicators of their system is, nothing more. And they have every right to do that!
Now lets get back to our Master secret.
After …
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