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Traders emerges and vanishes with couple of months and they go back to their normal work saying trading isn’t for me. Initially they thought Trading is like playing kids game by watching YouTube videos, reading some old/outdated techniques but reality is two edged sword it will cut you from both side. After some years some traders will come back by collecting their hard earned money to take revenge but as usual they will cut and lose never come back to Trading again in their life.
Dukascopy observed above scenarios and their built University (Dukascopy Contest) for people like us who don’t have knowledge and investment on Trading but Why so many Contests?

Trader Contest:

Trading is like one Country and trading contest is like president of that nation, he is the one who drive the country but at the same we need other ministers (Other contests) as well to make a country successful in long way. He needs idea of respective minster to make power/critical decision ( ex: Gold market is going down, what it implies and how its co-related to country like USA and how to get profit from it) in critical time to make it country very successful.
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vladik98 30 Jun


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Vlad73 30 Jun

very good

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cool !

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very good

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Hi pip makers/friends, I am new-bee to the Dukascopy’s community and always very curious to find out the new-thing or updates. I was really shocked when i saw the fun contests in the trading platform, felt very happy.
Dukascopy have different contest like miss Dukascopy contest, poker contest, extreme contest, valentines contest, ho ho contest, which are not correlated to each other. It’s look like a complete food with variety of dishes.
I had a little disappointment because except poker I didn’t feel fun in any other contest and thinking why Dukascopy kept the fun contest? These are not funny enough. I don’t know may be Dukascopy heard my wish and saw one announcement in the community about the new contest called 911 CONTEST .
The first thought came to my mind when I saw the 911 contest name, is it emergency helpline number? no it's not.
After reading the rules i was saying to myself like don’t predict the entire movie story based on just watching trailer because the actual picture didn’t yet start .
CONTEST AIM: Reward the user of the community members for their active participation.
When i saw the contest aim what’s special in these already they have dukats competition every qua…
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Yonggi7 12 Abr

C'est extra! Félicitations pour la présentation!

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AAAnya 12 Abr

Interesting point of view!

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Nattysha 27 Abr

Классный новый конкурс 911!

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First question came to my mind when I joined DUKASCOPY's community,why poker has been added to DUKASCOPY's Contest which is Gambling?
Finally understood the purpose of it by understanding the Overall Contest Beauty of DUKASCOPY so ,let me explain in detail.
Some people have misunderstanding about Poker saying its Gambling but it’s not in my prescriptive Trading and Poker are same so Poker is not Gambling.
Call ?
Raise ?
Fold ?
Buy ?
Sell ?
Buy/Sell ?
In both we have only three options and you need to choose wisely to win or stay in the game.
Poker: Every table is different ,Every game is different , Every situation is different and as well your opponent so every game is new game so you need to play wisely.
Trading: Same as goes with trading .
So better be prepared with your own weapons/strategy for all new wars otherwise you don’t stand a chance in the war.
Poker: Based on set of rules and regulations.
Trading: We will create our own rules for trading.
example: trade your plan ,Keep your losses to less,always use a stop loss.
So you need to be well aware about all the rules in Poker to win the game same way you need to create your own rules to win the game i…
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well done

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i never really thought about the connection between poker and trading till now.  this is one interesting article, Sanju777.  keep it coming!!

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