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Hello community members, I am here again with my new article. Which is “Demo trading vs Real trading”. What makes it different? And how you may go wrong and face losses if you don’t make a proper strategy for your survival in real trading. Trading looks very easy to anyone who gets involve in it. You start to dream that you are going to be rich really soon. And without going through adequate practice and without proper testing of the trading system you jump into the big sea to catch big fishes. This happens with almost every trader (including me). I have gone through it. And that big fish caught me and ate me.
Prepare yourself rather than dreaming being rich

So, let’s talk about demo trading first. Because that comes first when you think about forex trading. Everyone have traded in demo even if it is for one day only. There are hundreds of broker around the world, which provide access to the forex world. They provide different leverages, spread, cashback, loyalty programs, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus to attract clients from all over the world. Even for a small trader they can provide a demo account with huge amount and high leverage. First thing to drag you into this big sea. Y…
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MariaSokol 27 July

Like it!!

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A great article!

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Very good article

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In general, people are interested in learning and becoming profitable traders. However, all beginners should think about recognizing the basics before actually getting started.
Indeed, new traders tend to appreciate these tips imagining that it provides a guarantee of definite and permanent success. That's why they want more to know how to set up their tables so they can hurry and make money.
But if we all would like to trade well, one of the relevant question would be:
What are the essential tips to ensure our success in trading?

To succeed in trading, you have to recognize that there is a set of rules to apply. These rules are so useful that we can be certain that they serve to guide all traders (whether experienced or not). This is reciprocal for any amount of investment. Each tip might be important, but when used properly, the effects are effective. Trading with these rules can significantly increase the chances of succeeding in the markets.
Therefore, in this article I want to present some tips that will guide you to the path of success.
Tip 1: Always use a trading plan.
A trading plan is a set of rules that specifies the entry and exit criteria of currency change. A plan is b…
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Very good article!

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Miren 5 Mar.

Good tips!

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kosmos53 8 Mar.

Очень интересная работа

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Прописные истины. Но порой где-то происходит сбой и случается нарушение.

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En général, les gens s'intéressent à apprendre et devenir des traders rentables. Cependant, tous les débutants devraient penser à reconnaitre les points essentiels avant de se lancer réellement.
En effet, les nouveaux traders ont tendance à apprécier ces conseils en s’imaginant que cela apporte une garantie de succès définitive et permanente. C’est pourquoi, ils souhaitent plus à savoir comment configurer leurs tableaux afin qu'ils puissent se dépêcher et gagner de l'argent.
Mais si on voudrait tous bien trader, l’une des premières questions pertinentes serait :
Quels sont les éléments essentiels pour garantir notre succès au trading ?

Pour réussir dans le trading, il faut surtout reconnaitre qu’il y a un ensemble de règles à appliquer.
Ces règles sont si utiles qu'on peut être certain qu’ils servent à guider tous les traders (qu’ils soient expérimentés ou non). Cela est réciproque pour n’importe quelle montant d’investissement.
Chaque conseil pourrait être important, mais lorsqu'on en fait un bon usage, les effets sont effectifs.
Le trading avec ces règles peut augmenter considérablement les chances de réussir sur les marchés.
Par conséquent, dans cet article je tiens à pré
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Интересная статья!

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интересная статья!

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nice article. well done.

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Nice article and good information

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En n'importe quel domaine sur le marché du travail, il faut un minimum de connaissance pour l'exercer.
Que cela puisse paraître simple ou compliqué, le plus évident est que la routine joue un rôle important pour devenir qualifié.
En effet, c'est en s'exerçant des centaines de fois qu'on peut devenir un expert en la matière.
Ce serait presque la même chose au trading, mais il en faut bien plus que la routine.
Comment devrait-on gestionner nos comptes de trading à la manière des experts et des talentueux?
Selon moi, une réponse pertinente pourrait être la Consistance.
Vous avez probablement appris que les habitudes jouent un rôle important pour parvenir au succès dans le trading.
Cependant, je suis persuadé que vous avez trouvé moins d'informations sur COMMENT faire pour obtenir les bonnes habitudes pour la résolution définitive.
Ce mois-ci, je voudrais particulièrement m'accentuer sur la puissance de la consistance et des habitudes qu'on pourrait appliquer quotidiennement pour obtenir un succès durable au trading.
Cela nous permettra de se lancer dans le marché rentable du trading avec des prédictions fiables et des bonnes visées.
Tout d'abord, avoir un compte de trading recommand…
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Good job!!!

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Alisiya 4 Aug.

Useful artile

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great article

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Aviator 6 Aug.

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In this article , I Intend to discuss my view on a trading plan and I am also keen to know about yours so please do share it.
Something about a Trading Plan :
Can you ever imagine a long drive without your beautiful girlfriend ? No , you dont have to answer it . Well I know your answer
Rule is the same in the forex market , here a trading plan is your companion for the long drives. It is a trading plan in forex that makes journey stress free and pleasurable. According to the Surveys taken from thousand of losers across the globe , they were successful to have consecutive failures because they had several Dreams but NO PLANS !!! By the time they realized their mistake , they had already owned a Caravan instead of mansion to live in . So now dreamers If you don't like Caravans it's the time to have a good Plan and ride on life not on roads Let's start building it .
First Step of a Trading Plan:
In the forex trading you would have often come across two types of analysis Fundamental and Technical . But In this article we would discuss the most essential type of analysis , that is " SELF ANALYSIS " . Self analysis is like ordering dishes in any restaurant considering the equation of yo…
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sankit 5 May

Elani Thank you .

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sankit 18 May

Thank you Convallium Skif Omela and @ alifari

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Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood indicators in the western world. Many people believe that is too complex and therefore turn to traditional oscillators and indicators like RSI, CCI etc. At first it looks intimidating due to the number of lines on the chart, but if anyone dedicates some time to study it, he will find that it is actually quite simple and that it can be an almost perfect tool for trading in any time-frame. These series of articles will try to make traders familiar with Ichimoku and hopefully help them to be successful in one the most exciting, but difficult professions in the world. What is Ichimoku Kinko Hyo? Ichimoku was created by Goichi Hosoda in Japan almost a century ago. It is a trend and breakout indicator that besides identifying when to open a position, it also shows support and resistance levels. This is how it looks when plotted on a chart, (if the images do not show right please use the zoom option of your browser)It looks complex and later in the series there will be a full explanation of the indicator together with trend and breakout strategies. This part focuses on breakout, intraday trading using just the Cloud (Sen…
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Likerty 29 Sep.

Congrats with your first article! Thus I hope to see more original insights from new writers about the markets, than yet another single indicator analysis... After more than a year in article contest its becoming really boring seeing same views about indicators or traders psichology again and again...

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It looks quite interesting and insping...

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This article begins a series of my articles in which I will explain how to become a professional trader. In these articles, I will describe methods of technical analysis, psychological approach and describe a system for managing capital. You will not find the holy grail but I will describe the most important elements in the process of becoming a professional trader. Whether you're a born trader or learned one we have to have a plan. The plan by which we enter and close our transactions. The plan that we stick to, because only consistency in action can lead us to success. Trading Plan - Your own trading plan which sets out all the information about position management, risk management, emotional and psychological aspects. The plan should be possible to fully comply with all the assumptions that have accepted in the course of the investment. It should be as simple and transparent, focusing on both the situations when you open position everything goes according to your view, but also relate to the reverse situation. Embracing the opportunity to change your mental attitude, the impact of emotions on decision-making. This Plan must be included the following information: Strategy tradin…
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piter44 19 July

Thank You all :)

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clear and useful article!

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marius24 25 July

how to become a professional trader: be patient, never repeat your mistakes and pay attention on expecations. your article

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drishti 31 July

You have started a nice series of article, however if you can explain each part one by one in details, because all traders who has more than 6 months experience they know these facts, however still they do mistake, so if you can provide ideas how to avoid those mistake, it can be helpful for lots of traders.

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piter44 31 July

Drishti thanks for this advice, I'll take it into consideration before I'll publish next part :)

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IntroductionIn my experience I had to challenge with my lack of confidence; by default, I'm unable to believe in a move: since every single pip, can be a reversal point so why a move could be more than a single pip? The point is: there are some pips more important than others! What we have to do... is just learn how to recognize them, to define our entry and exit plans. I will never consider entry and exit separately, because I believe if I can't define an entry I simply don't open the trade! While on the other hand, makes non-sense opening a trade without knowing where target profits and stop losses.The hope of this article is to give people an idea about the meaning of the sentence "plan your trade and trade your plan".Definition of entry planAs everybody (should)know, market moves are not done by candle-stick shapes, lines, indicators, or anything like that. Truth is that a price, at a certain point goes (for example) up, then at another point goes more up or goes down, in correlation to fundamental changes. It's simple like that: if a price always reversed in a level, means that until overall conditions that held price into that area will be true, price will not breakout. As al…
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LinnuxFX 18 Dec.

Nice article once more, good luck...

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cocciolla 19 Dec.

nice and interested article(bel articolo continua cosi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Nice original thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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positive 23 Dec.

Excellent one. Almost similar to my line of thinking. I like the way you present your ideas. Neat and short and up to point. Keep it up.

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Likerty 28 Dec.

Welcome back!:)

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INTRODUCTION   In my (small) experience I surely understood one thing: patience is your only real friend in trading. No patience? No money. With this article I will show one or two ideas to understand a possible range area in a major currency pair or commodity and so to increase the degree of confidence when deciding a position.   OPTIONS   Option trading is very different from forex trading and I will certainly not try to explain it here now, because to do it properly, would require me to write at least one book, and be completely out of main topic of the contest. As many (should) know, options in markets can be used for hedging purposes and/or as an addiction on a trading plan. In March 2012, you find an article published by AdrianWS1 where are well explained some of these strategies. An option is composed by a strike price and an expiry date. To simplify, here is an extremely quick example: If today I buy a call option in GOLD with a strike @1520,00 and expiry on 16th June 2012, means that if the 16th of June, price will be higher than my strike, I will have a profit; while in case the price will be lower, I will have a loss. Opposite…
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scramble 12 June

@adrian: yes infact i use this software both to study forex and options. you know ... there is a great correlation between the 2 things! still a beginner with options, for the moment only demo, but improving. thank you for nice words :-)

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Maryk1 18 June

Good work

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doctortyby 27 June

I do not particulary like Options but your article gives quality information about them. Good luck this month

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scramble 27 June

@doctor: yes the tool is very helpful in gold and some other instruments. currencies... uhm...

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scramble 27 June

@maryk: thank you!

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Sometimes people look for complicated strategies on the basis that simple ones simply cannot be true. When this happens, the overdose of information that the trader looks for can result in analysis-paralysis. He is then so overloaded with expert advice that he does nothing.
Here is a simple strategy giving a good return. There is no need to be tied to the computer, just use a 15 minute chart and look at it from time to time.
Strategy Trigger
o       Trade between 8.00am and 5.00pm unless already in a trade.
o       Buy or sell when the candle on 15 minute chart crosses (and closes) the middle Bollinger Band.
o       MACD supports the direction of the candle.
o       Close when the candle again crosses (and closes) the middle Bollinger Band.
o       All spikes are to be ignored.
This is so simple and ignores masses of technical indicators but gives a great result.
During the period 10th January to 14th March 2012, 100 trades were taken and the results noted. The starting capital was €1,000 and the trade size was €50,000 in every trade.
                          Number         Result             Average         Result             Average
                        Of Trades    …
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jsch0810 23 May

I very much like simple trading approaches. However, I tried to backtest this strategy for this month und there is a positive outcome (about +60 PIPS after spreads), but the drawdowns are quite significant. @Mosomoso: how did you calculate your 1428 PIPS from one week?? Seems to be a large number. @Gee: Could you please share some details on how you exit the running trades during the night and how you filter exactly with MACD? Thanks

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Furian 24 May

usefull article. keep going. thanks for any support. +1

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iskandar 25 May

It only spans for three months. How can you be sure the results is sustainable?

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lil 29 June

what do you mean with "crosses (and **closes**)" ? a complete cross without bounce?

zambonidriver avatar

nice simple strategy , thank you ! Just wondering where did you put your SL

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This article is a follow up to the earlier article entitled:
10 Psychological Obstacles to Success
The aim of trading is to trade in a logical, predictable manner with the minimum of emotional conflict. In general, most traders battle with their emotions. Emotions are located in the unconscious part of the mind; to overcome emotions, people need to either use willpower, or to retrain their unconscious mind.
Willpower (or self discipline) sounds like the logical course of action and can be quite successful in the short term. It requires conscious effort though, and this can be draining. Also, if a trader trades because he thinks it is fun, then being disciplined takes away that fun. Using willpower alone is therefore an unsuccessful way of changing a trader’s behaviour.
Changing the unconscious mind so that the emotional drives change is harder but much more successful. It is a bit like changing the operating system on a computer; it is hard going but the computer works so much better afterwards.
The biggest obstacles to successful trading are desperation, the allure of “big money”, impatience, a failure to plan and a belief that the market is conspiring against you.
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My experience with people (I have a certificate in hypnotherapy) in general is that they will NOT seek the help of a psychotherapist (apart from smoking, losing weight and similar) because this kind of implies that something is wrong with them psychologically which is not something anyone wants to admit. So people struggle with their inner world in turmoil which turns their outer world into turmoil. Traders are people therefore we can expect a similar behaviour. Your offer of help is a nice gesture. I am interested in the response of the traders. Good on you.

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CASPI 16 May

A good analysis. Good luck.

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Mosomoso 17 May

Interesting, really interesting. Do you take clients over the phone? Is it possible to "train" someone in this way to trade successfully?

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 INTRODUCTION  Improving every day the perception of market moves and price behaviour, should be every trader's first planned target. The second one should be the amount of time to be invested to reach that target, because you must invest your time. Money will be, later, the thing you will use to operate your decisions in market.One of most important things to do while trading is understand if there's a trend, when and where will come to an end. Then, as consequence, you will need to understand what will more probably happen. To do this you should read charts and prices like you are looking a 'time table': there is the time for the up-move, and there is the time for the down-move; in the middle, we have the third one: i call it "ranging". Each of these cycles, is in perfect harmony with the other two, and until one is not ended, the other will not begin.Once a trader understand this above, as immediate consequence, he/she will see disappearing from his/her account statements a lot of loosing trades. MY METHOD I will share step-by-step my knowledge, using my favourite currency pair: GBP-USD (love-it or hate-it). What follows is more easy to understand than what actually is writing i…
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scramble 11 May

@positive: of course! this is the core of my article, must invest time and time again to read what is happening in price. first thing i suggest is in this article: read if there is a trend and and what stage of strenght we are!
thank you for you comments :-)

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Swing trading is my favourite trading style, but sometimes trendlines and supports and resistences fail with a high momentum against the trend. The sentiment and volume analysis are very useful in the trend analysis especially when you are trying to identify the trend reversal. To your success, doctortyby

doctortyby avatar

I see that You have managed to put bold characters in this article, while in the first one You were not able to do it. What solution did you find for this because I still cannot obtain the bold or underlined characters in my articles??... Thank You

scramble avatar
scramble 13 May

@doctortyby: i had problems with bolds in first article due to firefox. i uploaded this wiht IExpl. i think it is because of cookies and privacy setups i have in firefox, while IE at default setup, but i'm not sure. certainly i will upload next articles in IE until i understood the problem.
about your interestin add-on in previous comment i will, probably, answer you with my next article in few hours.. just finishing now last corrections and setups ;-)

scramble avatar
scramble 25 May

@alex: lol, thank you :-) anwyay... not that low, actually rank 7 is great imo :-)

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With the plethora of advertising about Forex Trading chances are,
you have tried your hand at a demo account by now. Odds are you have made a
handsome profit, jumped onto the bandwagon of “Forex Trader”.
improbable overnight Millionaire Dream
leads many to an addiction to Forex Trading.
 How is your first Real(Live) money account doing today? 
In my
99.99% amateur forex
traders lose money on their first,second 
& third deposit.By this time
majority will quit forex trading, their pockets can't sustain further
drawdowns.1% will double
or triple their deposit and look to Revenge Trade, use excessive leverage
and be washed out for the final time with a bad taste in their mouths.
A lot of Forex Internet wisdom centres around:
your Trade, Trade your Plan." Wise advice.
1- How do
I make a "PLAN"?
2- How do
I know its the right "PLAN"?
I have never received a straight forward answer to these questions.
Think about it, these question are not complete.(Different people
different lives)
This article will try to guide you to the start of your plan and
push you to ask the correct/complete questions.
The Holy Grail is:
Read article
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Yes, the problem lies in asking the questions. I think you should continue with kind of articles and do a series with more questions. I am sure you have a lot to share from your experience.

technical_dream avatar

@OneGoodTrade, doctoryby: Thanks. I would share a lot more, continue the series to the end point(which is changing mindset into an analytical machine). Wont do much good here though where the newbie readers are interested only in being spoon fed. I wouldn't even care about "article contest" as long as a few people were interested. May post it somewhere else though. Cheers

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SHARKY12 17 May

Excellent pieces of advice

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alifari 19 May

Wonderful Article +1

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kkforex 22 May

Nice article good luck to you 1+

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Every trader should automate their trading strategy. This is especially true for new forex traders given the low barriers to entry in the market and the generous amounts of leverage available. The process of developing an automated trading strategy has numerous ingrained benefits for traders that can help avoid making costly mistakes that are typically associated with the shortening of a trading career.Reason #1: Development of a Trading PlanA key to success in trading is to have a good plan and to have the conviction to stick with your plan over time. The basic tenet of a trading plan is to know exactly how you will act throughout the entirety of a trade before you place your initial entry. Often times, traders will bend this definition of a trading plan, allowing for some discretion throughout a trade. This is not beneficial to a trader because this level of discretion means that you cannot reliably backtest your strategy. By automating a trading strategy, the trader is forced to define exactly how each trade will progress. As such, by choosing to automate a strategy, you are more likely to be testing and trading a complete plan.Reason #2: BacktestingWhile it is not necessary to …
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madiha 2 May

good luck

RobertBric avatar

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) not every strategy can be automated. Discretionary strategies cannot be automated (for example classical pattern or Elliott Wave trading). Or should I say: cannot be automated well. Because such programs already exist but they mostly provide signals for traders to decide upon.
One point where I don’t agree. I believe that novice traders should trade manually as much as they can in order to gain experience. With a demo account, of course. Only then can they go and define an automated strategy.
All the very best with future articles in the contest

doctortyby avatar

I think there is no strategy that could work in different market conditions. Some strategies work sometimes, other strategies work in other market conditions and some strategies never work. :) But there has to be a strategy otherwise the trading becomes gambling and that means coin flipping. Keep it up and trade well my friend.+1

alifari avatar
alifari 19 May

I use both automated & manual strategy, but I feel automated strategy is less stressful +1

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don't believe? Keep reading!
I admit, I won't mislead you with some strategy that is HOLY GRAIL. After many
centuries of trading, from village markets of the middle ages to the largest FX
market, NO ONE has yet presented a strategy, which would bring ONLY POSITIVE results.
I do have two strategies, which brings more in than out. There is a problem
though: it is impossible to make an automatic robot, which would do trading
1)        It’s not all about technical analysis, you
must also consider fundamental elements. In short, this means that you are not
selling gold when stock market indexes are dropping. Second example is
correlation between currencies and the third example is reports of central
banks (for example: we will hold EUR/CHF over 1.2 at any cost).
2)        Candle stick shapes. Many times, shadows
of candles tell more than the trend direction.
3)        What is shown by indicators,
divergences, peaks, pivots, previous day trading, day of the week and month,
holidays in certain countries, economic and political news …
you see, there are many …
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lolka1 28 Dec.

Holly gral is good plan.

musmus avatar
musmus 29 Dec.

It is no holy gral outthere. We only have our strategies and discipline.

Boris avatar
Boris 30 Dec.


hakala avatar
hakala 30 Dec.

@ Boris: What do you mean? I have just wrote you maine Holy Grail.

musmus avatar
musmus 30 Dec.

This article realy speaks about core problem of FX trading. I too have some friends, that have lost all their money by trading FX. Stupid them. First school tnah work!

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