I just recently started to play (should say study) Poker thanks to Dukascopy Poker contest. Sure I new the basics of poker, back from when I was playing with my school friends. But when I noticed how well some of my Dukascopy community friends have done in the Poker tournament it prompted me to look into Poker bit more closely, as monthly price fond of 18`000 USD was just to enticing to miss out on.
The 1st thing I noticed how similar poker is to trading and it requires much of the same skills as trading. I guess this is the reason Dukascopy have created this tournament in the 1st place, as at 1st, I must admit, I was bit sceptical as always though of Poker as a gambling game that belongs in casinos. But just a quick read about Poker online have changed my perspective on Poker and now I believe that Poker is game of strategy, probabilities and psychology very much the same as trading. And I guess another similarity with trading is that to un-educated outsider, trading can resemble gambling too.

Similarities between trading and Poker:

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JockPippin 12 9月

Trading is gambling ...It's the gambling at the right time that counts .But life is also unpredictable so therefore it's all a gamble :) .

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Ivolux 14 9月

I Disagree. Gambling is when you know odds are against you, but you still place trade/bet in hope that luck is on your side.

Many traders that are using technical analysis for their forex strategies are focusing primarily on singles they are giving. But there are also hidden signals in some indicators such as: MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Momentum, and other oscillators. These hidden signals are called divergences. Divergence is one of the most impressive techniques in technical analysis. In forecasting currency movements the more advanced traders are paying much attention to it. Amazing results can be achieved trough to it. The divergence is characterized by the gap between the chart and the indicators, or more precisely the direction of movement of the price and the indicator.
In the last years, more and more traders are paying attention to the divergence. In combination with other techniques can be achieved amazing results and profits.
Divergence Itself gives us clarity of an impending change in the trend or a continuation of the trend. There are two main types of divergences: normal (bullish or bearish) and hidden (bullish or bearish)Normal (negative) divergence:
Bullish divergence - in this type of divergence as it is seen from the chart. Price draws two bottoms, the second is lower than the first, b…
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Very interesting!

Hi all traders. If you click to Dukascopy community and "Forex article contest" you can see picture of William Shakespeare. He wrote many works and in one of them famous sentense: "To be, or not to be..." It is the opening phrase of a dialog in the "Nunnery Scene" of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. This question is very analogous to traders every day question: "buy or sell"?
Is it easy answer? Of course not because trading is hard business. What can help? There is indicator Average true range in shortly ATR. What is ATR? ATR is a technical analysis volatility indicator originally developed by Welles Wilder. The indicator does not provide an indication of price trend, simply the degree of price volatility. The average true range is an N-day moving average of the true range values.
How can we use it for trading? Do not forget the main question for intraday trader is "buy or sell?" in actual day. Setup chart will not by daily time frame but lower time frame for example one hour. But intraday trader need daily time frame for answer his question. Why? Because daily time frame is setup chart for ATR indicator. This is very important information for intraday trader. Please look next …
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good article

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good luck

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rokasltu 18 2月

when reading seems simple but it is interesting how it will work in reality...

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ductus 20 2月

riskantne, ale to moze fungovat'

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MyiDEA 24 2月



Forex is a very lucrative market and it is attracting people everyday who are eager to invest their hard earned money and make it big in short span of time.
Due to it's high interest among public, new Forex brokers are appearing in the market continuously.
There are countless number of Forex brokers in the trading world so choosing the right one is absolutely crucial to start your trading journey.
In my previous article, I have already stated the basic steps to choose a broker that would keep your trading safari less dreadful and help you achieve your goals without worrying about external factors. After getting useful comments from knowledgeable community members and gaining experience through research and trying out multiple brokers, I am confident that ECN brokers are way more suitable than Market Markers.
[ NOTE - If you all have missed out my previous article, here is the link < http://www.dukascopy.com/fxcomm/fx-article-contest/?A-Book-And-B-Book&action=read&id=1925#read-article > This would help you all relate to the topic and have insights about brokers world ]

What is an ECN Broker ?

The word ECN is an abbreviation for Electronic Communications Network.
It provides a ma…
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Erialda 16 5月

Great i was thinking to add to my article how to define a good ECN broker but you my friend explained very well and i have nothing to add , just to wish you good luck in this contest :)) Cheers :))

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jezz 16 5月

market maker platforms usually have bugs through which you can see them hunting your loss. but it takes money to be lost to realize that

shanziester avatar

I would have to disagree with you Jezz. You can identify a MM broker easily without throwing your money :P

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thank you Omela !

shanziester avatar

thanks alifari, carpe and Myidea. cheers !

Trading High and Low Situations part 2 Part 2: The TradeOnce you are satisfied with your analysis it is time to enter the market, and take your pips out.You know where the pair should be going, but before it hits your target a lot may happen.The short-term news, the immidiate direction of the pair may all interfere with your preferred entry point,so where do we enter.lets pull down our chart to four hours: As we can see, AUD/USD has already hit the 23.6% Fibonacci level resistance from the latest move down as seen on the weekly chart and is retracing slightly from that.The MACD indicator suggests that the pair is bullish, but Volumes are low. so there seems to be no real attempt at breaking this level at the moment.This may indicate that there is no buying interest of this pair at the moment, so we probably should wait and see what will happen over the course of the next day or two.If volumes increase and the pair will head up it will tell us that the pair will attempt to make an upwards brakeoutIf volumes increase and the pair pushes lower this will indicate that it will want to retest our support level on the monthly and weekly charts around 0.955 -- in this case we should wait …
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xtrader360 24 6月

Nice article

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AdamFx42 25 6月

Thank you xtrader360, cheers for taking the time to read it!

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piter44 26 6月

Nice one. It's a pleasure to read such articles, +1 from me :)

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AdamFx42 26 6月

thank you piter44, I knew it wasn't all for nothing ;-)

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xtrader360 26 6月


In this article I want to share my 3 trades taken last week on my LIVE account. These trades were taken according my trading approach described In my last article. Because this is not a signal service, article is written after trades. My trading is based more on technical analysis than on fundamental. Everybody who is watching forex market knows what the moves happened last week. For each trade is picture where are 3 lines, RED is Stop Loss, BLUE is Entry. GREEN is Take Profit.1. Trade: EURJPY + 241 pips On the picture you can see price action for few weeks. I was waiting for news for EUR, don’t take a trade before news. When price went down from daily high on H4 time frame a jumped on trade with very good risk reward ratio. After entry when price fall below yesterday’s low it was rally! (see figure 1) Figure 1. EURJPY 2. Trade: USDJPY + 167 pips On this picture is price action for few weeks. I was waiting for news for USD, don’t take a trade before news. I had SELL STOP order below few days low. When price went down I was on trade with very good risk reward ratio. Stop loss was above today’s high. After entry when price fall below it was rally! (see figure 2) Figure 2. USD…
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geula4x 17 6月

+1 Liked: very nice trades. By the way, I too like to trade based on price action. Happy trading :-)

David_ avatar
David_ 19 6月

Thank you, yes it is possible, but not each day. Setups needs time for developing.

nilsaedagar avatar

+1 Liked )) It is really great one. thanks for sharing.

Hi Friends, While going through the results of the past few months trading contest, I found some interesting examples of contestants ending the month with more than 1000 plus pip points in the month, but still ending the month with one half or one third of the beginning equity. As we all know, making few hundred pips a month is in itself a big achievement. Still these contestants were not able to capitalize on their fantastic pip gains and ended losing more than half of their starting equity. A deep study of their trades showed an interesting pattern- high leverage and poor money management. Only if they had used little bit less leverage and had strict money management rules, they would have ended the month in the positive. Even though they might not have been in winning position at the end of the month, their ranking would have been significantly higher than what they had achieved. Below are two randomly selected examples of contestants who made around 1000 pip points in the month, but had vastly different equity balances at the end of the month. Example 1- Pip points gained- 1002 Start of the month equity-$100,000 End of the month equity- Around $60,000 Win/Loss ratio- 85% M…
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Randagio avatar
Randagio 14 3月

you're right, Sudink: everyone here should be willing to improve his methods and to learn not to loose money. But if the gamblers win so often, in this contest, maybe it's the contest rules that should be changed. Or maybe gambling is, for some reason, a part of the game that Dukas wants to maintain. Excellent analisys, though. :-)

Efegen avatar
Efegen 14 3月

Sudink I agree with you. However I am quiet pleased with the rules. I believe Dukascopy points also supports the less riskier contestants. Equity is just one of the pillars.

sudink avatar
sudink 14 3月

Thanks Randagio and Efegen for your comments. I think Dukascopy contest is one of the fairest competitions around where the winner is decided not only on end equity(as in other competitions), but also on pip points gained, win/loss ratio, maximum drawdown, etc. As far as gamblers winning the competition is concerned, data shows that gambling mentality will not take those traders far ahead in their real life trading and they would end up in the list of 95% of traders who blow up their accounts. Cheers!

Delossan avatar
Delossan 29 3月

Agree on this one..

The pair EUR/USD is one of the most popular inside the foreign exchange market known as FOREX, (Foreign Exchange). It is one of the most volatile, which grants a potential high place to him of generating high benefits in the short term associated with a level of considerable risk. A pip is the smallest amount of movement a price quote can make. For example,when EUR/USD moves from 1.2815 to 1.2814, it has moved by one pip. It is very important to know the behavior of the coins to be able to project the maximum acceptable losses " Stop Loss ", which together with a good money management will allow to execute profitable tradings. Basically it is reduce the risk, and you increase the odds the trades successful. Always have a trading plan. Let’s take a look the charts. Here information about price action EUR/USD currency pair. The data is: Bid/Close Price. Interval: 60 minutes.Pair: EURUSD.Here we can see the behavior of the pair EUR/USD throughout two weeks, in which the market offered us the opportunity to make concrete operations of purchase with benefits that courted the 100 pips as well as also operations of sale with benefits beyond 170 pips. There is posibilities of gaining …
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fxigor 20 11月

Hi, I have question: What is the differences if I use daily Average True range as daily pips movement range for intraday trading?

slopezve avatar
slopezve 21 11月

Hi fxigor.
True Range value equals the High minus the Low.
Typically, the Average True Range (ATR) is based on 14 periods, is the average of the daily True Range values for the last 14 days.

Pips movement range presents the maximum range of the price movement on the horizon of a week. Not always equals the High-Low of the week or the average of the highs-lows. See graphics.

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 11月

I still don't understand what is the difference between the ATR indicator with setting of 100, 200 or maximum period and the Pips movement range. You can use the weekly chart ATR for the weekly TF?? Just the fact that you can see the range upside and the range downside, from the 0 starting point?? TO establish to possible TP and SL?? Thanks

slopezve avatar
slopezve 25 11月

Hi doctortyby

The ATR is the largest of the:
- Most recent period's high minus the most recent period's low
- Absolute value of the most recent period's high minus the previous close
- Absolute value of the most recent period's low minus the previous close

PMR presents the maximum distance in pips between of the highs-lows of the price movement in a week. See graphics.

EUR/USD maximun movement, 179 pips down.
Indicates that at some point in the week there was a fall (maximum) in the price of 179 pips.

someday777777 avatar

Hin but how can you deduct the number of pips  in movement  , from arange chart , as you see it's  0.1....0.3... and so on??

Thank you for letting me a positive vote if you like this articleMy technical analysis tools are:- Time frame: 1 hour- EMA 20 60- Stochastic 9-3-3 ---- LEVEL 25, 75- RSI 14 - levels: 30, 45, 55, 70- MACD 12-26-9- FiboPivot hour week- Bollinger 20.2.2.Here is my platform:1:the opening of the morning I look at the price (Eur / usd, usd / chf, gbp / usd, ecc ...) and position of the EMA 20-60 in long or short, and the MACD positive or negative position or if the current situation is stable2:If the situation is stable ... I'm waiting ... I'm waiting ... I'm waiting ...!It must never be impatient to open positions, we lost more quickly with a bad position open and much less for a long period without activity!3:Perfect location to open LONG is:20-EMA crosses 60 EMA onStochastic is low-crosses and amountMacd-rises and goes UPCandle-green fence crossing RSI pivot fence through level 554:Perfect location to open SHORT is:60-EMA crosses 20 EMA onSTOCHASTIC-up is short and crossesMACD-down and goes downRed candle-end pivot RSI crossing fence through level 455:To stop position, must ALL tools are reversed at the same timeStop BUY:Stop SELLDon't Stop position:6: THE MOST IMPORTANT: It is better…
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Interesting, could you provide your win loss proportion out of this system?

Foxy65 avatar
Foxy65 23 10月

Hello, I use this strategy since the early months of October, and we may well see in my performance than the few days during which I was traveling I have not had access to my platform and we see the loss of points ... but activity days before my platform I found my position.

Foxy65 avatar
Foxy65 23 10月

Sorry but Correction for FibPivot is not hourly but DAILY and WEEKLY!

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 30 10月

Patience is a virtute. You charts are a little to crowded with indicators for my taste. Expecially when I am a Price action trader, with Pivots, Supports and Resistences, VSa and supply and demand from the Order Flow book analyssis. I use some of your indicators (RSI, MACD and stochastics) just for confirmation of my trading signals. Keep writing and good luck in trading

We all traveled this road so I decided to write
this article ... so that is cause for reflection for those who have not yet
started but are tempted to do so. A beginner normally learns of this market in
a casual way, has happened to me so I believe it should be the same for
hundreds if not thousands of people.
Initially many doubts arise whether the
functioning of the market itself or in how to operate it. How to use leverage,
which is the best time to enter a position, which is the best pairs/assets to
negotiate ... All this creates a huge mess!
 The 1st step (at least as accurate, though not
happen like that with everyone) is: download a demo account.
After installing to the platform and open an account
"DEMO" is necessary to make some entries in this way will slowly be
taking the concept of its operation. It will be the regular practice of this
demo account in which it will operate with ease, it is not yet operating with
equity, which will achieve positive results that will make it possible to
extrapolate to a real account.
 The "new trader" will experiencing
all the indicators that will arise in various forums about the Forex market,
will ride in a search for magic formulas and…
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hadzibaba 14 7月

good article i wish you +1

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tulasi 17 7月

nice n pleasant to read

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Thanks +1

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egidijus 20 7月

Nice article. Good luck! +1

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Forex community thinks that this article is a must read for beginners....http://www.fxcommunity.com


Sometimes people look for complicated strategies on the basis that simple ones simply cannot be true. When this happens, the overdose of information that the trader looks for can result in analysis-paralysis. He is then so overloaded with expert advice that he does nothing.
Here is a simple strategy giving a good return. There is no need to be tied to the computer, just use a 15 minute chart and look at it from time to time.
Strategy Trigger
o       Trade between 8.00am and 5.00pm unless already in a trade.
o       Buy or sell when the candle on 15 minute chart crosses (and closes) the middle Bollinger Band.
o       MACD supports the direction of the candle.
o       Close when the candle again crosses (and closes) the middle Bollinger Band.
o       All spikes are to be ignored.
This is so simple and ignores masses of technical indicators but gives a great result.
During the period 10th January to 14th March 2012, 100 trades were taken and the results noted. The starting capital was €1,000 and the trade size was €50,000 in every trade.
                          Number         Result             Average         Result             Average
                        Of Trades    …
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jsch0810 avatar
jsch0810 23 5月

I very much like simple trading approaches. However, I tried to backtest this strategy for this month und there is a positive outcome (about +60 PIPS after spreads), but the drawdowns are quite significant. @Mosomoso: how did you calculate your 1428 PIPS from one week?? Seems to be a large number. @Gee: Could you please share some details on how you exit the running trades during the night and how you filter exactly with MACD? Thanks

Furian avatar
Furian 24 5月

usefull article. keep going. thanks for any support. +1

iskandar avatar
iskandar 25 5月

It only spans for three months. How can you be sure the results is sustainable?

lil avatar
lil 29 6月

what do you mean with "crosses (and **closes**)" ? a complete cross without bounce?

zambonidriver avatar

nice simple strategy , thank you ! Just wondering where did you put your SL

In this article I would like to introduce you some of the most effective japanese cadlestick patterns which I trade successfully on live account. Purpose of such article is to present you very powerful and easy techniques for earning green pips without caring much about difficult strategies with many indicators, as often presented among traders. As I often say: "Less is more". I will show, that it isn't only plain, vague phrase behind such words. Also, my article wouldn't be complete without brief introduction to japanese candlestick basics. Let's start!  Japanese candlestick charting technique was originally developed in "medieval" Japan by traders with rice, who used this tool to predict the future price of this commodity on rice market. That days rice was traded on specialized places for it, such as the Dojima Rice Exchange in Osaka. In such places in fact became history of modern future contracts trading, but that is another part of a story. Construction of candlesticks:Candlestick line consists of a thick part which is called "real body" and thin lines above and below real body which are called "shadows". They can be "upper shadow" and "lower shadow".The real body is a range b…
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scramble avatar
scramble 6 5月

main problem i find with candlesticks is this: you see a kind of reversal candle shape and pattern, in perfect suppl / dem area, in overall perfect conditions around. strong reversal candle (or continuation..) you wait candle closes, wait a bit "retrace" and entry: it's in that exact second you discover that price completely reversed at the 00:01 second of the new candle after the trigger one, and reverses for 20-30-50 pips against you.
happened too many times to let me believe again on it.
just my experience :-)

alifari avatar
alifari 18 5月

In my opinion, candle stick pattern are more reliable on higher time frame viz. 4 hour, daily and weekly +1

andrew_d avatar
andrew_d 22 5月

scramble: Yeah, u simply have to count with that in your trading plan. such reverses will always happen and we can't do much with that. Very rarely u can catch a big move in your direction without prior move in opposite way. They are meant to get rid of weak players in the market or it can be so called stop-hunting.

andrew_d avatar
andrew_d 22 5月

alifari: Yeah I think the same. Nevertheless, if your determined direction on smaller TF matches the trend on higher TF, such candles are reliable more often. And vice versa.

positive avatar
positive 27 5月

Candlestick patterns are the core of my price action trading. Hence whenever you write on this, it will intesrest me. want to see more form your side. +1

Time Frame: 15 min
Symbol: All pair
Take profit: 4 pips
  I'll write one of my most effective and simple strategies using the Fractal indicator.
  First go to the 15
min time frame, then insert the fractal display (button indicators / bill
williams / fractal), here's an important part, fractal indicator on the screen,
the part that says "Number of bars on sides" put the number 5 . Once
you have done it will look like the screen below.
  After adding the fractal indicator, go to pictures and click on the picture rectangle that shows in the figure below.
   Now the search
chart is a strong movement upwards or downwards, after the wait indicator fractal
appears in the top and bottom, as shown in the figure below.
  After selecting specific points in the rectangle, dragging
the rectangle go expecting a break in the bottom or
top, watching the movement of the candles, and
afterbreaking open an order in favor of the disruption,
if broken down to open a sell, or else to open
a buy.
   You can also leave pending orders on top of these two
prices that are labeled with the rectangle.
Once open the order, expected to
close four pips of profit and close it. As
shown in the figure below.
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CASPI 13 4月

Useful information. I wish you success.

belman avatar
belman 15 4月

good luck+1

kkforex avatar
kkforex 18 4月

INteresting strategy 1+

kostas19 avatar
kostas19 18 4月

Nice presentation but i feel like the strategie is not viable because you have 3 pips that cover slippage spreads and comissions. +1

scramble avatar
scramble 25 4月

this "strategy" can be good just for fun, in my opinion! but staring in front of charts so much time to wait such setup to happen just to pick 4pips (4pips - 2spread = 2 pips)becomes to be a total waste of time.
good luck with this, if works for you, then everything is OK! :-)

Hi all again. Today I will show you 4 easy forex indicator(r.s.i.,s.a.r parabolic, alligator & cci) used all time by me in the “Trader contest’’and all my transaction. Technical indicators. Use of technical indicators Charts help price in market traders identify trends, while indicators techniques help traders to see power analysis sustainability and trends. If an indicator report a reversal,wait for confirmation before acting in the square. this means the same indicator  wait to provide confirmation and for a period of time or more to get confirmation from other indicators. Patience will help to read right signals. First indicator is r.s.i. (relative strength index) Just give attention to the chart Now: -when you see the line in the ‘’70’’zone and he comeback you must put sell order. -when you see the line in the ‘’30’’ zone and comeback tou must put sell order.it;s soo easy(this indicator is very good for 4h chart and 1 day time frame because exist risk to get false signal in small time frame chart)   Now I will explain the s.a.r parabolic indicator (stop and reversal parabolic indicator) It’s so easy to read this indicat…
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WallStreet 25 12月


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ZaraMarian 25 12月

merry christmas....good luck

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Mttsng 29 12月

good stuff....good luck

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ovidiu_gnt 30 12月

Good Luck !

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Drackyboy 31 12月


we already know that can make people rich suddenly and broke immediately, but did you know that the strategy I use is a strategy that can make people rich within 1 week. low risk high return with little risk we can recoup in a short time. This strategy of using the manual method of trading, scalping. This is a direct example of my trading you can access: click here Starting with me uploading this article Scalping is a quick way to get profit. by taking a few pips and a short time. it's just that not everyone can.and not all brokers can be used for scalping methodif you think you have this power, then you can make a small profit with no risk of losing a large amount. The risk here is limited by the speed that you can to make your transaction. Unfortunately, scalping strategy also calls for significant funding. However, on most platforms you can use the leverage that allows you to access at low prices. Be careful however not to start with too much leverage. Prefer low leverage will increase gradually. Now let us see how the forex scalping. First membuka.Diberikan at least 100 000 units. Within minutes you can get a small amount of money provided to cover your position quickly, even i…
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rasbehari 16 12月

rich in 1 week.... which week is this if you?

mielec avatar
mielec 17 12月

Define rich? "RICH" mean you can buy what you want and a little more ;)

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doctortyby 18 12月

be careful trading with indicators, I use them only for confirmation of my price action analysis signals. See what I mean in my week-end analysis and tell me your opinion. +!

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ritesh 22 12月

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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AdrianWS 26 12月

ambitious but possible good luck and merry christmas +1