Aggressive scalping and tight stoploss
Abstract: In this article I will try to explain my methodology of trading, the tools I am using and techniques involved. The main stress will be put on the stoploss, how to us it better and how to continue after being hit. Some basics on the scalping will be explained and how to avoid over trading and overconfidence. Other important factors like forming of channels, wedges and bottoms and tops from patterns will be also given.
Scalping is method for trading in which your target are just several pips, if we are talking about numbers let’s say not more than 10 pips (EUR/USD) or between 2 to 5 pips. This method is widely used because traders hate to stay for a long time in a position and being under stress. Usually in volatile periods this method gives us exit at about seconds to 5-10 minutes maximum.
Stoploss is the most discussable factor in trading. All the books tell you that it is very important and you should always put it in your trade. I am sure everybody knows what it is. In 2 words this is the level at which you are prepared to take loss (usually traders put it very, very far from this level and this is the reason everybody are …
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