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The Bitcoin price is extremely volatile and quite a lot depends on supply – demand of the Bitcoin and generally cryptocurrency. More demand impacts the price of Bitcoin, which starts to go higher quickly. As more people decides to sell Bitcoin or generally cryptocurrency – price becomes more volatile and going down extremely quickly.
For sure sometimes it is difficult to predict Bitcoin price, but its volume depends on global international relationship, have been going on in the world, particularly in Asia right now.
Recent volatility is considered to be connected with the major Chinese decision massively to block exchanges, trading operations and ICO already adopted in 2017, which made huge slump and unpredictable negative consequences for the cryptocurrency in the world. Taking into account geopolitical relationship between China and South Korea, including but not limited with Chine’s sanctions towards South Korea, constant sea territorial disputes and final contractual relationships between countries, South Korea decided to follow China in cryptocurrency issues, threatening to ban all cryptocurrency and remove exchanges. It seems to be hugely connected with big investments t…
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Valeria_Lera, технический анализ. Выше $ 10 цена остаётся раздутой.

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Slava_Z 29 June

Хорошая статья!

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wael1z1z 2 July

good job!

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Leonko 5 July

Я тоже остерегаюсь криптовалют, потому что это все практически не прогнозируемо, а значит рисковано, проще просто ее майнить через криптокраны и выводить без рисков, а если торговать то с огромным капитовложением, на золоте сегодня можно намного больше сделать денег

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In the world of trading, you have to be ahead if you want to have the potential to succeed. If you interview successful traders or investors in the Forex market, they will undoubtedly highlight their audacity, ability and knowledge of how to predict the future price action in the Forex market.
But what must be remembered to answer the question?
Above all, you should know that Forex is a decentralized and global market for currency trading. It's the largest market in the world, dealing with trillions of dollars worth of transactions every day. Notable players are central banks, hedge funds, governments, trading companies, investment institutions, global corporations and, of course, retail brokers and traders.
To predict price movements in the market, we recognize that a trader needs to have a thorough understanding of the factors that can influence future movements in the exchange rate of a currency. And to succeed, remember that there is no prediction formula. In the ultimate forex, it all depends on your skills, your experiences and your commitments to succeed.
There are factors you need to understand to predict well. For example, they are: Economic Growth, Recessions, Geopolitics…
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Good job! :))

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owltrade 1 June

Good luck

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Yonggi7 1 June

Thank you my friends for your kind attention ! on my article! Be blessed! I wish good trading for all of you in this new month!

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Muy bueno!

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Leonko 22 June

It's very interest for me!

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This question is not just about the participants in the FOREX market, but also the question of anyone interested in the vehicle. Every morning, you hear the words "oil prices rise, oil producing countries have reduced production." But how can we forecast the increase or decline in oil prices?
Oil, Gas, Gas, Plastic
  • The underground wealth of oil does not have an irreversible particle. Regardless of the place of the earth, man always seeks to acquire this wealth of nature. Crude oil, produced as crude oil, is subsequently marketed into a variety of industrial products. The most important factor in price changes in retail sales is crude oil.Factors Affecting Crude Oil Prices
  • The main factors affecting the crude oil prices are: Increase in demand for energy in the world, production capacity of oil producers, political and social changes in oil extracted areas, wars and natural disasters.
Territory prejudice
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FXRabbit 9 Oct.

Excellent Article!!

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RahmanSL 9 Oct.

Good analysis

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Lovely_bee 12 Oct.

Good work

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BIGBO 12 Oct.

Good article!

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В торговле, для достижения успеха нужен трезвый расчет, тут и поможет математика и теория вероятности для расчета удобного случая для инвестирования в тот или иной торговый инструмент. Наверное каждый трейдер сталкивался с тем, что проведя расчеты и анализ открывал торговые позиции и в итоге получал убытки, хотя расчет был абсолютно логичным и верным. Дело в том что в торговле присутствует некоторый элемент неопределенности который невозможно предусмотреть, но можно минимизировать риски. Может произойти например бедствие, катастрофа, авария и так далее и это отразится на рынках, валютах и активах. Для снижения риска можно использовать мани менеджмент и математику с теорией вероятности.
К примеру рассмотрим такой торговый инструмент как нефть. Цена на нее долгое время была почти на уровне 120 долларов за баррель, если проводить параллель с поведением цены на нефть в предыдущий мировой кризис в 2007-2008 годах, то можно сделать предположение что цена на нефть могла упасть с 120 долларов за баррель до 40 долларов за баррель в 2015-2016 годах, падение до 30 долларов за баррель было уже трудно предсказуемым, так как даже во время мирового кризиса, когда спрос на нефть упал сразу на 4 м…
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FXRabbit 8 June

Good article and thank you for sharing it with us!

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anna_n 12 June

very good!

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Well done!

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al_dcdemo 22 June

A great article!

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In recent years Price Action has rapidly gained popularity among traders for its simplicity and reliability.
It really is so good that many traders have started to use the elements in their trade. The most popular and recognizable element was a pin-bar. Its name he received from the hero of the old tale about a wooden boy, Pinocchio, as a prototype, a pin bar poking his long nose outwards and tells you the truth that the price goes down.
A diagram of the pattern you can see above, the idea is that the nose is a candle whose body is in the lower third, close to the minimum price, or Vice versa, in the upper third, close to the maximum price of the candle. Thus the body itself must be within the left eye. This is a classic case of the pin bar, and these are worth to sell.
Thus a good pin bar has:
1. Open/close within the left eye.
2. Long nose, protruding far out from surrounding prices.
3. Open/close both near one end of the bar.
But one pin-bar will not give you good results in trading. Besides the candles should pay attention to the presence of pin-bar.
Best score pin bar will show, if will start from:
1. Levels of support and resistance.
3. Important reversal levels.
4. Fibonacci…
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Nice job!

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klintons 26 May

Very professionell

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Wovch 26 May

good article!

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Thank you

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Interesting and useful material, nice illustrations and very well written! A great article!

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  • How to use the delta (cumulative delta) for the price analysis?.
    It compares the value of the momentum and correction, that is, the behavior of prices and the delta.

  • Two options are possible:

  • 1. The movement of price and the cumulative delta correlated.
    2. The movement of price and the cumulative delta do not correlate.
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isbar 28 Apr.

Muy buen trabajo. Gracias

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Very interesting....thank's!

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неплохая статья, молодец!

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TaniaS 5 May

Nice job!

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The preservation of value

Traders prefer gold investments, when markets are volatile and dominated by economic or political instability. Economic turbulence has traditionally influenced by the growth in the value of precious metal, as investors assess it's a safe investment. The instability times caused by higher demand and interest in gold, which means an even greater increase in value. These market developments offer great potential for greater earnings opportunities for trade.
"Gold always become more expensive", concentrate on detail and uncover the gold trade opportunities, and how to actually make a profit from it.

Why traders invest in gold?

For a long time gold for traders are very appropriate financial instrument. This is a high-value product, which is not related to any specific markets, countries or some companies. That's why investors sell gold in order to compensate for thei'r fails, resulting from various economic circumstances.
Gold market is the global OTC (over-the-counter) market. New York Mercantile Exchange Comex division and the London Bullion Market Association are the two largest gold trading places in the world. Like any other financial instruments, the g…
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garisan 23 Mar.

Interesting article. I've always been curious about trading gold but I don't really know much about it.

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Ticker 29 Mar.

thank you all for wasting your time on this one :)

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nice analysis

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Good job! Do you trade gold the most?

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Ticker 30 Mar.

No, but i trade gold too :) thanks ahmed!

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When Buyer and Seller agree on both Price and Value, no trade will ever be made.
Buyer and Seller have to disagree on Value, not on Price, in order to make trades. Because there are many buyers and sellers in the world of currencies, there are alway people who value a currency different and so price keeps moving around. If one can predict value, one can predict price.
Fundamental analysis is all about predicting value, while technical analysis is all about predicting price. We can see price moving in the charts and so try to predict where it might be going, but forces we cannot see make the price go up or down. If we could only see those forces…
When observing the way market, volume and price change, we can see similar mechanics in the physics of pressure. Hang on for a few seconds, it’s quite simple.
Pressure and Forex: if i shake a bottle of champaign forcefully, the cork will pop out and champaign will be wasted. So if pressure rises in one places, stuff will go from where the pressure is high to where the pressure is low.
The same proces works for Forex price: if value differs, price will move. And again: by knowing where the pressure is, we can tell where …
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Acko 21 Jan.

Hi, thanks for your article, could you answer the text bellow? I am not sure if I understand well.
To measure pressure you are using volume and range – then you can decide in which phases the market is. If you are in phase of flow, you can follow the global trend, correct?
Can we use this approach also to indexes? Or these markets are not so connected with each other? Could you please also explain in more detail your picture with matrix, I don’t know how the number are counting (why ADX)
Thanks in advance

semperaugustus avatar

I will add the answers to your questions underneath the article.

semperaugustus avatar

Oh, cannot edit...

In each matrix we measure Increase (+) or Decrease (-) of two values. Where values cross, we see the fase that these two values point out.

Volume and Range is one of the three methods to see what fase we have. If all three methods line up, fase is more certain than if they contradict each other.

If fase is Flow, you might follow trend. But if fase is flow, retracement is always around the corner!

I have no experience with indexes whatsoever. So i cannot answer that question.

ADX is one of the many ways to measure momentum. You could use rsi, stochastics, macd...

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anna_t 21 Jan.

like this article

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Durden 26 Jan.

good job

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Archimedes once said:
"Give me a lever strong, enough, and a prop strong enough, and I can singlehandedly move the world"

"Give me a maximum or a minimum of the year's quarter, and I will tell where the price will go :>"

In my first Article at this contest, I wrote about determination of a long term trend using larger timeframes, and signals, generated by the larger timeframes.
"Determination of a long term trend" Part 1
I'm sure it was interesting to some of you, but also, I can see the trader's rising interest to Intraday and Intraweek trading.
Intraday and intraweek trading - by saying this, I mean - when the trader is trading during the hours, days or weeks.
In this article I will explain How to Use the signals, provided by the Higher timeframes, to enter the trades on a lower time frames, and much more frequent with better quality.
***A picture Above, reminds you the entry signals, on a Quarter - period charts, that I have talked about in previous article

I would like to recall, that the main task is to find out the entry points on the market. I will show you how to enter the market using a daily charts, where I will demonstrate, that it is not necessary to wait for a qu…
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Skif 16 Oct.

interesting insight into the market, there is something to read.

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MobNaga 19 Oct.

FYI, Check the open time. I think, Follow-type strategy(EUR/USD) is strong in London time 9, 10, 11, 14, and 15.

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Elani 20 Oct.

Thanks for advices!!!

peachynicnic avatar

Thanks for your article. It is very informative with detail explanation and chart! The 3 methods : 3 Points
Time, determination of most important extremums are very useful for determining the long term trend. A brilliant one indeed! Thank you so much for your effort.

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Archimedes give us an great inspiration example, yes ) Thanks for your article, many useful information!

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Magic Levels.
Price levels in most of the trading systems are the starting point for any trades to be made.
Traders are searching for levels, to enter the market depending on the approach, bounce or breakout,
to follow the trend, or against it, with a hope for a trend reversal.
And each trader is using tons of instruments to find this levels, like Fibonacci levels, peaks
and troughs during the specified price cycles, time cycles, Fibonacci cycles, levels confirmed by momentum
indicator, like RSI divergences for example etc...
So basically, there are a lot of ways to search for a levels to trade.
But a lot of traders are leaving aside one of the easiest applicable approaches,
which is giving most fundamentally, psychologically and historically based levels.
I call this approach "The magic levels".
Some traders would recognise it as a round price levels, or sometimes it called "Trading
round numbers". But there is a difference, which makes this approach more significant.
So with a hope that the article will be interesting for everyone, for a professional and for a
newbie, I have decided to write about it.

No matter what your trading approach is, you will use "levels" to enter the tr
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► IntroductionIn the last article, "Simple And Profitable Method For Trading Breakouts", we talked about finding a Barrier that price has tested and watching it for Breakout. In this article we will discuss a more general topic: how to find key price levels. These levels sometimes get tested several times, until they finally breakout too.Key price levels are one of the most important technical analysis tools. Finding these levels is very important for us traders. Such levels usually attract price to them. These levels often act as support and resistance. Trends may start, end or reverse there. Also, key price levels are usually good entry, take profit and exit points for trade positions.In this article we will discuss how to find key price levels. We will use a simple, straight forward approach for achieving this goal. We will analyze the Daily, 4 Hour and 1 Hour time frames. However, you can use the same technique for any time frame you trade. Some recent charts of EUR/USD are also included, for a better understanding of this method and how easily it can be applied.By the way, this is a very technical method. I think that it can easily be automated. If any JForex (or the newer Vis…
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geula4x 26 Apr.

@Victor Thank you for your comment and vote. Much appreciated :-) Happy trading today :-)

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tgdrela1 27 Apr.

Thanks for the article. I will write a tool for this and post it.

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geula4x 28 Apr.

@tgdrela1 Thank you for your comment. Such a tool would be much appreciated! :-) Happy trading this week :-)

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piter44 28 Apr.

Very nice article, I use price action strategy on my live account and it's what we are looking for in PA. +1

geula4x avatar
geula4x 28 Apr.

@piter44 Thank you for your comment and vote. Much appreciated! :-) Happy trading this week :-)

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My trading Psychology:- I have been trading over 2 years live in Forex market. Generally I scalp in 15 min time frame and it can last from 15 min to 1 hour. Initially, it was tough journey before i met a 65 year old wise man, a Canadian, who mentored me and developed my trading psychology, then I started seeing the price action more clearly in the present moment of Now. Most of the people either live in the past or think about future ignoring the present moment. The reality is, we cannot predict the future because future is uncertain but we can take reference from past to anticipate the future. If you are good and correct in the present moment of Now then you will be good in the future, and if you are incorrect then change yourself, because it is Now which will take you into future.The same psychology i apply in trading. Trading is very simple, price either go up or down, if you are incorrect then change yourself and follow price flow action. I do not preset any price target, I take whatever the market give and then reverse my trade direction. But for many people simplicity is too complicated. Trading is not about taking stress, its about being natural and simple, but most of us fo…
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sd_shariq 30 Jan.

i do not preset any price target.. i draw support and resistance.. and also i see the line chart and draw s and r. and how the price are reacting on it.. take the help of cci ..u will get a feel after some time.. see the 50% area of retracement. and 1.61 fib..It is a visual art..

auto1 avatar
auto1 30 Jan.

Do you calculate fib level in 15m chart or bigger charts?

sd_shariq avatar
sd_shariq 30 Jan.

on 15 min

rufusajayi avatar
rufusajayi 23 July

Hi Shariq,Excellent trading style. I am really glad to read your article,it gave me more insight into price action and reversal points. I just tried a few demo, the result were amazing. My major problem is dealing with low risk. Is possible to teach me how to use a low risk entries. Thanks alot for sharing this powerful trading style.

sd_shariq avatar
sd_shariq 14 Sep.

nearest you are with the reversal point lowest is your  risk. Generally average size  of 15 min bar  is  8 pips. so keep your risk under  8 pips.

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Very important to note :The basis of my strategy are supply and demand areas. Without any specific supply or demand area we dont need to check for further indicators.If we have a supply or demand area we try to find some of the indicators mentioned in this article to increase our odds of a successful trade.The more indicators provide our trading idea, the more likely our target will be hit..... logic ? Isn‘t it ? Bearish engulfing outside bar PinbarsIn my opinion the pinbar reversal pattern is one of the most powerful candlestick reversal patterns out there.If you identify correctly and take the major ones they can produce consistently profits.This single bar reversal pattern is able to earn a lot of cash for you.And that‘s why most traders love it, because it is a single bar pattern, easy to spot, easy to trade.Often pinbars develop at swing highs and lows, this is interesting if we combine it with demand and supply areas to catch the reversal points.Again we can combine it with divergence of course to squeeze all odds out of can find my divergence course here in past articles called ( the power of divergence) What is a pinbar at all ?A pinbar is a candlestick pattern whe…
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I like the fact that you have explained the patterns and you have given clear examples with chart images.

doctortyby avatar

You can use the Order Flow Book (right now we have SWFX sentiment index, COT charts and Market Depth availeble at Dukascopy Bank) to see if the supply and demand areas in your chart are confirmed by the open orders.

litsat avatar
litsat 9 Oct.

very good. Everything I use in real trading :) wish you the first place

Mado avatar
Mado 10 Oct.

thanks guys
@doctortyby yeah thanks your article is so good with my strategy

hedonist avatar
hedonist 11 Oct.

Interesting article Mado. In my experience, people trading the lareger timeframes your talking about are more often trend followers. Do you think its harder to make money being a contrarian on the monthly timeframes?

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On my last article I've wrote about
price levels. I tried to give basic understanding
about levels and how I classify them. In this article I am writing
about “Price Action” levels and how to trade them. These levels
are found not using any calculations or complex formulas. They are
found only from a chart manually.
are Price Action levels
Forex market (the
same as any other market) is driven by supply and demand. If we have
more demand than supply – price rises, if more supply than demand –
price falls. In financial markets large funds, banks or corporations
have interest at particular price – they buy or sell currency. So
they create supply and demand zones. It is not possible to fill a
very large order at the same price – because large orders move
markets. So market movers fill as much as they can at predefined
level and when price moves out of bounds, they stop buying or selling
currency and wait for price to come back. These zones are formed with
stop loss or take profit orders too (basically stop order is also
selling or buying currency).
Correctly found
supply and demand zones always influence price. Even when we have a
very strong fundamental factor, price reacts to th…
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MyiDEA 21 May

good article...

jonas avatar
jonas 22 May

Agree - levels are important thing. But why not use other indicators. Some of then really helps me.

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skaiste 23 May

Nice article. Thank you for that.

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Furian 24 May

Briliant article. extremely educational. thanks for any support +1

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MyiDEA 31 May

Nice and Brilliant article.....

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Hello everyone! My name is Trang. This is the first time I’ve ever participated Dukascopy Trader Contest. However, I'm happy that I'm still holding my position in the Top10 traders of this month.You guys can visit my contest blog by follow this link: Thanh_trang167's page - Trader contest In this series of posts, I will share with you my simple successful trading method. Check out my blog regularly for more info The first part of this series can be found hereIn this post, I will show you how I use Fibonacci tools and other standard indicators inside our great JForex platform to forecast a turning point and make a trade.Let’s start with a chart like this…First, I will add Zigzag indicator for it to show me the turning points mechanically without letting my own feeling affect my judgment.Now if you don’t know how to add an indicator into your chart, it is really easy.Look on the low left corner of JForex, you will see all your charts are located in Workspace windowRight Click the chart you want to add more indicators, select Add Indicator >> More...“Add indicator” window will open, now select “Alphabetical” and type the name of the indicator you want in “Quick filter” boxIn this cas…
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but again, we dont know how far the market can go after actual top/bottom formed. So I hope you can make a post about using stoploss and dig into this problem.

hoanghuy0910 avatar

the best thing in your post is that you've carried it out in Jforex platform. So thank you very much! Keep it up!

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flora1190 27 Apr.

good luck for the last week

flora1190 avatar
flora1190 27 Apr.

hi there, I have a question, are you going to write the last article?

hoanghuy0910 avatar

I guess she would not. but let's see if she will.
I love to read these nice stuffs ;)

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