A novice trader thought the market was a tonto. You put testing and optimization into it at one side and it starts coining money from the other side. Before using his new news-based strategy in real trading, the novice trader did a number of persevering and quicker-than-a-second tests and optimizations. He came to the conclusion that profits were bigger if he placed orders 2-3 before the news and removed them 2-3 minutes after.
A catchy-red, strong piece of news was going to be published — Interest Rate Decision from the US Federal Reserve. The wretched novice trader was eager to make a million and 2 cents on that move. The decision was accompanied by a report from Mr. Bernanke. As Bernanke was a serious guy, he kindda delayed his report. The market, which had drawn itself into a thin filament before the decision, continued to stay calm right after the moment of the decision.
Of course, the novice trader was not going to wait and simply removed the orders 2 minutes after the news. The novice trader thought that the US Interest Rate Decision was actually a worthless piece of news capable of stirring up neither the Wall Street, nor all the dollar-chained currency pairs, nor even the
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