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Forex fundamentals and Forex news are essentially economic variables that can be thought of as catalysts for price movement in the Forex markets. The school of thought known as “Forex fundamental analysis” essentially says that a trader can predict future price movement of a market based on a market’s fundamentals or news data. Whilst it seems perfectly logical to assume you can study the economic fundamentals and news of a market and make predictions about it’s future direction based on this data, it’s not quite that simple.
Have you heard the old saying “Buy the rumor, sell the fact”? There’s a reason this saying has been around on Wall Street for hundreds of years, it’s because when market data comes out, it typically has already been factored into the market and it’s impact will thus be minimal once it finally is released. Traders and investors tend to operate on expectations of what might happen in the future, based on some news data or fundamental analysis, that’s where the ‘buy the rumor’ part comes in at. The tricky aspect of this is that we can never know for sure exactly how much of any piece of impending economic news has already been acted upon / factored into the mark…
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With the popularity of social media, text sentiment has become a significant factor, even in trading and investing. So much so, that there becomes many ways we can view this sentiment. First off, we can look at the text sentiment contextually. That means looking at the actual texts themselves and internalizing it to come to a decision.
Take a look at this video for an example of streaming texts from Twitter when searching for “EURUSD”:As you can see this example uses a Python application to source texts of the major cross pair EURUSD. By the way, the source code for this application can be found here at Github.
Streaming news and texts becomes vital for a day trader, but what about streamlined texts? Is there a way we can quantify and score text sentiment without looking at every single text? The answer is “Yes”. There is a way to do this, many people turn to fintech companies; such as, Dataminr for news, or estimize for earnings estimates.
If you prefer a sentiment heatmap of all stocks on your watchlist, you can get this type of coverage at Social Martket Analytics. Here’s a heatmap that shows scored sentiment represented by differ…
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Making money from the Forex market is easy for some people, but it can turn into a dream for others. The losers either blame Forex companies for their lack of money or their luck. If we do not make any money from this market, we will almost believe in those who do not win ... But the only answer to the question "Why do I lose in Forex?"
What am I missing ?
Forex attracts the attention of every individual who has some capital and internet. However, these qualifications do not mean that you will get rich if you enter Forex. Never comes across this market without investing in training, without researching methods of earning money in Forex.At this point, the only way to get into the Forex market is to be impatient and impatient. Before trading on Forex, have you done enough to learn the market with virtual money in a demo account? Or are you trained at a brokerage house? Do you plan to use your capital to make transactions? If you did not do any of these, you are inevitable to lose. First you must apply these steps and then invest in the markets.
I tried all but I still can not win
You participated in the training's, you read dozens of books and articles about Forex, you even start…
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What the market has priced in already...

As we see, we are around the level of post referendum, when Brexit, especially hard Brexit was not certain at all. This is quite an optimistic and strong reaction from the market. The market has priced in almost a reversal in British approach.
No hard Brexit is just a hope

What we have to remember as traders is that right now it is just hopes priced in, without generally any hard facts to support them yet.
As it is used to be said 'sell the gossip, buy the fact'. The facts are still to be seen and assesed while gossip sold pretty well, giving disconnected with reality 180 degree sentiment change in the market.
Why disconnected? Well, maybe polls are not trusted recently, but this time they show Conservative Party being 20% ahead. That is quite a decisive prediction. Lead by Theresa May and her party, British would have hard Brexit almost assured, that is unless the party itself had huge internal differences in Brexit approach.
It seems that market just might have gotten a bit too excited again, this time to the upside.
The most positive scenario
Even if hard Brexit was somehow forgotten by the government, there still would be Brexit on the…
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Dear Valuable Reader,
Have you ever wondered which currencies receive the most trading action? The data for the following chart comes from a survey done every three years by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
Note that trading volume adds up to 200%, because each currency trade has a pairing.
The Chinese Yuan is now the 8th most traded currency in the world, for a total share of 4.0%.
That means its share has doubled since the 2013 BIS report:
But what is bitcoin’s trading volume like, relative to other currencies?
Bitcoin: In the last 30 days, about $3 billion of bitcoin has been traded, which averages out to $100 million per day.

Other Currencies:
The total amount of forex transactions per day is $5.1 trillion. The estimated daily turnover of just the Chinese yuan is $202 billion per day.
That means that the yuan has approximately 2,000x the volume traded of bitcoin, while total forex is 51,000x the size. In other words, bitcoin has a way to go to become one of the world’s most traded currencies.
Almost the traders in the world are trading now EUR/USD , which came in the 1st rank in 2016 for the most traded pair, by which reflects that it is the most volume of money fl…
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Like many, we recognize that political factors may overshadow macroeconomic drivers in shaping the investment climate in the period ahead.
We suspect this will be very much the case in the coming days It is not that the economic data doesn’t matter, but for many investors, the imprecision and quirky nature of the high frequency economic data pale in comparison to the risks emanating from politics and policy.
Before providing a thumbnail sketch of the five events, we think may shape the investment climate in the week ahead, allow us to briefly preview the economic highlights. The US and Japan round out the large countries industrial output reports. Europe accelerated. Japan is will likely confirm the strongest monthly increase since March 2014. US industrial output is expected to have snapped back from a weak November. The soft patch the dragged it lower for three of the past four months through November may have ended.

The US, UK, and Canada report inflation measures.
UK inflation is expected to have stabilized at higher levels, though PPI may continue to trend higher. US headline CPI is expected to continue to converge with the core rate, as is repeatedly done for the past fift…
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Christmas break
Right now, as we all should be well rested after Christmas and New Year time, we have to remember though, that there were events occuring and the market will be likely pricing all things in with some delay now.
Since we might have gone a little bit out-of-zone as most of us likely spent great time with families and friends, I will try to give some compilation of the most important news (in my opinion) that could help to get us back in-zone faster.
In general, I'd just like to mention, we are likely to see increased volatility during the first weeks of the January, as many are coming back to the market with us alike. I advise to pick the trades carefully as we can earn really a lot now with the right choices or lose a huge sum with the wrong choices.
Well, for traders it is just about time to really get up now, together with markets!
Important events&data
  1. Turkish lira - the very first candidate for being the biggest mover this month or even this year. Breaking the most important data that came just on the very first days of the year 2017 according to that currency:
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Avnish26 20 Jan.

We just have to keep watch all the time. No holidays in forex world.

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  • Abstract:
Investments on Forex Markets require experience, knowledge, technique, but most important a trading plan.
Before to risk any capital, investors keep searching opportunities that seem attractive to get in.
When the investor has work usually on demo accounts by few months or even years, the next step is to jump into live accounts.
But at this time, working on reading charts maybe is bored by the mechanical procedure to follow a defined plan.
The proper option could be, to put this knowledge into an automated strategy or script that contains in code lines
the trading idea to let the job to a machine.
Also, this could help to avoid things like to be watching the charts every time and or make decisions by emotion.
So, now the new goal is to find how to make this, and best how to improve performance and more over profits.
  • Automated trading on Forex Markets:
Working on automating a trading plan, can sound hard job but maybe it's simple. It depends on most cases of a previous
background and the system to use.
Perhaps people doesn't like to risk your capital on systems because is very difficult to put in lines code a detailed sequence tasks.
Others maybe opt by purchase scripts to…
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RahmanSL 13 Dec.

Jforex vs MT4 trading platform.....I have never been much of a fan for robot/auto-trading...but that doesn't mean they are not good because each Forex Trader will eventually developed and settle down to his/her trading system  that they are most comfortable with in which to be consistently profitable.

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Interesting article about MT4, is it possible to export the code from VJF to MT4 ?

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Many traders avoid trading on days of important news. It is true that the market in these times is much more volatile, making it really unpredictable. But is that the best is not trade these days or try to take advantage of these features of the day’s news. In this article we can see a strategy to take advantage of volatility in periods of news.

The News

The forex market can be very volatile in the short term. Although the currency pairs follow sometimes clear trends over long periods of time, but in the intraday the currencies react very quickly to the unfolding news. It is essential to know what news has more impact and sources following to profit in forex world.
In this picture we can see the Dukascopy Economic Calendar [1]
- What news is most important in forex trading?
Not all the news has the same impact, some are followed more closely than others simply because they have more influence on the appreciation of some currencies against the other. In general we can say that the main economic indicators are always important:
  1. Gross domestic product (GDP) and its rate of quarterly or annual growth;
  2. Inflation rate;
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margarida 10 Nov.

Gostei! Como sugestão, não te focares tanto num só tipo de notícia, mas ser mais abrangente.

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GBP Flash Crash

Threads for landing GBP indicate a lack of knowledge and Lack of understanding of the market
Sure, a lot of threads opened for falling pound but strangely looking for an explanation and interpretation is in front of him because the market is just supply and demand
One of these articles and with respect for the writer, who I will not mention his name, who arrived to accuse of stealing the market. In fact this shows a lack of knowledge !!!!
We often hear about Black Swan And how it was born of a black father and white mother and white brothers, Why it was born black, we have no explanation, That's what we saw after falling pound in one second More than 5.6% after touching almost 1,195 levels And corrected at least minutes by approximately 4.46%, Leaving a gap between the lowest price and the highest price after correction by approximately 1%.
Is there an explanation of what happened ?
Is this what we call the Computer Glitch (technical problem in the computer or program) The officer of the equations of trading?
There are some call Erroneous Trade (false trade literal translation) as stated by Bloomberg, It is known that type of error was due for correction within hal…
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The BoE also want low rate of gbp

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Hello my friends, today I tell you a story!
Day by day … a strange ritual takes place in Washington D.C.

This is just an example about NFP, the most important economy news release, the first Friday of every month, at 8:30 AM inside the white-stone building of Washington. Nonfarm Payrolls measures the change in the number of people employed during the prior month.
The world receives several economic news releases every day from the entire world.
Precisely where they go to be confined can vary day to day. It could be in a dilapidated government building one morning and a high-tech office complex the next. Regardless of the location, what occurs in all these places is always the same.
Economic data tends to be one of the most important catalysts for short-term movements in any market, but this is particularly true in the currency market, which responds not only to U.S. economic news, but also to news from around the world.
These are the most important news releases that are index in the economy market for every Country.
Most important Country about high impact news release:
In internet we can find several professional web-page with information about the economic news, a calendar w…
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Fantastico articulo.

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В прошлом году я принимала участие в конкурсе Мисс Дукаскопи, , но еще хотелось попробовать свои силы во многих других интересных конкурсах, таких как конкурс трейдеров, бинарных опционов, дневных опционов и др.
К сожалению, участие в конкурсе Мисс отбирало у меня примерно по 4-5 часов в день, поэтому старалась искать способы, которые бы позволяли участвовать в других трейдерских соревнованиях с минимальными затратами времени.
Один из моих любимых конкурсов – это конкурс фундаментального анализа. На странице «Активность в конкурсах» результаты на протяжении 11 месяцев участия выглядят следующим образом:
Система, применяемая в конкурсе ФА, в настоящий момент, дает 52,3% (иногда доходило до 60%) правильных ответов. Мои друзья-трейдеры предложили способы адаптации этой системы к конкурсам трейдеров и бинарных опционов.
В этой статье попытаюсь поделиться своим опытом «торговли на новостях» в конкурсе трейдеров.
Что такое «Торговля на новостях»?
Важнейшие экономические и политические новости оказывают огромное воздействие на движения цен на валютном рынке. Поэтому система «торговли на новостях» приобрела широкую популярность как для опытных тр…
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Вначале писала о фундаментальном конкурсе....думал" вот статья которая научит меня тащить"!!!, эх (((

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Novice Forex traders believe that fundamental analysis is something very difficult, which requires higher education in economy, outstanding intelligence and heaps of free time for analyzing statistics, ratios, etc.
This is not true. Fundamental factors are not as difficult as lot of people think. In fact, this approach is very simple. In this article I will tell you my personal opinion on fundamental analysis, which I think is right and practical. This is purely my opinion, how to use external data in trading. This is not the ultimate truth, but I believe this method is simple and effective.
For beginning, let's look at the definition of fundamental analysis.
Fundamental analysis is an analysis of the situation on the foreign exchange market and related projections based on data that do not directly relate to the charts. This analysis based on the economy, the news of the current situation in the foreign policy of a country, as well as other factors. For example, prices for oil, gold, unemployment and other data that are not related to technical analysis.
If you go to a site with some analytics, you will see a lot of news.
And every day there is something new:
Casting a quick…
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In the first part of article, general advantages and disadvantages were discussed for trading Forex using margins or binary options, In trading Forex using margins, you can make ultimate profits, you can close your trade at any time and your opened trade may be continue as your margin allow, but in other side, you may lose all of your money in one trade, your margin may change due weekends or market events and during strong news your stop loss may be hit far than the stop loss you set.
In binary options, You know your make fixed profit or lose fixed lose according to your option, Your option will finish in limited time, but in other side, after opening an option, you will not be able to maximize your profit or minimize your loss and you will not be able to close the option manually, it will be just closed after option expire.
If you want to read more, you should read the first part of article, Trading Forex using margins or binary options (1).
How to choose the right decision :

After describing both advantages and disadvantages for Trading Forex using margins or binary options, our minds should ask these important questions:
[list][*]Should I trade Forex using margi…
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It's not enough to just know the technical analysis when trading. It is equally important to know what makes the forex market move.There is a fundamental force behind these movements. This force is called the news! The fact is that the news affects the way we perceive and act on our trading decisions. It is no different when it comes to trading currencies.There is, however, a clear difference in how you handle the news in the stock market and foreign exchange market.
When the news came out, especially important news that everyone is looking, you can almost expect to see some great moves. Your goal as a Forex Trader is to be on the right side of the move, but the fact that you know the market will probably move somewhere makes the opportunity definitely worth a look.As with any trading strategy, there are always potential hazards should be aware of.Here are some of these risks:
-Because the Forex market is very unstable during important events news, many dealers spread expansion in this period. This increases the cost of trade and could hurt its bottom line.
-You can also experience slippage.Slippage occurs when you want to enter the market at a certain price, but due to the extreme…
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Good article- apart from understanding the news we also need to know what are the expectations of the market participants.

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