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In order to make money in forex consistently one has to review proven trading methods and techniques on a regular basis. They are always new simple interpretations and process that may be included in your current trading system to maintain a structured approach to the market and achieve constant returns.
Another important factor is to set a precise set of rule to control your actions when the market does not react as expected.Just like any trading system, the guidelines to combat a negative market must be simple enough to remember and execute. These guidelines must apply to a variety of scenarios and must be designed to compensate for the individuals weaknesses and inadequacies.In order to achieve long term success, they must be formulated to help in maintain discipline on a daily basis and offer timely memory aid in difficulty situations.
Here are some of the tips
1. Learn to limit your losses
Successful forex trading is more about avoiding losses than making profits. While avoiding losses, one protects from the drawdown that affect your existing account capital. Other ways of avoiding unexpected loss is by using predetermined stop loss level. A more advanced method is using trail…
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Lovely_bee 28 نوامبر

Useful tips)

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Good article!

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Forex is not a game, it is known to the market participants as a trading tool. If we consider Online Forex as a commodity, the first item we will deal with is discipline. Because it is worth the inspiration from the traders who are early to get up early in the morning and develop their ideas with their brilliant intelligence and before applying these ideas. The discipline required by the investor can be the most essential condition for limiting the loss while increasing profits. With this philosophy, we have a few key topics in mind when we think about investing in discipline and how to act. The most practical ways to provide surgical discipline are:
1) Accept the importance of discipline in operations
Failure to act with a certain discipline in Forex operations and act arbitrarily means raising the risks a bit. For Forex, take on the importance of performing a disciplined transaction to protect you against the risks, and to build your strategy accordingly. The strategy you have, when and how to operate, your risk management plans, and the operational tracking mean you are very successful in this section.
2) Follow 100% of the methods you designate
Do not refuse to use the techniq…
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Nice article!

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I am writing an article about one of my new strategy for part time traders and for lazy traders like me, which is of long term strategy with very low risk but with more reward. Please read how to prepare the sandwich and taste it and let me know the taste of it by providing feedback which is very important for me.
Before going to my strategy I want to ask couple of questions for all of you traders:
1. Are you part time trader/lazy trader?
2. Don’t know much about fundamentals/ microeconomics and technical analysis?
3. If you can’t assess all the news or any political drama of different countries and it's impacts.
4. You don’t know the future direction of the pair?
If you say YES, for all my questions then you will fall in love with my strategy and my request is at least once taste it in demo account.
Pre-steps before making yummy sandwich:

1.You need to consider the pair where the pair is moving in the range for example I am taking USD/JPY pair to explain my strategy.
2. I think all the traders know about the basic concept of Forex trading irrespective of full time or part time or lazy trader. You must me thinking now what it is, you know I am just talking about support
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well done, need to try

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nice job

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Good job

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Good job, thank you!

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Making money from the Forex market is easy for some people, but it can turn into a dream for others. The losers either blame Forex companies for their lack of money or their luck. If we do not make any money from this market, we will almost believe in those who do not win ... But the only answer to the question "Why do I lose in Forex?"
What am I missing ?
Forex attracts the attention of every individual who has some capital and internet. However, these qualifications do not mean that you will get rich if you enter Forex. Never comes across this market without investing in training, without researching methods of earning money in Forex.At this point, the only way to get into the Forex market is to be impatient and impatient. Before trading on Forex, have you done enough to learn the market with virtual money in a demo account? Or are you trained at a brokerage house? Do you plan to use your capital to make transactions? If you did not do any of these, you are inevitable to lose. First you must apply these steps and then invest in the markets.
I tried all but I still can not win
You participated in the training's, you read dozens of books and articles about Forex, you even start…
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helpful insight!

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Muy buen articulo

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Nice ideas!)

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Good job!

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If we were to compare FOREX trading with any other skills-based activity, no matter how difficult or important that may be, trading would always score higher on complexity. This is because no matter how good one is applying technical analysis, or reading charts based on experience or being the world’s most informed and intuitive market participant, the truth is none of it will ever be enough to achieve a good and consistent performance.
This is because the market may be like a living organism, but unlike how a medical professional can rely on some fundamental knowledge of how the human body works, the trader cannot. That is, the market changes in real time and what once worked without fail can at any moment betray the most skillful and experienced trader by behaving differently, irrationally and with no pattern of any kind.
Trading is more about technical tools, experience and fundamental knowledge. It’s more than money and risk management. It takes a multifaceted approach to be a good, profitable trader and the most important aspect of it is patience.
You have to be patient in becoming good at reading the charts. You have to be patient in actually being able to read the market. Y…
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zarina 12 مه

смешная карикатура ))

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Thanks zarina!

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Skif 17 مه

I would compare the trading in the markets with the game of poker. All must be able to say  fold .

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TheAnalyst 17 مه

Good analogy Skif, you must know when to fold indeed.  Overall though, I believe you can count more on skill when it comes to trading than in poker.

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))) Yes

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Benefits of trading
For some years now, the success that forex brings remains amazing.
If we see things in an impartial way, the currency market makes good to traders.
Whether we had a bad experience or not in that matter, this science remains very attracting!
What are the benefits of trading? And how to reach them?

1- Although the market is never paused, the traders can always negotiate whenever he wants!
That way, we can bind our trading activities to our professional life.
2- It's a market that needs no fees and that contributes to play for the sake of traders and brokers.
So everyone can be a winner! The point is just to do the right choice.
Will the price go up or down?
3- Naturally, this market is difficult to master. Indeed, setting apart world banks, curves follow their way to the point they are supposed to get. So it's not a matter for us to discuss.
Therefore, traders can't plead or accuse any firm.
4- Good predictions and good bets are possible for everyone!
Whether you are rich or poor, the chance to win is for all.
And yes. There is some time ago, most brokers offer us opportunities of gold.
You can open an account with 10 dollars as a minimum amount of investment.
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Yonggi7 23 اوریل

AnnaZhurina ! Спасибо так здорово видеть, что вы тоже отметили вас!

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Yonggi7 23 اوریل

It's a pleasure AngleRMS!

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good article  )

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Hi Guys
I've been trading now on and off for about 5 years. I've tried all the usual stuff training course, following traders here and loads and loads of research and self taught stuff too. I've done all the usual stuff too, doubled my account one day then lost the lot the next day!!! You know all the same old story, but now its different, now I am starting to understand what its all about and I've been having some relative success trading my demo account recently so thought well now its time to try some real money.
So here I am and I am gonna give it another go to see if I can crack it once and for all. The system I am about to share with you is all my own work, its personal to me, sure its got a little bit of someones system here and there but very basically I've broken the whole forex trading game down to its simplest form and I believe I 've cracked it!!
Its nothing new , in fact its all been done before , but its exactly fits me and my personality, its exactly how I see the market and how to trade it. Hopefully some of you guys will enjoy it too. I'm sure there will plenty who don't but thats cool we all have to find our own path in life and forex trading is no different.
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great article!

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nice history.

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But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the one who thinks he can.

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interesting article )

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Good article!

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Hello everyone,
Today I am going to share with you a very simple yet very effective method of trading currencies most of the people know it by the name of Price Action for using this method you need only one quality that is Patience.
The idea is to draw the important horizontal support and resistance lines on the chart. Time frame may be any,i personally prefer 4 Hour chart or above,after drawing the horizontal lines,we will wait for the price to reach these lines and get rejected or to go through these lines and wait for a pullback and then getting rejected.
To draw support and resistance lines, keep in mind that there should be 3 or more touches to the trend line to be valid. You may refer to this link of www.babypips.com about placing support and resistance lines explaining very neatly how to place the support and resistance lines on the chart. After the lines have been drawn, we need to wait for the price action.
Price action is nothing but the formation of candles that hint a reversal or continuation of the trend.
Let us say that we see the weekly chart of the NZDUSD pair and find lower highs and lower lows for…
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s_amira 23 ژانویه

Well done

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brilliant 25 ژانویه

thank you friend . but the technical analysis has intrinsic problem I think. Any breakthrough can reverse and every  rejection can return and breakthrough 

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rupesh1984 25 ژانویه

brilliant true,but its good when there is no news in market or u can scalp through it.but for big pip u need closely watch news and speech.

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Shivaya 30 ژانویه

Doing well g..

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Introduce Statement: Online Forex Trading Now not only Popular But also Very attractive work For us.we can Trade easily from Our home by Our personal computer or laptop and our smartphone like android I phone etc.No doubt Forex trading is very easy online work but earning not easy it is very hard & tough earning method but not impossible ,our good trading plan,our trading strategy will be helpful for our trading success.
Basic Forex Education:Before Start Live trading or Demo trading ,We need First Learn Basic issue of Forex Trading,we can improved our trading Knowledge ,our trading capability By Forex education.First time Novice trader don't Know ,What is Forex Market? How Forex Market work? Who gives us profit? What is take Profit ?what is stop lose?What is money Management? we can learn Many more by learning Forex education.So basic Forex education is The very important for us First time
Essential Forex Trading Tools:Forex Trading is online based trading ,so we need Stable internet connection,Desktop or laptop or smartphone.
Select Forex Broker :Forex Broker is very important part of Your Trading success ,many market maker Forex broker create more slip page for against Your trad…
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Thank You aka10

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Thank You Zarina

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thank you DaShik

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thank you  k_morocco

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good for new trader

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Since my core trading strategy is a swing trading style in this article I will attempt to outline some trading rules that help me catch the big waves. But before going further we need to define what swing trading is all about and what kind of traders usually employ swing trading strategy.
  • What is Swing Trading?
Swing trading is a style of trading in which positions are held for longer than a single day, between 3 days and 3 weeks, and which attempts to catch the big movements in the market. There are many types of traders who uses swing trading from retail traders to institutional traders(prop traders, small-medium Hedge Funds, CTA). Above all you have to find by yourself if swing trading really suits your personality otherwise it may not work for you as not everyone can endure the risk and the ups and downs of a swing wave. Holding a position overnight can be an stress factor for many traders.
  • What is the right market for Swing Trading?
This is probably the most important question you would have to ask yourself before even starting to submit a trade. Swing trading is all about having the right trading environment and proper conditions otherwise you may end up with po…
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VictoriaVika 5 نوامبر

Daytrader21 Good and informative article about Swing Trading, useful advices were given, Thank you for sharing some your trading knowledge, friend :)

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Likerty 11 نوامبر

swing tradigng service?:))

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Mani 12 نوامبر

Very interesting +1

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Jignesh 19 نوامبر

Good article, and good example.  EURAUD is like a swing trader's dream.  I found the opposite to be true of the cons you describe though.  Meaning I think swing trading is less mentally demanding and time consuming than scalping.  When I scalped I was in front of the screen 14 hours/day.. swing trading, I have gotten away with 1 hour/day in the past.  Good point about knowing which market you are in.  Must be the biggest challenge for a new swing trader taking profits too soon/late.

Daytrader21 avatar
Daytrader21 19 نوامبر

Jignesh You bring in some valid points. The reason why I'm saying it's very mentally demanding is because a move doesn't develop straight away, but it moves in waves and during those retracement your trading decision will be put at test, and if you're not emotionally stable this can lead to taking the wrong decision.

یااظهار نظر
"The path to success is to take massive, determined action" Every day hundreds of new traders are attracted to forex market and embark on their journey to fulfill their dream of financial independence. Their goal is to become consistent profitable traders, but very few are able to accomplish it. There are many reasons that leads to their failure, but the most common ones are lack of patience & discipline, fear of failure, being too greedy, poor risk / trade management etc.There are three reasons to write this article, number one is of course to win some prize money. The second one is to summarize my trading experience and share thoughts that helped me immensely in my transformation from being a losing trader to a winning trader. Although, I am not yet in the league of consistent profitable trader, but I am satisfied with my progress. I firmly believe that trading is a journey of self measure and self improvement and a personal battle to do what we know is right versus what we want to. The third and most important reason is to help fellow retail traders understand some important aspects of trading, which they think is not that important because their focus is so much on finding a ho…
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SHARKY12 29 مارس

alifari thank you for your article

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 31 مارس

I think that probabilities scenarios are a "must" in any trader's plan.... where will the market proove me wrong? :)

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very good , best article ive seen thus far ! , keep it up!

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Grizzly 2 سپتامبر

article+,good luck again

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FxMidaso 6 دسامبر

learned something from your article to make my trade set up better. I'm lacking in the risk management department, this article made me realize an easy way to do that. Thanks alifari.
I'm looking forward to your second article on this series. thanks again.

یااظهار نظر
I am often asked, "how do i find a good trade setup?" my answer is, you must train your brain to see what most traders cannot see.The next question is "How do i do that?" my answer is, get the right education and also find someone that is already a successful trader to mentor you.The next question is "How often do i have to do that?" my answer is, the same way any shopper finds a good deal at bargain price. In order for a shopper to find a good deal at bargain price, they have to drive from store to store, shopping for food bargains, so it is for trading, you need to become a professional shopper to find a good trade setup. Good trade setup's can neither be created nor destroyed, if they are present, they are, if they are not, they are not, there's no other way.Kissing many frogsI will use these fairy tale "the princess who had to kiss a lot of frog in order to find her handsome prince" to make my points lucid in this article.You have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to know which one is the handsome prince. In trading and many aspect of life that statement holds true.The tragedy is that most people avoid kissing frogs due to alibis, so they marry them instead. What i mean is that, …
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kelvindfxguru avatar
kelvindfxguru 30 مارس

@Efegen, i will try to do as you have said

kelvindfxguru avatar
kelvindfxguru 30 مارس

Thanks to all traders that have commented, i appreciate your kind words, God Bless all.

kelvindfxguru avatar
kelvindfxguru 30 مارس

Until you get clarity in exactly what it is that you want to do
when you sit down at your computer, I think it's fair to say that
trading is always going to be a struggle. Ask yourself: Do you know
which direction you want to trade in? Which pair(s) you want to
trade? What setup (pattern) you're looking for? How you'll get in?
How you'll get out? I think you get the idea. You absolutely need
to develop consistency in your trading approach.

Delossan avatar
Delossan 30 مارس

It is good to repeat your stuff but learning new aspects is best. Good article.

kelvindfxguru avatar
kelvindfxguru 31 مارس

@Delossan, i absolutely agree with you, it is very good to learn new things every day, and also diversify if you are not profitable with the current trade strategy you are using, because diversification is always, used most times as a protection against our ignorance, so never hesitate to diversify until you have found a system that truly works with your lifestyle.

یااظهار نظر
I am to tell you more about psychology in forex - another key factor. A lot of traders think that psychology in trading is not as important as money-management or trading system, but the truth is that psychology is as important as other factors in trading. You should know that you are as a good trader as your weakest part, since I highly disagree with a claim that one factor is more important than others. The claim is misleading! You must be a master of money-management, psychology and trading system!I personally distinguish 3 major elements in psychologyisciplineI really love to be a disciplined FX trader! I keep a trading diary with all my trades I made, and I think that every trader should keep his or her own trading diary, too. It is up to you how complex a diary you have. I have a complex diary with many details for myself. Then you should have a trading plan that tells you how to recognize a valid set-up, your entry, stop and profit level. Trading plan must be complex and yet simple. You should know your trading plan by heart.All above-mentioned is discipline, however, I have to mention my very favorite strategy in order that you could be a disciplined trader without stress…
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SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 21 فوریه

Regarding previous comments, why can't a successful trader not participate in contests? As far as I'm concerned, I see it simply a fun way to make some extra money that pays for commissions in my live account. Once again agree with all points you make, the only thing I do differently is take profit orders, I simply don't use them in my live account. :)

lkisiov avatar
lkisiov 22 فوریه

Sorry i hurt your ego i trade since 2005 i had good years now i am in a bad times actually from 2009 i am up and down,but i'm sure now that i was right by the way you reacted and some other people.stating the 10000 hour rule does not make you profitable what i am trying to say is that your articles and not just yours are not something new they are in every useless book about trading.When i was actively trading there was no time for me to teaching people support my webpage participate in contest and so on.Write about something unique you are just trying to catch a fish (rookies)

lkisiov avatar
lkisiov 22 فوریه

My friend help me to be profitable again or somebody else who disagrres whit me help me that is the only way prove me rong i am very very open person prove me rong if you can

Ifuga avatar
Ifuga 24 فوریه

Ikisiov I totally agree with you. The degree of un-originality in most of the articles posted here is amazing! People are still reproducing as their own ideas on candlestick patterns originally put out there by Steve Nison in 1991, 22 years ago. Most of these traders who pass themselves off as "successful" don't come through to me as anywhere near that. Beware of taking advice on how to use a knife from men with missing fingers.

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 27 فوریه

Ikisiov, if you want to become profitable again you have to find a good trading approach that is compatible with you, I don't think anyone can do that for you. For example, I trade long term, not many people like that, so if they tried my system they would probably not be successful because they would start not following the rules. I don't understand why the assumptions of who is successful, as far as I'm concerned Pavel can be the best trader in the world, who knows? I don't know him so I have no idea, but to make assuptions about members is not correct, imo, you may be completely wrong... :)

یااظهار نظر
Acumen. What does it mean? It is common to mention the importance of money management, trading purposes, psychology, and so on. But rare to deepen in such topics because we aren't aware of the others' personality, background. I hope it'll help you to understand a part of these better so I wrote you a two-piece article about intermediate trading psychology.Why is updating a must? The trading mechanism is a compound process. Mainly it is centralized around trading strategies, and other method forward direct trading. But passive trading is also exist. By checking the price action and interpreting why does it move as it do, or by counting your results, or even by asking yourself such question like, wow, what is going on? what was my plan? what is happening, should I do trade today, or just spectate the happenings? . Since our mind is not perfect, and we keep unlearning things in the long run, it is important to update our way of thinking, or strengthen it. This is also supported by the fact that the media, and the learning of new things, changes, replace, and distort our attitude. The learning phase of our trading career, is not limited, musn't be limited, but you have to learn the p…
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Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 19 نوامبر

Thank you for your interesting, I really cannot say how fine it is me to hear it from you. I have always respected you, and I think you can understand, it is fine to hear from such man.
I promise, I will do everithing to keep your interesting! All the best for you

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 19 نوامبر

Greetings Lincoln, very unusual approach of the subconscious trading mind. But the real question is: How can I find out what I do not know that I do not know and what I do not know that I actually know? ;)

Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 20 نوامبر

Greetings Doctortyby.
Subconscious, it hasn't come to my mind when I needed it.. :D
So, again, you said a har-to-understand sentence.. :) Short, and difficult I'll pay some more time to deep in this, and keep sharing me such solid sentences.
Such sentences could start a new way of thinking, these can make us thinking, and probably, it'll lead to somewhere, probably, not, but who is not searching for change, is not alive.
All the best for you!

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 23 نوامبر

I hadn't had the time before to read your second article, but it follows the footsteps of the first one, which I liked because it promotes a sensible approach to trading, opposed to the over-optimism and disregard for risk that many traders have. I especially like this sentence: "You need to survive on the market...", yep, it is better to make smaller but safer profits, instead of risking everything to make quick profits, especially if you one day you want to trade full trade. Professional traders never blow out their accounts, otherwise they would have to be begging on the streets for food :)

Lincoln avatar
Lincoln 23 نوامبر

Hi! Thank you very much for reading and sharing!
Yes, I didn't want to skip this topic yet, so I wrote a supplementary part.
Thank you for sharing me this again, I can not say anything against its rightness, I can only agree with it.
I wish you the best, your articles were well structured, and solid, I wish I could benefit from them.
All the best!

یااظهار نظر
We all traveled this road so I decided to write
this article ... so that is cause for reflection for those who have not yet
started but are tempted to do so. A beginner normally learns of this market in
a casual way, has happened to me so I believe it should be the same for
hundreds if not thousands of people.
Initially many doubts arise whether the
functioning of the market itself or in how to operate it. How to use leverage,
which is the best time to enter a position, which is the best pairs/assets to
negotiate ... All this creates a huge mess!
 The 1st step (at least as accurate, though not
happen like that with everyone) is: download a demo account.
After installing to the platform and open an account
"DEMO" is necessary to make some entries in this way will slowly be
taking the concept of its operation. It will be the regular practice of this
demo account in which it will operate with ease, it is not yet operating with
equity, which will achieve positive results that will make it possible to
extrapolate to a real account.
 The "new trader" will experiencing
all the indicators that will arise in various forums about the Forex market,
will ride in a search for magic formulas and…
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hadzibaba 14 جولای

good article i wish you +1

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tulasi 17 جولای

nice n pleasant to read

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ImranMughal99 19 جولای

Thanks +1

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egidijus 20 جولای

Nice article. Good luck! +1

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projectx44 7 اگوست

Forex community thinks that this article is a must read for beginners....http://www.fxcommunity.com

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