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It is not common to read about the greatness of numbers in human life, because: “numbers scare people”. But numbers are basically the most important creation human mind could bring into their life. When we look back, we can realize they are almost the tools that allow human to know how to build the civilization in all aspects: productions, constructions, mechanics, medicals, technologies, etc. Nowadays, all the technologies we enjoy are based on numbers, binary numbers 0 and 1. And we also find in Genesis (bible) that God took 1 to 7 days to create earth with humans being included.
The forex as one of the biggest financial and trading market on earth is by fact a universe of numbers by excellence. Let’s go digging to understand: how numbers are moving forex activities? what numbers we need to put focus on? and in fact how to dance with numbers in order to take accurate forex trading decisions? Our first recommendation to every trader is to have: 1) good money management and 2) a solid trading system; then they can access to more documentation about forex trading to develop their skills. In this order, we expose below some information about the meaning of numbers in f…
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Very good and teaching article!!! Congrats!!

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Thanks Sonja...

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Likerty 19 Nov.

Numbers are goooood, I eat them for breakfest:))) Have you noticed, that often swings are more than 100 pisp in lenght - its almost a rule - 120 pips and more, never 100 :))

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I always use numbers again and again to double check on cross verification to catch possible U-Turn trend levels on the medium and long term. Trading is about what work for people, interpreting numbers work for me and I believe in them... And anyway, the trading world is a numbers' world...

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jezz 22 Nov.

I like numbers... only these nasty people from the bank are ruining them :P
Good article, I really think there's good material to think about in it.

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FACTORS THAT AFFECT FOREIGN EXCHANGEA country's currency is affected by, political conditions. natural disasters, man-made disasters and market psychology. Now i won't get into any detail about the first three because i think those are pretty self explanatory to the standard trader but i will write a little about the latter (market psychology)......................................................................................................................................................................................MARKET PSYCHOLOGY:   What is Market Psychology ? you ask
The foreign exchange market, like every other market in the world, is influenced by human emotion. Market psychology
has long been known about. It refers to the sudden or prolonged
trading decisions that are mainly driven by emotional rather than solid facts. Bullish and bearish trading are two of the most commonly referenced
market psychologies. A bull market is one in which optimism reigns:
prices generally rise as traders believe in the underlying health of an
economy or national currency. A bear market is one in which pessimism
takes hold: prices tend to fall as traders come to believe an economy or
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fear, greed and hope are individual psychology. how to determine market psychology?

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Myprox4x 5 June

you are making good attempt to solve the problem.

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Trading big figures in the fx market can be very interesting. By big figures I mean those round numbers, divisible by 100 pips, like today on 3rd of august  the level of 1.4300 for EURUSD.  Basically 2 common behaviors can be found around those areas: AttractorsAs a lot of traders place there stop buy or stop loss orders at big figures, high attention is payed to those levels by the big players in the market, who may have an advantage to move the market in this direction. Often a movement can be seen like the morning of 3rd of august, when the EURUSD fluctuated around lower levels during the hours before european market opening hours and then suddenly at around 9 GMT, when the traders put enough liquidity into the market the price jumps sharply to the "big figure" level:Forex dealers activitiesWhen looking more into detail, a second pattern can be detected: when the price jumps to this big figure level it usually comes back 5 to 10 pips below this level immediately afterwards. I read about this behavior first in the book with the lurid title "beat the forex dealer" from Augustin Silvani. He explained it with activities initiated by forex dealers who just want to catch the stop loss…
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traderingo 10 Aug.

at the end is it not clear how to trade .

Am ende versteht man nicht was du meinst, also wie man das traden soll? .Das nennt man auch glaube ich stop-chasing und kommt auch ofters in wichtigen support und resistance vor, wo der preis bis 50 pips uber den resisitacne level geht und dann wieder zuruck kommt.

schnitzel avatar
schnitzel 14 Aug.

Hi traderingo - sorry if my description might not have been clear enough. Basically there are 2 ways to trade this: one to "ride the wave" in the direction of the big figure. The other is to enter the trade when the big figure is reached and take profit when the prices go back in the opposite direction. Sure it is up to you to fine tune the exact levels for entering the market, which depends on the currency pair and overall market trend situation.

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ritesh 26 Aug.

in big unregulated markets these techniques do work. never tried though, everyone's tastes are different. you're welcome to taste my pipping strategy schnit. +1

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ritesh 28 Aug.

check out my articles too at

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LinnuxFX 30 Aug.

Clear and readable article, good luck for contest ...

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