This article is about the automated drawing of the pre -London session box in charts, and a quick representation of a trading strategy. I guess it will be useful to many people since this is one of the oldest tools you can find in forex trading, but still valid and still profitable (with the correct setups), and for some strange reasons is not yet coded for JForex! Or eventually done but not published. Or maybe it's me who is unable to find it... Anyway here it is: Cooked and free download! I hope you enjoy and please, don't forget to like it!
The Concept
The first step is to identify the area where market was trading before the London session opening, which comes at 8:00AM London Time. In the following 30min GPB/USD chart, I simply drawn 2 lines where London session starts, and the pre-session range time. As seen, since London starts (in this case) at 7:00 broker time, we are interested in the area starting with the candle right after the 02:30AM until the 06:30AM one. To avoid confusions, remember the 06:30 candle is completed with the last tick 06:59:59 so it's still pre-session price until the first tick coming starting from 07:00:00.
The second step is to ident…
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