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Hello my dear readers and fellow community members,
This particular article is a comprehensive comparison between the Trader and a Poker player.
What is poker?
Well for those who don’t know, it is the game of cards and it has many variants but No Limit Hold'em is the most popular and is available on Dukascopy website to play in the Dukascopy Poker page.
For the rules of the game and how to play one may refer to the link here.
What is Trading?
Well those who have joined the Dukascopy community, they need not be told what is Forex trading. But those who are guests here, they may learn Forex trading in the link provided here.
Now that you know what is Poker and the currency trading, let us try to relate the both of them.
Both the Forex trader and the poker player has to go through a lot of emotional turmoil during the action. But one has certain advantages over the other.
  1. In Forex, you have a potential to make much more money.
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AngleRMS avatar
AngleRMS 20 Feb.

nice article

antoniogreenblue avatar

Very good Article :). I think the poker blinds are not the Forex spread, because you have to pay it even you don't play when you are in the table.

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 21 Feb.

Yes, both are very similar

Yulia10 avatar
Yulia10 22 Feb.

good job

yascom avatar
yascom 27 Feb.

Good article!

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The Forex is seen by many traders as an investment and Poker as gambling. However this view is changing. For some time Dukascopy joined the Poker at Community site allowing traders to participate in regular tournaments. In this article we see that the Forex and Poker are not so far, are more similarities than differences and Poker could be a good opportunity for Forex traders.
Poker[1] is a game of cards which is associated with betting and has defined a set of rules. There are many types of Poker with a lot of variations as for example the way the cards are hand out or which is the winning hand (the highest or the lowest). The more commonly played is Texas Hold’em[2] and it is the type of Poker that is available in the Ducascopy Community.
In terms of market building in Forex our contribution is extremely low but in Poker if it is a face to face we are controlling the market. Even at a table with 9 opponents our influence on the market building (Also known as pot building) is extremely strong. This is the main difference between Forex and Poker.
The Forex and Poker similarities

The following topics are the areas where there are more semb[/2][/1]…
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antoniogreenblue avatar

Megajorko, I agree with you, In the short term Forex market and Poker are very dependent on luck (is like a casino). But in the long run the good cards or the good Forex market opportunities are the same for each of us and who have the knowledge always have more advantage ;)

priceaction113 avatar

new way to see the forex trading very good article.

k_morocco avatar
k_morocco 26 Oct.

very nice comparison , i don't now any thin in poker but i m curious , in forex we have strategies with the reward is two time the risk , do we have same thing in poker?

antoniogreenblue avatar

K_morocco, yes in Poker we have the possibility to implement the Forex Stop Loss (make fold and limit losses) and with call, check, bet and raise control the end of game with profit (the Forex take profit). So in Poker is more hard-working than Forex, but we can implement something like "strategies with the reward is two time the risk"

k_morocco avatar
k_morocco 27 Oct.

antoniogreenblue  look like the forex is much simpler than poker ,  :)

thanks you a lot for your response

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I just recently started to play (should say study) Poker thanks to Dukascopy Poker contest. Sure I new the basics of poker, back from when I was playing with my school friends. But when I noticed how well some of my Dukascopy community friends have done in the Poker tournament it prompted me to look into Poker bit more closely, as monthly price fond of 18`000 USD was just to enticing to miss out on.
The 1st thing I noticed how similar poker is to trading and it requires much of the same skills as trading. I guess this is the reason Dukascopy have created this tournament in the 1st place, as at 1st, I must admit, I was bit sceptical as always though of Poker as a gambling game that belongs in casinos. But just a quick read about Poker online have changed my perspective on Poker and now I believe that Poker is game of strategy, probabilities and psychology very much the same as trading. And I guess another similarity with trading is that to un-educated outsider, trading can resemble gambling too.

Similarities between trading and Poker:

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JockPippin avatar
JockPippin 12 Sep.

Trading is gambling ...It's the gambling at the right time that counts .But life is also unpredictable so therefore it's all a gamble :) .

Ivolux avatar
Ivolux 14 Sep.

I Disagree. Gambling is when you know odds are against you, but you still place trade/bet in hope that luck is on your side.

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Poker is a very interesting game; that involves a lot of strategy and discipline. It teaches you how to calculate the odds of success and loss of a poker hand. When you believe the odds are in your favor, you bet some more and increase the stakes. A round of a poker game starts with a player getting two cards (your hand), every other player on the table also get two cards each. Over time five other cards are revealed on the table; the best combination of a player’s hand and the five cards on the table wins the pot (the reward money after the bet).
This is just a rudimentary description of how poker is played. It is a lot more complex, and has some many variations.
Is the game in any way related to trading the currency markets?
Can we learn a thing or two from the game of cards to make our trading better?
Can any card game strategy be profitable in the currency market?

This article will strive to answer all the above questions, and give a practical insight on how to approach the currency markets from a card player’s perspective.
To answer our first question, the basic similarity between a game of poker and trading the currency market is the uncertainty of the outcome. No p…
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fullmoon avatar
fullmoon 17 Dec.

It's all about the "edge" which exists in many card games - It's very hard to find such a sustainable statistical edge in trading. I traded options when there was an edge, it does not exist anymore.

P3tr4 avatar
P3tr4 17 Dec.

A sustainable statistical edge may be hard to find, that is why a trader has to be open-minded and ready to adapt.

CD1V1 avatar
CD1V1 17 Dec.

there are traders who are profitable in 10 months out of 12, with consistent profit. They have an edge, that is why.

CD1V1 avatar
CD1V1 24 Dec.

Congrats, i see you win first place in November article contest. good luck.

fr33m4n avatar
fr33m4n 25 Dec.

CD1V1 she has won many prizes from article contest, but this is the first time she takes first place. Congratulations P3tr4. You are making nigerians proud. )))

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Poker v Currency Trading - for me, there's a very clear correlation.
How many people would regard poker as a financial investment ? . Is it simply gambling ? .So tell me then why forex broker websites are set up exactly the same way as poker sites .
On any poker site you have the poker school 'come my friend,we here at shyster poker will teach you how to play,free of charge, because we nice people'.
On any poker site you have the demo (play money ) .'Come my friend get a taste, win a little play money,No harm no foul ,The real money side is just a click away after all ' .
On any poker site you have the bonus offer ( * Turnover required) . So School ,Demo, Bonus ...Sound familiar !!.
Why do forex brokers spend a whole lot of money setting up demo software for you to practice on and why has every second broker now got several contests where you can win cash ( * turnover required ) . It's all candy for your predictable gullible human nature and your lust for easy money . A fool and his money are easily parted and in this day and age it's just a mouse click away for you to get your endogenous morphine hit that the risk of Poker or forex can bring .
A few years back when regulators …
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JockPippin avatar
JockPippin 14 Nov.

Why is it obvious though ?? . We must ask !! . I thought trading was finance an not gambling . So most people in retail forex are gambling and brokers know it and set up websites like poker sites to entice clients . Have you seen some of the elite trader sites ( no poker ,no trading contest,No Beauty pageant ) .No $50,000 .no entry lol . The high end of the market is aimed at  the Financial Sector . The rest is on the look out for "dumb money " .

MobNaga avatar
MobNaga 16 Nov.


VictoriaVika avatar

Why Poker and Trading is always go nearby? :)
Very interesting article, thank you for share!

Elani avatar
Elani 18 Nov.

you can read my blog about Forex Trading vs Gambling )))

Elani avatar
Elani 18 Nov.

Also I want to say that all those things you mentioned in the comment about contests are for marketing purposes that I would say work quite effectively ))))

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I bet you are wondering what has the trading to do with poker and the African savannah, draw your own conclusions after reading the article. This article is written for beginners and professionals in markets with technical analysis basics and know the rules of poker. You can find a similarity between trading and poker, which more than a card game, is a game of people. It could be written thousand of pages about trading and poker, but is not my intention to dwell on deeper technical aspects which would be boring, in this way I will focus future articles on topics such as money management. This time, the aim is to understand that we can integrate a basic poker strategy which works in our trading. Moreover, I will confess the technical pattern which has proven to me to be more efficient in my experience in trading, I will develop "The trap pattern".
Speculation in financial markets is not suitable for all psychological profiles, speculation is hard and wild, it is very dangerous to get into markets with intent of winning immediately. Imagine a gazelle approaching a pride of lions who are resting in the shade of a tree, with the intention of fighting and winning. Could it achieve it? T…
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Korol avatar
Korol 21 Nov.

Yes, and trade in the Forex market and the poker game and hunting require approximately the same quality: especially strong nerves, strict adherence to the plan of the course well, a bit of luck)))
Excellent article)))

DominguezV avatar
DominguezV 21 Nov.

WallStreet6 in the following article will talk about money management.

Direct avatar
Direct 25 Nov.

Funny comparison. The main thing that the lion did not get from bulls and bears :)
A good article.

Convallium avatar
Convallium 30 Nov.

excellent article!

WallStreet6 avatar

If 90% of the little fish in the pond react in a certain, predictable way, then the big fish (market makers, investment banks) can influence their behaviour easily. Btw- you're late with your money management article- I already zeroed my traders contest account.

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On Saturday July 5, the World Series of Poker begins it's annual tournament. Which inspired me to write this article. I had called my cousin, to wish him good luck in the tournament. He's flying out to Vegas to participate after successfully placing within the top 50 last year and taking home over $200,000!
In our conversation, we talked about his career as a professional poker player and I started noticing some major similarities to my top day to day priorities as an FX Trader. The intention of this article is to outline the distinctions, and ultimately point out the advantages the FX Trader has over a Poker Player!
Poker "OUTS"
The more challenging job of the Poker Player is constantly calculating what is referred to as "Outs". This term is used to described cards that can come on board to make a winning hand for the player, and the percentage chance the player has to catch that hand.
Let's look at an example,
The Player's hand so far is not very strong, only a high card. But if another heart comes on board, the player will have made the top flush, and most likely have the winning hand.
So the outs for the player in this case is a heart. Keeping in mind we are already show…
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Jignesh avatar
Jignesh 11 July

Likerty I think the speed of the game can make it boring sometimes if players take long between turns, but the people reading can be fun.  I'm with you though, I'll trade FX any day over poker.

Ange_Farouche avatar

I was read this article with great interest. I am far from poker and forex trade, but if i decide to go in for smth. this article will be helpful to choose.

Jignesh avatar
Jignesh 11 July

Thanks Ange_Farouche !  If you're interested in poker, you can always try out the Dukascopy Poker games.  They have 2 daily contests and the buy in is free!

alifari avatar
alifari 16 July

Very interesting article, well done

sukeshroy avatar
sukeshroy 21 July

interesting article,when you tired of forex trading then play poker for some refreshment.

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Hello poker friends!Thanks for stopping by! Would you allow me to reveal some Poker Tactics and tips to all intents and purposes? First of all, let me quote clever and smart Mr. Simon Freedman: 'You play the player, not the cards. You're trying to assess the other players psychologically and sometimes you're kicking yourself internally, too. Playing poker's about understanding people. It's like driving a racing car. When you know where all the gear knobs are then you can use your skill on top of that.'And with this I would like to begin "Poker Tactics" with the Golden Rule - The POKER FACE!A face on a person without any emotion is called a poker face. In the game of poker it would be damn stupid to show any emotional traits that might screw the game for you. (A piece of advice en passant: It's not suggested to make a solid poker face when you have sex!) . So, pulling a poker face is an useful skill to avoid giving your opponent any tells about your hand.The main question is: What Style Of Gambling is most effective on the long run?The majority of players are regrettably loosing gamblers who play too much hands, tight players on the other hand mostly play strong cards, aggressive pl…
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salamandra avatar
salamandra 22 Sep.

Good article !!!

mag avatar
mag 22 Sep.

Face of Poker in many life situations :[ Grrrrrrrrrrr

Tom avatar
Tom 22 Sep.

My sisters and granny are poker fans, thanks for article! I'll show it them!

Atashi_Tada avatar

very nice, great job!

Armiju avatar
Armiju 12 Jan.

is duskascopy avileable weekly poker contest??

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      As a beginner poker player and enthusiastic trader, I can't say poker and trading are similar. They simply are not. But we can learn some useful lessons from playing poker to apply them to our trading. I will try to explain how it can serve you to your own trading.Strategy.       Poker is a random game in the sense that we can't control which cards are going next -the same as in trading, you may think. Well, not exactly, because with poker next cards are not directly related to past cards. In that sense, yes, it could be considered 'random'. But a steady winner in poker doesn't play randomly. He has a strict plan, a strategy, which is followed always. Before you start trading with a real account, you should have a steady system, tested for a long period of time, with a demo account or a real micro account.      With poker it's the same. You can't be a steady winner if you don't have a strategy and/or you don't follow it always. Hence, playing poker is a good mental training for your daily trading. Because it's not always easy to follow your own rules. You have to learn from your errors. The most probable is that you will make a lot of errors. And repeat them again and again. …
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yokinfx avatar
yokinfx 11 Jan.

I agree. You should read the article. You'd know then that I'm not equating forex to gambling.
No way!

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 12 Jan.

I believe that also in Poker there is a degree of probability calculations that can be made. But in Trading and Forex the gambling and chance part can be reduced almost to zero. Check out my Analysis Series and Range Bars Charts Explained in my articles.+3 for you my Friend

yokinfx avatar
yokinfx 12 Jan.

@doctortyby Thanks for your comment!

ritesh avatar
ritesh 19 Jan.

Poker and Black Jack are good way to learn how to learn trading at Forex! +1

Tinktank avatar
Tinktank 21 Jan.

You spent a great deal of time analyzing the correlations, time well spent. Well done!

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I used to play poker since I was a kid. I remember that I fell into poker after I watched a movie called „Maverick“. Still it is one of my favourite movies. I never played poker as a professional. Just with my friends and later over internet. Several times I played it at casino tournament in my country. Also during my travel in USA I played cash at local casino. In the beginning I thought that playing poker everything is about psychology – understanding other people physiognomy and almost reading minds. And I was right about psychology, but I was wrong about the way psychology is used. Later, I started to play poker over internet with people I do not know and cannot see. So I read many good and bad readings about how to be successful in poker. Funny enough these books are similar to those about Forex. And there’s a lot of junk – so you have to read and select carefully. To those, who think that poker is just gambling and the luckiest wins I have to say that it is not true. The best prove is that there are a lot of professional poker players, who live from poker. And I can tell that they live very well. My favorite professional poker player is Tony G (Antanas Guoga). Main thing i…
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amerfx86 avatar
amerfx86 8 Oct.

i agree with your conclusion... +1 good luck this month...winner from last :-)

jonas avatar
jonas 11 Oct.

Forex and poker? Never thought about that.

pkinluv avatar
pkinluv 14 Oct.

Some good comparison. Good luck.

demosco avatar
demosco 19 Oct.

forex and poker ;mind games .briliant article .+1

eliver avatar
eliver 24 Oct.

good job.

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