Did you realize that we cannot make profit in every trade you make? Yet we hope that every trade be successful. This is societal bias which affects us to be perfectionist. There are many cognitive biases which affect us against long term profits in trading . For this article I will concentrate on perfectionism.
Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.
I like this quote by Jerry Moran (US senator) and it perfectly suits trading process. We should aim for excellence but not perfection in trading. In next paragraphs I will try to explain the above. First, Let’s see what happens to traders.
You probably thought at times at those moments when you close positions too early, only to see a further rise of prices that may be beyond your target profit. Or when you close the position at a loss, only to come back and continue to go according to your strategy; or maybe it was a case where you do not have entered the market because the setup is not quite right or the market price has not reached the desired level to enter, you have missed the opportunity to not have won. Likewise, perhaps you were the days when you turned up luck in these situations…
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