traders are those who not only know the market mechanisms but also have an
action plan and follow religiously. Since we operate in the market is basically
a process of working with and increase your odds chances, anyone who
participates in the market must make a conscious effort to establish some kind
of structure that offers allows to manage their emotions. If you acknowledge
that you have a issue before you open a position or commitments for long run
you will be better placed to take advantage of debacles potential.
herein described are not the only, but are usually considered as the most
important. It is assumed that you, this stage, already have some rudimentary
knowledge of the functioning of market and also a method for making operational
decisions. Its method can be of any type, technical fundamental, etc.. The vehicle
is not important provided it has been tested, and feel comfortable with him.
All religions try to take us essentially the same place (ie, the discovery of
truth), but His ways are different. So also are the methods and markets. All
approaches have the profit goal, but each individual has to choose its own
path. It's not worth using a method pr…
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