Hi pip makers, in this Article I am gone an explain one of my simple but effective and my favorite strategy.
I like simple strategy same time hate complicated one because it creates lot of confusion while entering and existing the market so I always prefer to use simple two or three indicators to make any of my strategy and hate to see full of indicators in my trading chart.
I believe myself more than anyone else and always stick to my strategy, if my strategy doesn’t make good profit still I won’t do frog jump without back testing and experiment with 1:1 leverage by documenting all the experimental results.
Why i don't do frog jumps?
I would like to illustrate with an example for more clarity. Let’s Consider a blind man walking on the same road every day, Initially he may get confuse for couple of days but once he became familiar with road he can easily walk on the road without any problem because he have analysed all the objects and its positions in his mind and made the imagination road in his mind so that he can tell where is up and down in the road without seeing. That’s the power of revision so I am applying the same formula here. If we practice the same strategy for a while…
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автору лайк за проделанную работу,терпения и удачи в торговле))))

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good luck

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Nice article

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In this article am going to describe a strategy that is simple to understand and use by anyone interested in swing trading. It involves a combination of the RSI, stochastic and bollinger bands indicators. Using these three simple indicators and adhering to its rules will help anyone interested in the strategy make a continuous string of profitable trades.
Relative Strength Index
The RSI was first introduced by Wells Wilder in 1978 as a momentum indicator to be used for trading. The RSI is used inconsideration of the 70 and 30 levels which represent overbought and oversold areas respectively. To simplify this, if the RSI is above 30 buy well as below 70 sell.


This indicator was developed by George C. Lane in the late 1950s. The stochastics has existed for over half a century and it has come to be known as the ultimate indicator for timing trading signals. When using the stochastics, a level below 20 is considered oversold and a level above 80 overbought. When using the Stochastics its very important to consider when it is at its extremes to avoid false signals.
Bollinger bands
When using the bollinger bands we consider a signal when price touches the outer band. However…
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great job

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This article is well presented!

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The RSI Indicator
The Relative Strength Index indicator is one of the most commonly used indicators in the financial world.
It is in the class of momentum oscillator indicators and was developed by a technical analyst Welles Wilder.
The main function of this indicator is to detect strength and weakness in a trend.
Often used to see over bought and over sell conditions based in its range of measurement from 0 to 100 in its own graphics where 0 is in the bottom of its range and 100 is at the top.
The Formula is: 100 – (100/1+RS) where RS is: Average gains/ Average Loss
Settings: the most common parameter is 14 period
If the RSI is above the high line 70 it is indicating over bought conditions, over there the traders start looking to enter sell orders, and when the indicator is under the 30 of is range is to be over sold so they will be looking for long positions.
The RSI indicator is most effective when used in middle to large charts such as daily and weekly, but because is very effective indicators many average traders use it in as low as one minute charts.
Method of using this indicator: It is mainly used to Identify over brought and over sold conditions as well as a tool to ID…
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Very nice!

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Полезная информация.

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Хорошая подача. Спасибо.

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Well done! The most important is the last sentence! :)

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Good article, trade RSI divergence is successful trade.

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Insightful - very well done!  Keep up the good work :)

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wow.  very nice statistical sample :)

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thank you, Airmike, anna_t, and VV!!
Be honestly, this research is not for the the one-month or one-year wonder strategy. If you want to design such strategy as like as the pure gambling strategy for the high-rate currency pairs, you don't need this articles, all you need is the luck :))

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Good luck!! And useful article!! Well done

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I wrote a series of articles some time ago about why traditional tech analysis tools are doomed to fail.. And these comonly accepted indicators, like RSI, MACD, ichimoku etc.. are just useless.. Its rather a distraction from all the info, that Price action on itself gives..

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Content :
Building on my first Article this month, there is pressure born from fundamentals. This pressure can be a light breeze or a devastating tornado, ripping through price barriers and expectations. As a pure technical trader, I like to anticipate fundamentals through technical data, rather than to analyze the fundamental data for clues. Here is my standing…
First Consideration :
Firstly, from my little experience, I have found that the fundamental data does not alter the actual technical trend. For example, if the price has bounced off a 4 Hour Bottom Bollinger some time prior to data, with the price not yielding, it is unlikely that the fundamental data will alter the fresh, long bias until it has reached a suitable resistance level. Depending on the data, the price might short to a nearby boundary but will find support easily and then continue long. If one is trading the news, then, as risk management, it is a suggestion to identify a reasonable boundary in strength counter-direction to the trend and to effect a stop-loss with some margin clear of it.
I was unable to post charts, however on 01/07/2014, on EUR/USD, we had USD economic news (ISM Manufacturing PMI) at 14h00 G…
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