Hi guys, I am back in action!!!
As per my previous plan of writing thorough strategies one should adopt in trading which was discussed in my previous article Text Book of Technical Analysis - Index , I am going ahead now after a long gap.
In this month’s article series, I would be elaborating on how to use the PIVOT POINTS as a trading strategy and in this article I will discuss.
  • What are Pivot Points
  • Variants of Pivot Points
  • Limitations of Pivot points
In the succeeding article I will discuss about how to choose entry level, take profit and exit strategy with a lot of live examples with the help of charts and my trades in contest. Now let's unerstand...
What are pivot points

Pivot points are technical analysis indicator are used to identify the trend of the market over different time frames. They are one of the oldest technical tools used by floor traders. It is pretty easy to compute and would give the traders some idea about how the market moves and to determine the reversal of the trend. It’s been calculated using the previous time frame’s OPEN, HIGH, LOW and CLOSE. This was originally used for the intraday trades but may be calculated for 1 minute and upto 1 month too. How…
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