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On Friday are published Nonfarm, the forecast for which has not matched on whole + 107K of workplaces, the dollar reacted respectively. Next week the Bank of England will hold the first after a referendum on Brexit meetings on which it can lower an interest rate which so I protected all these seven years …

The bank of England can lower a rate next week
Monday for pound was heavy again: data of the Construction PMI index this day have shown essential reducing business activity: upon the 46th basis point against 50,7 expected and 51,2 previous. On Tuesday Services PMI also left below the forecast: 52.3 against 53.1. Dynamics of industrial production has also specified recession, but is not as sharp as that was expected by analysts:-0,5% upon against forecast-1%.
In general on a weekend, the markets have finally pledged probability of interest rate reduction by Bank of England in the prices, and have practically finished to pledge its possible "zero" condition in the prices. Such talk (about a zero rate) even more often sounded on the leaving week.
Next week the markets will puzzle: whether there will be actions of Bank of England instant whether it will lower an interest rate now, o…
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you did a great job

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все доступно и интересно

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1.0 NFP Report

Last Friday, we saw bad Non Farm Payroll (NFP) report for dollar. The pace of hiring in the US slowed significantly in September, hampered by the loss of jobs in the mining industry, but the unemployment rate held steady at its lowest level in eight years, informed the government in Washington. US employers in September opened a net 142,000 new jobs, reported by the US Department of Labor. Employers in the US in September opened only 142,000 jobs, which is far less than the 200,000 as the market expected. This reduction is due to cuts in production and oil exploration. Unemployment remained at 5.1 percent, but only because more Americans stopped looking for a job for which are no longer registered as unemployed.At the same time for a total of 59 thousand lowered estimates of the number of new jobs in July and August, where it already before last month the number of new jobs slipped below 200,000, with open only 136,000 jobs.In private sector in September total employed 118 new workers in the public 24,000, according to official data of the Ministry. Most are employed in the health care sector and in the IT sector and in mining the net closed 10 thousand jobs.
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Nice charts and Figures.

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Interesting article!

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Report was bad but USD is good now.

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I choose the biggest news, when chart can move significanly, easily. I see the or other Forex news websites.For Example, start of the month: USA-ISM Manufacturing PMI, Non Farm Payroll, FOMC Meeting when FED Chairman Bernanke speaks, BOE, Bank Of England meeting or BOJ, Bank of Japan meeting.Other good news with other currencies: GDP figures, cash rate, unemployment rate etc.So the strategy is the foollowing:Before 20 or 30 minutes of the news I take orders ( buy stops and sell stops ) both of the directions approximately 30 or 50 pips to the current standing.I use max 4 currencies to handle this, 6 or more is too much and very hard so 4 enough.I see, use currencies with small spreads ( eur usd, usd chf , gbp chf, usd jpy , eur jpy,, nzd usd, or gold, oil.Small news orders: 30-50 pipBig news orders: 40-70 pipsWhen the news comes, I see it, if it is goo for the currency or against.I close orders which are not cooperated with the figures. I use small stop losses mainly 30-40 pips, because I don' t know what the market will make, so let the market run.If there is a large fundamental changing, I let the position run more than 100 or 200 pips. If the changing is not so …
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Thank You very much!

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Very good!!!

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It is much esier to trade through the news when you understand technicals behind, as often news are used by market movers just as an excuse to move faster to where it was predetermined technically anyways and often - in to oposite direction than pre-news direction:)

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i agree with likerty's statements, the technical is more important, the news complements the technical.
Nice article.

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trading news can be very risky ...but ....good article +1

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