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On the first Friday after the month ends, two important news release by Bureau of Labor Statistics. One is unemployment rate and the other one (the more or perhaps the most important one) is non-farm payrolls (NFP). NFP accounts for a majority of overall economic activity and show changes in the number of employed people during the previous month, excluding the farming industry. Unemployment rate is an important signal of overall economic health and it is Percentage of the total work force that is unemployed. In this article, I try to show the influence of these indicator on USD index return based on portfolio analysis.
Portfolio analysis,
portfolio analysis means that NFP & unemployment rate data are sorted into 10 portfolios from lowest to highest separately and USD index returns of each portfolio are examined for evidence of anomaly;. Portfolio analysis intuitively, clearly reflects the picture of how returns vary with the characteristic variable; however, with this method it is difficult to conduct multivariate tests and difficult to test the functional form. In the picture below, basket is NFP or unemployment rate and eggs are USD index return.
In this researc…
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MaziarE 22 May

thanks dears.

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В последнее время стало модным писать о конкурсе фундаментального анализа, поэтому хочу вставить свои «5 копеек». Многие участники сообщества периодически высказывают предположение, что временной промежуток в 10 минут слишком мал, чтобы в полной мере повлиять на движение соответствующей валютной пары.
В этой статье приведены результаты небольшого исследования, призванного выяснить - так ли это на самом деле?
Особенности подбора данных для исследования
Вначале из экономического календаря были взяты наиболее значимые события за 2016 г.
Затем изъяты следующие типы новостей:
  • Новости, эффект которых нельзя измерить математически или не дающие мгновенного влияния на валютные пары (выступления глав центробанков, финансовых чиновников, протоколы заседаний комиссий по денежно-кредитной политике и т.п.);
  • События, актуальные значения которых совпали с прогнозами аналитиков (в основном, процентные ставки, ВВП, различные индексы инфляции);
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Nihad 29 Feb.

@Olkiss The whole idea is just like the PMI can tell us, that the future for GBPNZD is up, so can your analysis

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Nihad 29 Feb.

Olkiss70  I hope you get my idea, but please take this idea of yours one step higher, to a LEADING DIRECTION indicator, where news only reveal the intentions of the big market players.

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Olkiss70 29 Feb.

thank you, Nihad... my english is not good enough to understand everything you wrote ))  I will read it again later

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Nihad 29 Feb.

Olkiss70 I just thought these comments would help for now :), tomorrow is another day :) WINK, good luck buddy

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Olkiss70 29 Feb.

thank you, Nihad :)

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In the first part of article, general advantages and disadvantages were discussed for trading Forex using margins or binary options, In trading Forex using margins, you can make ultimate profits, you can close your trade at any time and your opened trade may be continue as your margin allow, but in other side, you may lose all of your money in one trade, your margin may change due weekends or market events and during strong news your stop loss may be hit far than the stop loss you set.
In binary options, You know your make fixed profit or lose fixed lose according to your option, Your option will finish in limited time, but in other side, after opening an option, you will not be able to maximize your profit or minimize your loss and you will not be able to close the option manually, it will be just closed after option expire.
If you want to read more, you should read the first part of article, Trading Forex using margins or binary options (1).
How to choose the right decision :

After describing both advantages and disadvantages for Trading Forex using margins or binary options, our minds should ask these important questions:
[list][*]Should I trade Forex using margi…
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