There is a phenomenon commonly known as naked trading; it means making trading decisions from an unflustered chart. It means the absence of any kind of indicator or analysis tool. Here a trader is only watching what price is doing; watching candlestick formations, and deciding the trend from price activity on the charts.
In this type of situation, an accumulation of bullish candles means the market is going up (Bullish market) while several bearish candles represent a downward price action (bearish market).
On the other side of the fence is the ”Indicator-trader”; a trader who trades the market uses indicators as a guide. Most of these traders have very colorful and elaborately designed charts; the idea is that when several indicators support a trading decision it increases the likelihood of success.
With trading using naked charts, indicators are distractions; because of the bias they bring into a trading environment. With naked trading, a trader is watching price action, taking note of resistance and support,
drawing trend lines to catch reversals and trends.
The unique thing about this approach is that it makes a trader very objective. The entire trading chart is open to inter…
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