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Pivot points are a darling to most traders and are undoubtedly one of the most popular technical tools used by Forex traders, regardless of their level of experience in the markets. Essentially pivot points are a price level which indicates the market’s sentiment or direction.
This article seeks to unpack the pivot points and how they can be of use to traders. This will be done through defining what pivot points and the calculation thereof and how the various pivot point types can be of use to the trader.
What are Pivot Points?

Pivot points can be defined as a technical analysis indicator used to determine the overall trend of the market over different time frames. It can be put simply as benchmarks that traders use to get a feel for the way the market is moving. A bearish sentiment is formed when the price goes below the pivot point level, and in contrast, the bulls are in play if the price goes beyond the pivot point level.
Support levels are levels where the price tends to find support as it falls. That is, the price at which it is more likely to "bounce" off this level rather than break through it. However, in the event of a break through, by an amount exce…
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Trading tools are a critical component of forex trading as they act as an aid to decision making. Correct and consistent use of trading tools will lead to better strategies, better decision making and better interpretation of market conditions.
This article focuses on some of the trading tools that have been made available by the Dukascopy website. The main aim is to see how these function and how they can be of use in forex trading.
Getting to the trading tools.

The trading tools are available on the Dukascopy website, www.dukascopy.com under the market info section. Fig 1 shows the steps to the trading tools on the website.
Fig 1: Graphical representation of the steps to trading tools.
Step 1: Go to www.dukascopy.com
Step 2: Click on the market info section
Step 3: Select the required trading tool from the drop down menu of available trading tools.
Now we can discuss how some of the trading tools can be of assistance in the trading journey.
  • SWFX Sentiment Index
The SWFX Sentiment index is an excellent tool to gauge trader positioning and sentiment in the FX market. Unlike the major equities or futures markets, there is no single centralized exchange for f…
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Many traders struggle to make it in Forex and more than 50% eventually give up. But Forex requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Most people are usually profitable in their first days of trading Forex because they are able to adhere to the rules and their knowledge is still fresh. But in Forex to make it, its best if you adhere to the rules. Sometimes the rules may not be enough because of a wrong strategy. In this article i will discuss a way in which one may improve their existing strategy to make it profitable.

Technical analysis
1. Support and Resistance

This is one of the most important tools that every trader needs to know how to use. Support and resistance lines help provide the best entries and exits for a trader. They also help remove any bias from the market and also facilitate both counter trading and trading along with the trend. Of all tools i think support and resistance can really make a difference in your trading if combined with your existing strategy.

2.Pivot points

Support and resistance lines are subjective. The skill of drawing them accurately may take time to develop and also drawing them largely depends on one's Forex knowledge. If you are one of the …
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Hi guys, I am back in action!!!
As per my previous plan of writing thorough strategies one should adopt in trading which was discussed in my previous article Text Book of Technical Analysis - Index , I am going ahead now after a long gap.
In this month’s article series, I would be elaborating on how to use the PIVOT POINTS as a trading strategy and in this article I will discuss.
  • What are Pivot Points
  • Variants of Pivot Points
  • Limitations of Pivot points
In the succeeding article I will discuss about how to choose entry level, take profit and exit strategy with a lot of live examples with the help of charts and my trades in contest. Now let's unerstand...
What are pivot points

Pivot points are technical analysis indicator are used to identify the trend of the market over different time frames. They are one of the oldest technical tools used by floor traders. It is pretty easy to compute and would give the traders some idea about how the market moves and to determine the reversal of the trend. It’s been calculated using the previous time frame’s OPEN, HIGH, LOW and CLOSE. This was originally used for the intraday trades but may be calculated for 1 minute and upto 1 month too. How…
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Do you have any suggestion how to weight the pivot points on different timeframes? you might have a daily S1 below the market, a weekly pivot at the market and a monlty R1 below the market. It all depends how the market moved so far.

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Tinktank thanks that you are encouraged from my re-entry. all the very best for your effort. interestinglyi also observed that the participants almost doubled this month. Dukascopy is so active now,  I missed a lot of dukascopy activities IMO. 

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Have you ever realized how best the indicator is? Have you ever noticed sometimes how precisely the price follows the indicator and not the other way, that is the reason it is called as leading indicator, is it not? and I have seen many amateur traders, they will not trust that indicator including me when I was started trading. If one learning from Forex training center, the tutor must have told and emphasized the importance of the indicator. It is the one way to develop trust in it, if not by experience. Otherwise the newbie may ignore it and if one is very unfortunate, one may not come to know till their end of the life. An investor Oddmund Grotte shares his experience like he said “I have been investing and trading for about 16 years, but not until now have I had a look at it.....I must admit I had basically no clue what this really is  ” The indicator what I am talking is a very simple and well known PIVOT POINT (PP) LINES. Who found it? Prior to online trading and instant chart analysis like we do now, those days in the early 1970’s traders were fighting in the pit to hear their signals and acted upon it. The shouting and confusion in sending signal was overwhelming and rememb…
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Are you using MT4? See my article JForex vs MT4 and leave a comment... good luck

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Pivot Points are very useful in Technical analysis, but they should be used together with other tools

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