In this topic we will talk about the expected movement for the pair EURUSD , Based on fundamental analysis and technical,
Fundamental analysis:
Next week (November 14 to November 18) we have several important news,
we must focus on jobs news and CPI, Because the Fed will focus on the decision to raise interest rates
If released in a positive way We must think about selling the euro In the medium term and vice.
Other news will be a short-term impact
About interest rates, in my view it will be Hike in December
Technical analysis:
We will use the waveform analysis in the analysis,
In the weekly time frame, price is in sideways direction And it did not come out yet, The chart shows us the model triangle.
If the price level exceeding trend line and Shut down the level of 1.0800 , We made sure from the beginning of the downward trend.
In the daily time frame , we have in the chart sideways direction but Inclined for landing,
So we say that the trend has become bearish we need Close down the level of 1.0840 to start selling
but if the price close above trend line the trend is become bullish so we can start buying
Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Oct)
Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Oct)

Core Retail Sales (MoM) (Oct)
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